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What I like about NAU are the first-year seminar courses they offer, and the diversity of them as well as their students. I admire their leniency as a university open to all. However, I think they could improve their campus by showing restraint when it comes to the constant construction, and show more care when it comes to the students by giving them better notices when it comes to kicking them out of parking spaces to build new dorms, or making programs like Student Support Services that cater to first-generation students like myself more of a priority.
The community is close, and the school itself is smaller than a typical university. I love that everything is close by and the school is eco-friendly.
Nau is friendly and responds quickly to any questions or concerns you have. The campus and dorm room are beautiful. Over Nau is a very welcoming enviroment.
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Northern Arizona University is a great school! During my time here I have always felt the professors truly wanted you to succeed.
Given the opportunity to continue online makes it easier for me as a mother. I say a flexible way to complete in getting my degree.
NAU has been a very interesting experience here. Being a part of the Black Student Union and now currently being the President of one of the largest organizations on campus has opened my eyes to a lot of things that I did not know politically. In terms of the administration, they could care less about us minorities, but i felt that it made our community stronger in order to thrive, finish, and get this degree. Besides all of the ups and downs, I don't regret coming here.
Aside from being located in the beautiful town of Flagstaff, NAU is a beautiful place to be at. After attending for only a semester I quickly realized it was a perfect fit. Instructors are attentive, prepared and will go out of their way to give you the attention you need to succeed.
I am now a sophomore at NAU and I can honestly say my first year at this University was not what I was expecting however I loved every minute of it. First off, if you hate the cold or anything lower than 70 degrees turn back now. This is not the school for you. This was my first time ever living in the snow but with learning how to properly dress for it and bundle up I grew accustomed to it. I lived in Reilly and absolutely loved it, it's the most active party dorm and the newest remodeled (but still old) dorm. My favorite part of this whole experience though was the wonderful people I met. Everyone in that mountain town has the friendliest soul and all anyone ever wants to do is help each other. I met some of the happiest people here that I know will always be great additions to my life. Greek life at NAU is also made my journey even better. Everyone is connected at this school and for the price, who can beat it?
I am an upcoming freshman and I have seen and experienced the daily life of a lumberjack. I am excited to attend. The people there are friendly.
Northern Arizona University has been a great experience. The environment at Northern Arizona University is great, the people are nice and willing to help. The instructors that I have had have been wonderful with a few exceptions. There is a large variety of places to eat on campus. The campus itself is beautiful. At Northern Arizona University, I see students from all over the world! I had a girl from France in one of my classes, and I met a few people from China eating lunch. One thing that I would like to see change, however, is the amount of accessibility in the older dorms on campus. In the dorm I lived in this past semester my little sister could not visit me because I lived on the second floor and her wheelchair could not be lifted safely up the stairs. The only level that she could access was the first floor, and even that ramp from the lobby up to the rooms had not been used in years. The dorms that were built around the same time are not accessible for disabled either.
What I love most about this school is the location. The campus is beautiful and big. They provide bus transportation to get around campus which is very much needed during the winter time.
I really like NAU. The campus is nice and most of the time has a great atmosphere. The community is great and does everything it can to support the college students. The classes at moans professors atmosndre nice but the class sizes can be a bit large.
I truly love NAU, it's a beautiful campus and everyone is very nice. However , if you are conservative be careful, NAU is a very liberal school and I have been harassed for wearing pro-guns shirts. Some of the professors will push their ideals on you, but the ones that don't are amazing.
I started NAU as a transfer jr for the HRM program and love it. Thestudentss and staff and teachers are very helpful. The campus is very clean and very active. I can not wait to back in the fall.
I loved the campus and the people. I loved waking up every day with wondering what the weather would be like, it was a great first-year experience for me personally. I am from Arizona, so it was nice to be away from the heat and have the snow while being able to go home every weekend.
Flagstaff is the perfect little mountain town especially for those trying to escape the heat of southern Arizona. The atmosphere is one of a kind, a genuine college town. If you like hiking, biking, beautiful views or anything else out doors this is the place for you. The school is full of great teachers, challenging but interesting courses and lots of diversity.
It is a perfect college town, the area around Northern Arizona University is wonderful. It is a perfect community with perfect nature and opportunities around the town.
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I have experienced very dedicated teachers at NAU who really put in effort to help the students they are teaching.
I have been at Northern Arizona University for 3 years now and the school has provided me opportunities to grow and become who I want to be. There are plenty of ways to find jobs on campus and the Greek Life on campus has helped me network and find jobs and people that will help me in the long run.
housing and academics could improve. Living on campus makes it easier to get around and getting to know where everything is. the down fall is that junior and seniors have to live on campus, which is not fair to everyone.
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