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I love going to NAU. I am 31 years old, and have decided to go back to school. The big thing I would love to see change is, having a universal deadline time. It would be nice to have all my assignments due by 11:59pm instead of some having 11:59pm and others having 6pm or 10am.
Attending Northern Arizona University was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The people and the size of the university make it what it is. The classes can very from less than 10 to under 200 students. The students are life-loving kind of people who tend to love the outdoors. The weather is great during the summer and fall with snow coming in the winter and sporadically in the spring. If the cost of living was cheaper, this would be the perfect school.
My experience at Northern Arizona University is a good one. The campus isn't incredibly big and even though in the middle of the city, still has an abundance of nature. You have all the seasons and significant amount of educational resources. Though the only thing I dislike is the campus seems to be constantly under construction in one place or another. After one project finishes another one begins.
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I love love love Flagstaff Arizona! Was hands down an amazing college experience (especially having it been my first move-across the country by myself). The people are diverse but very friendly, there is always room to gain friends/family. The cost of living out of state was too expensive but I wouldn't take back the experience for anything!
My overall experience has been great at Northern Arizona University. The campus and area is overall just beautiful. People are very friendly and polite. The professors that I've had definitely do whatever they can to make sure you pass their class. There are also plenty of helpful resources on campus like tutoring sessions, stress reliever events, and workshops. What needs to be improved at NAU is dorms/housing. It has become difficult for Upperclassmen to find housing because NAU wants to bring more freshmen students. Unfortunately, this usually ends up with Upperclassmen finding housing off-campus, which can be inconvenient to some out-of-state students. I understand that they want to focus on bringing more students to the university, but if they want to have a higher retention rate, then they have to also focus on the other students who are continuing their studies at NAU. Other than that, NAU has a beautiful campus with great classes, pretty cool professors, and lovely people.
NAU is not only has a beautiful campus, but it also contains beautiful teachers that really care about your education and want to see you succeed. I am so glad I made the choice to go to NAU; I absolutely love it here.
Because of the small number of students, it is hard to get lost in the crowd. The environment is so welcoming and friendly. There is always something fun to do on campus and so many available resources to help you be successful. Definitely a wonderful place to call home.
I had a death in the family that caused me to have to go home for a week when I came back I got a letter from the dean and attempted to proceed in my classes as normal. However the teachers are not required to respect the letter from the dean and they wouldn't let me make up work. The whole school is institutional and De-humanized. The students here hate it.
Northern Arizona has taught me so much, they have great resources and athletics. I love how it is in a small town, but offers so much more.
Northern Arizona is an inclusive University where the professors are encouraging and helpful. Many students are friendly and highly active in outdoor and political activities. The only thing that I wish would change would be the road ways as they are hard to maneuver with so many students and the number of students is still on the rise.
I love NAU. The professors here are wonderful, the food options are great, there are lots of people on campus to help you make sure that you are on the right path when it comes to your major. I feel safe on this campus and everyone is very friendly. If I could change something, I would change the amount of housing options that are available. I feel as if there should be more space and more dorms for the students living here on campus. A lot of the students are forced to find an off campus apartment.
I wish the online programs were better. I wish the online programs were better. I wish the online programs were better.
Northern Arizona University is a wonderful school. The academics are interesting, yet always challenging enough so that I continuously grow in all of my classes. My professors and small class sizes are the reason I love attending class. I get the one-on-one help I need and create personal relationships with almost all of my instructors. The location of this school is also ideal since Flagstaff is beautiful and even though it's a "small town" there is always something to do.
I don't go there yet but they are great. All of the admin I have met and spoke to have been extremely helpful and accommodating to my situation.
I love Northern Arizona University. It is a laid back environment, yet has high expectations. Every professor I have had are all very caring for the student's learning and are passionate about what they do. Everyone is very nice. It is an overall fun place to live and experience college. Plus, the weather is wonderful.
I really like NAU. The environment plays a big role in the success of the university. I really like how much they focus on conserving the environment. I am a business major and the business school is the most beautiful building. The entire school has an inviting and aesthetic ambiance about it.
The atmosphere of Northern Arizona University is amazing. The people you see on campus and in Flagstaff are always very welcoming and kind. Not only are the classes great, the professors are as well.
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So far, my experience at NAU has been quite average. The professors are very enthusiastic and are willing to help if it fits their schedule and the classes are very informative. The food is nothing too special and is lacking diversity, especially after shutting down two establishments nearby. Most people are friendly if not a little too loud at times. The only gripe I have about the rooms are the very small sinks and the shortage of space for a room housing three people.
Northern Arizona University is a great school. I have been here for almost one year, and I have learned so much. The diversity is unmatched, and there are a lot of amazing people. The music program is wonderful! I am majoring in music performance, so most of my time is spent there. I love that the school requires liberal studies credits, it cultivates a deeper love for learning and a greater understanding for others around us. It is so easy to focus and feel at peace in the mountains, and in Flagstaff you actually get to experience seasons! I love NAU, and would definitley recommend it.
Northern Arizona University is an incredible school. Coming from the inner city of a small suburb of LA, it was nice to be somewhere that wasn't so cramped. The campus is made up of the older buildings plus new and incredibly high-tech buildings. Being able to experience all kinds of weather has been a very surreal adventure. Flagstaff is an incredible town as well; there is always something to do and it's definitely a college town. The campus has plenty of extracurricular activities that almost anyone can connect too.
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