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They do not care about education too much, at least from an administrative point of view. Of course, the professors work hard to help and guide students toward their future goals, but funding is an actual disaster. Administration takes on too many students leaving many without housing options or availability to get into their needed courses.
Although I am a senior in high school I recommend NAU to any student in state or out of state. NAU has a great diversity of students and the professors are willing to work with anyone at anytime.
I am a freshman this year, and this is my first semester in college. So far, it has been great. I love my classes so much, and my teachers really care about their students and the material they teach. The campus is beautiful year round, which is a huge plus. While the student body size is large, it really feels like home. The campus is big, but you are always within walking distance of any building you could ever need. The food is not bad, with lots of options around campus open from 7am to 2am! There are some downsides, however. There is a large housing crisis, with housing on campus only guaranteed for freshman. A recent survey done on campus shows that only 9,000 out of 19,000 students can live on campus. That is the biggest, and one of the only, drawbacks to this school. It may seem difficult, but it is manageable, and extremely worth it. My time here will be well spent.
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The admissions process was seamless and the campus is beautiful. Housing options are vast for freshman. Campus food options are also plentiful.
My experience at Northern Arizona has been great. I always know I have someone to talk to when I am seeking help in anything. All staff is very friendly and helpful and so are the students. It is a great campus who wants to see individuals succeed.
It is located in a beautiful town. The campus is easy to navigate and you can easily go from one side to the other in mere minutes. However, it seem like even on campus tours, you didn't get to see the personality of the institution.
The education here is pathetic. I have above a 97% in all of my classes and there are only six more weeks left of school. For the money I am paying to be here, I am not being challenged at all or learning anything.
When the college rep came to our school, she was very helpful on understanding on the majors they offer, the size of the college and the community. She also explained about admissions. In general I loved the way she represented the school and it made me more interested.
Coming to this school the first thing I noticed was, how unorganized they are. I was told they lost my high school transcript and needed me to provide them with another. Along with countless amounts of other things.
A nice thing about NAU, is that you have to try to fail. The school is literally set up, for every student to succeed. I have had both good and bad experiences with attending here. I can not recommend it nor advise going somewhere else.
I am a freshmen here at NAU. From what I have seen so far, this is a great school and I am going to like graduating from here in 4 years.
I personally did not like NAU, due to the kinds of people that were at the school and the lack of well trained professors. Many professors that I encountered while here did not seem to have this drive to fulfill their students needs with the information that was needed in the subject. Although, there are may SI's that will do anything they can to make sure that you are on track and down well with your studies. There are very many clubs and organizations that NAU provides for almost anything you could think of. I was involved with the campus ministry club and that really got me out there and involved with different types of people. I'm a city girl and that is why NAU didn't work out for me. Don't get me wrong, the outdoors is beautiful and absolutely amazing but the the city life is what suits me more. If you are like me and tend to like home and being around home, NAU wouldn't work out for you.
Overall NAU is a very good school. For the most part, the professors are very invested in helping students learn and the campus and surrounding areas are gorgeous. Some of the shortfallings of NAU though are the constant construction projects, the high acceptance rates with low retention rates as well as focusing more efforts on bringing in more students rather than improving what already exists to be more sustainable.
I honestly love NAU! It is a great looking school with a lot of programs, opportunities, and a thriving student/teacher body! I cant wait to attend this school and spend 4 years of my life interacting with the classes, clubs, and extra-curricular activities they provide for their students.
I loved this school because the environment is so different then what I am used too. It is just a unique experience overall.
I am freshman and have only been here for a month a I already know I made the best decision I could make. I love it here, the people, the weather, the classes, the atmosphere, and the town. 100% recommend NAU!
I live a suite-style dorm, and my roommates and I have had some issues with one of our suitemates, and it caused my roommates to move out. The suitemate we've had issues with was caught with illegal substances in her room, and they are doing nothing about it. The PD confiscated what they found, I know there has to be a lot more than what they found. The RA's and RHD isn't doing anything about it and they are asking us to move out, but I feel like that it is NOT FAIR, because we weren't the ones with the illegal substances. I feel as if or suitemate that got caught should have heavy consequences, like being kicked out of the dorms, because, since this is a drug free campus and also, because shes been slamming doors and yelling all the time. Our RHD is using the excuse, "Oh it's just college". I feel like that is the worse possible thing she could've said. Also, for over a year, I've dealt with nothing but negative things with this school.
i love it here. came from minnesota for the environmental engineering program and i have no regrets. the professors here really care about what they’re teaching
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NAU is one great place to be. Especially, I love their academic environment, which is embedded with exciting professors and research prospects. And the environment, enriched with Ponderosa pine trees is absolutely eye-relieving. Also, the staff members on campus are very helpful, as they'd help you on the spot or ASAP. ALL IN ALL,it's a huge 5 star rating for NAU.:)
Eh, ok. It's pretty. But don't live on campus. Honestly not worth it. So overpriced, traps you in a contract, don't care about you. Live off campus and get involved with student organizations. I like the teachers and students and general vibe of campus. I just hate the administration.
Northern Arizona University is a beautiful and bike-friendly campus. I have enjoyed both my undergraduate and graduate studies at NAU. My social science professors have been incredible and I have made great friends through my academic and work programs. There is a friendly and laid-back culture at NAU and within Flagstaff.
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