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I loved my time at Northeastern University! I was able to meet and interact with my different professors and students. My co-op experiences were amazing and allowed me to make great connections from a professional standpoint.
Northeastern's co-op program is great for obtaining 18 months of work experience before graduation, which definitely gives you a leg up on other fresh graduates.
Amazing programs offered at the University, conveniently located in the city. Academically it is very challenging, we seem to have a wide perspective on being global leaders and the Co-Op program is like no other.
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Currently taking a course in CPS, very flexible schedule. Professors are awesome and very enthusiastic about their courses. Safe environment!
The instructors are very willing to answer questions and be available if you are unsure or do not understand the material. I am in the online MSN NNP program and communication is quick even though they are on the East coast and I am in the midwest. I do wish the University would ask their instructors to have some uniformity when it comes to using the Blackboard platform for class information. Some instructors are very organized and have things categorized very intuitively, in one area. Other instructors have multiple areas that things are located, forcing students to search and search to ensure they are not missing any material.
Northeastern is a really great school that really challenges their students. However, the high tuition just goes towards flashy purchases like flat screen tv's and a high tech visitor center.
Northeastern is an excellent school that offers various degree programs, on campus academic support, numerous organizations and clubs for students to stay involved, and is in proximity to great restaurants and shops. It’s a school with great staff, diversse students and I have my been beyond content with my overall experience.
Northeastern is an amazing school. The classes are challenging but engaging, and I've really liked most of my professors so far. The campus atmosphere is great and there's a lot of school spirit. I would recommend Northeastern to anyone!
Northeastern University is a great school, with a lot of emphasis placed on career preparation. The biggest problem I have with it is the party scene isn't great, especially if you're a guy that isn't in a frat - good luck getting into parties without paying or bringing at least 4-5 girls with you.
I went to a summer program at Northeastern and it was amazing. The campus was nice and clean, its very big and spread out. There were a lot of facilities that we could use and overall the experience was so great. Northeastern will definitely be one of my top schools I'm applying to. I love all my professors I had and it was just unforgettable.
Its amazing! The faculty is always available to help and the resources offered are superb. The food is great and the teachers work so hard to make you feel like you are included. Amazing college life and beautiful campus!
My short time at Northeastern has been the best time of my life. Students are intelligent, yet well rounded, easy to hold a conversation with and have a good sense of humor. My Professors have stayed in contact with our classes even far beyond the last day of class to check in on us and to let us know if opportunities they have found that we might benefit from. As a Latino in engineering, there is nothing but unconditional support from Dean Harris and Dean Reisberg, the Assistant Deans of Engineering, something that made this school stand out in my college search and was ultimately my reason for choosing it. I have been challenged in my classes, given back to the community through my classes, and made lifelong friends and cool inventions in my classes. I am forever grateful for Northeastern University.
Amazing school. Always challenging academically, a lot of space on campus, great location in Boston, and has many clubs.
Northeastern University is a fantastic university that has provided me with incredible opportunities so far. I am a third year and I am currently on co-op at a really great medical device company. Freshman and sophomore year I was very involved in undergraduate research on campus. Not to mention Boston is a very fun place to live and there are always events on campus hosted by SGA and RSA as well as things to do within the city. It has been the best three years of my life so far and I have no regrets about the choice I made to go here.
My mother attended this University and loved it. She is now has a Master's degree. We visited for my sister and I loved the area and that it is known as "college town." It is a very clean city and there's so much to do with other students. I really hope to attend this University when I graduate in 2021.
Very diverse and very international-friendly (20% international students). Food not great, definitely issues in certain departments (i.e. health), and lots of room for improvement; but great for someone looking for a global perspective!
You really can find whatever you're looking for. I was glad to be able to avoid greek life. The campus food is pretty bad but I love the neighborhood.
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The university champions a student professional culture. Students are equipped with academic and professional credentials before graduation through coursework and work experience. The location itself is conducive to independent living.
Northeastern's coop program is beneficial in allowing students to gain hands on experience in a career.
It is a great school! I would change the pace of things because I feel like the class times should be a little longer. Also the price- I think that the school should be more affordable.
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