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My mother attended this University and loved it. She is now has a Master's degree. We visited for my sister and I loved the area and that it is known as "college town." It is a very clean city and there's so much to do with other students. I really hope to attend this University when I graduate in 2021.
Very diverse and very international-friendly (20% international students). Food not great, definitely issues in certain departments (i.e. health), and lots of room for improvement; but great for someone looking for a global perspective!
You really can find whatever you're looking for. I was glad to be able to avoid greek life. The campus food is pretty bad but I love the neighborhood.
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The university champions a student professional culture. Students are equipped with academic and professional credentials before graduation through coursework and work experience. The location itself is conducive to independent living.
Northeastern's coop program is beneficial in allowing students to gain hands on experience in a career.
It is a great school! I would change the pace of things because I feel like the class times should be a little longer. Also the price- I think that the school should be more affordable.
It's the people that make the place and Northeastern University is home to the most sincere, kind-hearted people with a work hard - play hard attitude. Students are generally more career driven than their peers at other schools due to the co-op program (6 month full-time internship program) which turns into a high percentage of college graduates leaving the university with a competitive job offer.
The academics have been very challenging so far, but in a good way. I feel like I am being mentally tested more than in high school, and I am excited to be putting my brain to work like this. With such large class and lecture sizes sometimes, I feel like I am missing out on traditional teacher connections and classmate connections like I had in high school.
I loved my experience with Northeastern. The co-op experience really helped me have a meaningful search for a career, and not just a job!
Although northeastern is a great school with a great educational program, the support was not completely there. Housing was a dreadful process for both years I did it. Financially the school is always raising the costs and it can be hard to figure out with financial office. They have the pass it on process where they just keep forwarding you to the next person in charge rather than helping right away. However, I enjoyed my classes. I enjoyed the social scene. The dorms were great and clean enough. It was a nice experience overall I’m sure it’s issues do not differ much from any other college.
I love Northeastern! It's position in Boston allows not only for great things to do when you're not taking classes, but it allows for numerous accessible job opportunities through it's co-op program. I just finished my first co-op and it really provided insight to what I may want to do in my future career.
Northeastern is a great school! I was admitted to their program where they send you abroad your first semester, and I think that that program alone can show what Northeastern has to offer. There are so many opportunities across the globe that the university provides through the co-op program or international dialogues.
I came into Northeastern as a transfer student and it has been a way better experience than my previous school. All of my professors have been amazing and the campus is a perfect size.
Northeastern University provides challenging courses and students/faculty who are willing to help you succeed. One thing that I learned from being at Northeastern is that the campus and environment is very diverse because of how large Boston is. I am very thankful I have had the opportunity to attend Northeastern this past school year, and looking forward to next semester.
Northeastern's Co-op program is what truly distinguishes the university. Having the opportunity to gain real work experience in your field of interest is invaluable. It not only helps students figure out if they are in the correct career path but also makes them more competitive and marketable upon graduating. In addition, professors are excellent and really devoted to their students. There are vast resources that students can take advantage of and being in the heart of Boston only adds to the wonderful experience.
The academics are very challenging which is great. However, the other aspects of the school can be lacking and tend to have miscommunications with students. It's hard to know what is going on on campus and how to get involved. It can feel a bit isolating.
I earned a M.A. in econ in 2009. Solid training in econometrics. Up and coming institution. Very important to network with students, TAs, and professors to get a job in Boston and NYC area. Little reach beyond that.
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When I went on tour for Northeastern as an admitted student, I was amazed by the diversity and rich culture on campus. That along with the unique campus grounds (half urban/half private) caused me to commit after the tour. My first year there confirmed that Northeastern was indeed a good choice. Of course, not everything there is the best. For example, the professors there were mostly good except for the occasional brutal/lazy one. The party scene is only closed to fraternity members, forcing students to go far and wide to hunt for a good night out. The food is at best pretty decent, and at worst barely edible. Overall, the good qualities that Northeastern has outshine the negatives and as a result I will happily recommend that other high school students at least apply to this great university.
A fantastic education, great teachers, even better opportunities, but HARD WORK. As an engineering major or as any medicine major, prepare to spend a lot of time in the library. Definitely not a typical college experience, if that's what you're looking for. Highlyyyyy recommend NUin, the best experience of my life! Also if you're looking for parties- they're either very small dorm room "get togethers" or at some mediocre frats.
I personally really liked my experience but I know there are flaws. These didn’t really impact my overall experience but they’re there. Co-op program is amazing, wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to several different countries for school and made great friends from all over.
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