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Great school in the heart of Boston. Coop program provides all-but-guaranteed experience in the workplace before graduating. The University is actively adding distinguished faculty and a series of projects to expand it's footprint in the city.
I have studied at Northeastern for one year and I can say I have had an amazing experience. There are so many opportunities available for students. Overall it's been great.
Incredible school. The Co-op experience is second-to-none and provided me (amongst others) with opportunities I only could've dreamed of before attending Northeastern.
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Northeastern is good college. A lot of research opportunity and unique co-op program is provided for all students. Better campus food with better price will be better.
Northeastern is a high-achieving university that offers diverse majors, from political science to behavioral neuroscience; architecture to electrical engineering; and everything in between. It offers students the opportunity to combine and double up on majors, and has the most robust co-op system in the nation. The school is comprised of 18% international students, allowing graduates and undergraduates to experience different cultures in the classroom.
Northeastern University has given me the opportunity to succeed in my field by providing me with various outlets for success whether it be academic or extracurricular. Their professors are very talented individuals with a vast knowledge of the topic they teach. I am very grateful that I chose to attend this university, as it has led me to many professional opportunities I couldn't have found anywhere else. The network this school has with surrounding businesses and institutions is something I will value as I continue to strive to succeed in my field.
Northeastern is a great university for anyone who wants their degree to lead to (almost) guaranteed job placement. This university eats, sleeps, breathes networking and encouraging students to get involved with their future careers early on. So far I haven't had a professor that is unreasonable or unwilling to help. At Northeastern, they truly want you to succeed and achieve your goals early on.
My experience at Northeastern has been extremely positive, I was surprised when I was accepted back in 2013. The student body is ambitious and dedicated, while the staff are attentive and resourceful. There are countless clubs and activities to join to keep you busy and engaged.

It is truly a great school, minus they party life, if thats' what you are into.
Currently a freshman and chose to come here in the Honors program over schools like Northwestern, Duke, UCLA, Notre Dame, and Rice. Absolutely loving it. The campus is beautiful and life in Boston and the university is fantastic. The dorms are incredible, especially if you're in the honors program and the food is among the best I've had at over 10 universities. Academics are very strong and just as challenging as other higher ranked schools from what I've heard from friends elsewhere. So many opportunities in terms of clubs, events, academic programs. A lot is going on in the university and it keeps growing, expanding, and innovating. + co-op is great.
The co-op experience really prepares and sets students above when searching for full-time positions.
Northeastern is a great option for college. There is ample opportunity not just have a good learning experience but to travel. Northeastern encourages every student to have an academic experience abroad and has many resources to help finance such endeavors. The school cover almost all financial aid and has scholarships that you can apply to. The campus is in the middle of city and in close proximity to many top notch hospitals which comes in handy if you are going into medicine. The best thing about Northeastern is the coop experience. Coop provides the opportunity to gain experience in you field and establish long term connections that you can utilize after graduating. Overall I would recommend going to Northeastern to anyone.
I can't believe it took me until that November before college applications were due to find this school! This is my dream school - A realization I had after starting classes.

I am in the 6-year PharmD program (2022). This is an accredited pharmacy program that exceeds accreditation requirements to prepare students to be future healthcare leaders. All conversations with upperclassmen in their professional years reflect a rigorous, yet rewarding path towards graduation.

The student body is passionate and ambitious. There are countless clubs and activities to join. There are opportunities to get involved with other students, faculty, and/or the community every day. The only downsides to the social scene is a lack of "good" parties and Greek life. Go to parties at MIT or upperclassmen house parties in Mission Hill.
Northeastern is in a spectacular location in the heart of Boston and its main strength is none other than the infamous co-op program. On campus, there is an air of pride and the sense that everyone there is striving towards greatness. This is reflected by Northeastern's rise among the College Rankings. The integration of experiential learning is essential to the student experience here. There are endless possibilities in terms of clubs, and numerous university-sponsored activities that allow students to bond and thrive among a larger student body. The school is diverse and extremely welcoming.
As a freshman at Northeastern, I have found that the school has met all my needs, both academically and otherwise. Co-op is the backbone to the educational system at Northeastern, although as a freshman you won't have anything to do with co-op for at least a year.
The courses at Northeastern can be challenging, depending on your major, but not difficult to manage. There are loads of intramural sports and clubs to join, and the social scene is pretty standard - lots of people so everyone finds their group. Boston's party scene is mediocre: there are always parties on the weekends, but they are not always easy to get into and they vary in quality.
Overall Northeastern is a top university that focuses on real-world experience that is integrated into the classroom so that students are constantly reminded of the practical applications of their education.
It was fun, but the school really treats you as a young professional at the young age of 18. Would not recommend this school for party-goers. However if you know what your passion is in life then this school is definitely right for you!
I am very satisfied with Northeastern University because it provides great opportunities for career development. The faculty is comprised by experienced professionals and the students are always striving to learn more. I think Northeastern provides high-quality higher education.
I really liked the professors they were great to be around. The food was tasty and the police were doing an incredible job to keep everyone in school safe.I enjoy getting helps form my peers and advisers which helped me grow as a person.
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I don't regret my decision at all coming to NU. At first, I didn't like how the co op program segmented the college expirence, but after going through it I can confidently say that it's one of the best things about NU.
Without a doubt, Northeastern will provide you with a background preparing you for the professional work environment better than almost any school around!
I absolutely love Northeastern. There are so many opportunities to take advantage of here, within the campus and the city, and I can't imagine a better college.
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