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This school is only great because of a handful of the students, and quality professors that you may meet. For those that want to push themselves there are a lot of great opportunities through co-op but at the end of the day it's no different than any other school. The beauracracy/adminstration at this school doesn't operate in unison in any capacity. If you get a job and can no longer go on a field trip, you get a ridiculous charge, they don't tell you which dorms close in the summer despite knowing half the students have to stay in the area for their co-ops. Also way too many professors here either don't care in any capacity about a class or make it their personal mission to give students the worst grade possible, which doesn't make you very competitive at other graduate schools.
Northeastern is a great school. It was #1 on my list of schools I applied to my senior year of high school. It has a great location that gives you access to the great city of Boston. Professors are always willing to help out and students are so genuinely friendly! The campus is pretty diverse, there are many international students, and also many other colleges around to make friends and connections at. The co-op program is stellar and I think it will really help me when I search for a job post-grad.
Northeastern is a great school in middle of Boston downtown. It prepares you with the job through its extensive coop programs.
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Northeastern is an amazing and bustling school. Students here care more about work experience and real education than getting a “traditional” college experience. I’ve found that the facilities are great, and that the administration is really pushing itself to continue to make Northeastern even better.
I am currently a high school senior from Franklin, TN who just visited Northeastern University. I will be attending this fine school for the 2018-2019 school year, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I love the campus, and the town of Boston and the food is GREAT. Seafood is my favorite. I love being able to visit all the interesting arts and science museums as well as being able to go on a run through the beautiful parks.
I'm really excited to attend Northeastern in the fall! It's become increasingly competitive in recent years and the acceptance rate was 18% for the 2017-2018 year. Go huskies!!
My overall impression was great which was why I ended up choosing this school. The co-ops were a huge incentive for me as I believe they will really help to give me a leg up when it comes to apply to medical school later on. Another advantage is the program which is commonly mistaken to be intended for students who can pay full tuition but have low test scores. This is not the case and I believe that it will be a great experience being able to go abroad first semester - not to mention the bonds and friendships that will be made! Northeastern is a great school, I am honored to have gotten in, and I am ecstatic to start in the fall.
Party scene is not ideal, boys hardly ever get into parties (or they have to pay), but its no problem if you are a girl. School spirit is lacking when it comes to sports, but people still do show up for some of the more important games. Facilities aren’t as great as they should be. There are only 3 dining halls and 1 gym for a school of 20,000+ people. Housing can be fine of you get it; dorm quality varies a lot. If you get lucky you can be in great housing with a dining hall, air conditioning, and other facilities, but a lot of the freshman dorms are located more on the outskirts of campus and are in very old/dirty buildings. The only thing that I really did not enjoy about Northeastern was the weather because seasonal depression is REAL, and the winter here was long which made it hard to get motivated to go out in the cold. I would suggest to students that they should be prepared to put in the effort to have a good college experience, it is not just going to happen automatically.
I like the environment at Northeastern and the people I have meet. I have made friends that not only think alike but think differently then me. I enjoy the options I have as far as choosing a major. However I think that Northeastern facilities(res life, financial aid, advising, etc.) could be better at communicating with students. I wish that important information was more transparent. Overall I have enjoyed myself at Northeastern, especially on a day to day basis.
Super serious school of business with the highest standards, professors, available sources and potentials!
Really great city and campus. Rigorous courses with great professors and student life. Would recommend to anyone who wants a city campus
There is a lot of diversity at this university which I like. There are many clubs/curriculars for everyone to join. The best aspect of this university would be the co-op program because getting experience before graduating college puts us at an advantage when looking for jobs in the future
Northeastern University is absolutely amazing! It wasn't really at the forefront of my mind but I'm so glad I decided to go here. I did the NU-in program and had a great time in London. My experience at the university has been super positive when it comes to academics and my social life. The professors are hard working and qualified, the people are friendly, there are a lot of kids from all over the world, and the campus is awesome! Most students come to Northeastern because of the co-op program which is the most significant part of the university. The university does a really great job of preparing students for the workplace and makes sure you are qualified and competitive when it is your time to apply for them. I would recommend this university to students who are social, hard-working and competitive.
I have not attended the college yet, but they have made the admissions process very easy and made me feel very welcomed. They are constantly sending special little letters and gifts for every holiday reminding me to apply. Once I got admitted they have continued to send little letters that tell me about all the wonderful opportunities I will Ben given. They have also helped explain to me what the NU in program will be like. They have made me comfortable and a strong believer that doing my first semester abroad will be enjoyable and beneficial for me.
Academics are great, but school spirit for athletics is low and the student government decisions are ultimately controlled by the administration rather than the student government association.
Northeastern University could not have provided me with a better experience of university life. The staff and students are all friendly, the tutors are brilliant, the social life is great and the campus provides a safe and friendly environment to live in!
College is really what you make of it and Northeastern definitely gives you the tools to make the most of your 4-5 years. The co-op program is the reason most students end up at Northeastern and it is very helpful for preparing students for the working world after college. The most annoying/difficult about the school is the scarcity of housing. Because of the lottery system and the limited amount of on campus housing, many students end up having to move off campus. This can get expensive and can be difficult to find in the area due to the high volume of college students in Boston.
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when I toured here the campus was BEAUTIFUL!! The most amazing program is the co-op program which allows you to gain work experience while studying.
I am so grateful for my experience at Northeastern. Not only have I been able to take interesting psychology courses with knowledgeable and engaged professors, but I have also met lifelong friends, strengthened my passion for choral singing, and gained a great deal of independence and confidence. Currently, I am in my first co-op experience, and I know that this type of hands-on learning will put me in an excellent position when I graduate and am searching for a job or applying to graduate schools. I am so glad I came to Northeastern, and couldn't imagine myself studying anywhere else.
I love the location of Northeastern. Being in Boston, there is SO much to do around the school (MFA, Boston Commons, Newbury Street). The people are great too, although I would love to see more school-spirit. Parties are fun for the most part, and the academics are challenging.
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