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With northeastern being my first choice I'm happy to say the school is just I expected. It is easy to get involved in music and its placement in Boston is perfect where it's not downtown but not too far our where everything would be a train/bus ride.
Great college (expensive though) that features state of the art buildings, food, research, and co-op
Northeastern University is a very liberal, democratic school, which can make someone uncomfortable when being around this atmosphere 24/7. Other than that, the academics and professors are great.
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I enjoyed this campus because it was very cozy. It reminded me of home. It was a very great sense of community. I also liked the way the campus was set up. It made me feel as though when I do get in, I can feel very comfortable around the other college students, even if it is a very rough transition.
Northeastern University is a great place to prosper and discover any hidden potential to make a difference in one's own life as well as the lives of others. With a beautiful, close-nit campus right in Boston, the opportunities are endless. The coop program is another facet of the school that is rightly boasted about. The interview process alone prepares the students more than any other school. On top of that, the students are able to experience true professional settings which will prepare them for the real world which sits in wait just a few years in the future. As students prepare for the future in a workplace setting, they simultaneously receive an impeccable education by taking challenging courses taught by merited professors.
Overall I have really enjoyed my time at this school and in Boston. I think the school offers amply opportunities to get involved in the community and the co-op program is very useful for gaining real life experience and making connections in you field of choice. However, I do think most of this is left up to you to learn about because the advisors do not help much with anything.
Northeastern was a great school and I encourage everyone to give this school a chance. I enjoyed every minute being there. The students were nice, the professors cared about their work, and the city of Boston is amazing.
I loved the campus of Northeastern University. It was a mix between modern and traditional and made me feel like I was in downtown Boston; however, I was still able to connect with the modern world. The academics are great and I love the co-op program. It has given me valuable skills and has allowed me a further in depth look at my career choice.
Northeastern's professors and other staff are some of the best at what they do. There is also a sufficent amount of resources on campus for the students. The co-op program is of great value to help with future careers.
After the fall fest and everything, it was easy to find where I fit in. I’m an architecture major, and even though I do spend a lot of time working on projects, I get enough time to attend clubs and spend time with friends. Being in such a close-knit major, after the first big project (and all-nighter) we all got pretty close, fast.
I love the campus and the atmosphere of the school. The location of the university is perfect right in the heart of boston. It also has an amazing COOP program. They also have a great variety of food. The dorm rooms are very modern and up to date.
Great experience, with a beautiful campus. Classes are difficult so you'll have to put a lot of time into your work, which is expected from such a high-level institution like Northeastern.
Location, professors and facilities are great. A wide range of courses available with dedicated academic advisors. The students here are friendly and always strive to work. It is a competitive school because everyone's trying to get the best Co-Ops.
When I came to Northeastern I felt it was a school only interested in making money, students were obsessed with Coop, and that no one really knew each other. An academic year and a half later I think these views of Northeastern are misguided. I have met some great people here, had some really inspiring (and really not inspiring teachers), and have enjoyed every second of being at this school.
I love the diversity of Northeastern. Being an international student from Hong Kong, I never felt excluded due to my race or because of my cultural upbringing. The education is great and the people are nice.
Northeastern University has a great faculty and staff. I wish that more of their seminars, events and talks held at the Boston campus were also available online.
In my short time so far at Northeastern, I have learned more than just engineering; I have a resume built and am preparing to get a job, I have worked and improved my presentation and communication skills, and I am involved in research. This school very much cares about the success of all of its students.
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Northeastern is an amazing place to study. The Coop program is a high benefit to students and it is very easy to start a research project. Professors are really easy to talk to and there are over 400 extracurricular activities to choose from. It is very easy to become involved and even easier to find what is interesting.
Classes are rigorous and demanding, more so than I was expecting. The school definitely gives you a good education and refines you into a competitive candidate for grad school or the job market. The curriculum will make you a versatile candidate and ensure you know your stuff. With that being said, the school could be considered unnecessarily difficult and may be a bit overzealous with its rigor. It can get especially demanding when searching for a co-op while in classes, but the time spent on co-op only working and getting paid should compensate for the more intense semesters. While the academics are very good, what you gain from the co-op program will be worth more and unlock more opportunities than almost all names on a degree. The population has a noteworthy intellectual curiosity and most students are exceptionally smart. Don't come here expecting a party school though, you probably won't have too many crazy nights until you're 21.
Participating Northeastern's cooperative program makes this college the best financial investment because it helps you get a job when you graduate
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