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3,121 reviews
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Amazing university. Perfect location in Boston with a great community of people. The cultural diversity is unmatched compared to other universities I have seen. Great diversity of majors and studies is also quite amazing.
At Northeastern University, students gain substantial work experience while they are working towards their diplomas. Most of Northeastern's undergraduates complete at least one professional co-op during their college career, working for one of more than 2,000 employers around the world. Students can choose to complete their degree in four years, with the potential for two co-ops, or five years, building in time for three co-ops. Outside of the classroom and workplace, there are more than 300 clubs and organizations for students, including about 25 fraternities and sororities. The Northeastern Huskies compete in the NCAA Division I Colonial Athletic Conference. More than 3,000 students compete at the club and intramural sport level. Freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus. Northeastern’s campus is spread out across 73 acres in the venerable college town of Boston.
Awesome school in a great city. so many opportunities especially with the co-op. Best choice I could have made. very competative
I love Northeastern! The Co-op experience is really unique, and helps to prepare you for the future like no other school!
Dorms are a little old and dingy, but education, location is A+. There isn't an actual campus it's just kind of a bunch of buildings but the facilities are nice.
Northeastern is the college experience of the future. It is global, experience-focused, and intellectually engaging. Northeastern provides a limitless number of opportunities to find work experience (in on-campus labs or through the co-op program) and travel abroad (with month-long "dialogues", traditional study abroad, and global co-op). Northeastern students are the most hire-able in the nation. Roughly 90% of graduates employed or enrolled in a graduate program.
So far, my experience at Northeastern University has been very good. The school offers strong, challenging academic courses with generally well-equipped faculty. The school is also quite diverse in its student body and is located in Boston, which is a fun city to attend college in.
Some of the downsides of Northeastern is that the party scene is a little lacking, for those who are looking for a school with a big party scene; however, this is somewhat true for most schools located in Boston - if one is looking for a big, frat-style party, they must commute to a different part of the city. The housing at Northeastern is modern and has a lot of features, but due to the size of the student body, finding housing as an upperclassmen can be quite difficult and might require living off-campus. Overall, the school has been quite beneficial, especially for the Co-Op program which helps with job security.
Northeastern University has so many different things to offer for people to pursue the things they like. There is a wide variety of majors to choose from, as well as co-ops which allow students to experience what it is like working in the field, which can be crucial in helping one determine if their major/career is really what they want to pursue. In addition, there are so many different clubs and sports that are offered that lets students continue with their other interests, even if it is completely different from their major.
I did the accelerated program for 16 months and received my BSN on December 9th. It was an amazing experience. It was a lot of work but well worth it. Thank You.
I like the fact that it is so divers, and also because of it co-op program, which all students are eligible for after their first year of class. clubs and activities also is an amazing part of attending Northeastern university.
Northeastern is loaded with opportunities to tailor your college experience to your interests and goals. The co-op program allows you to try out different career paths, make meaningful connections, and gain useful experience before you graduate and enter the 'real world.' There are also numerous opportunities to study abroad or do co-op abroad; you don't have to stay on campus in Boston for the 4-5 years you are here. Another thing I like about Northeastern is the push for students to get involved with the greater Boston community, through community service and civic engagement. I have never felt like I was in a "college bubble," which I've heard is the case at other colleges. While I am sometimes dissatisfied by classes that aren't as rigorous as I'd like, Northeastern makes up for it through the insane number of opportunities I've had to do research and pursue my interests outside of the classroom.
Northeastern has a nice campus in a great location in Boston. The academics are solid and are on the rise. The overall college feel is different with Northeastern as people are much more career oriented-- co-ops are central to the Northeastern culture as students have the opportunity to take a semester off and gain work experience for six months. I have largely heard positive things about this, and is a very attractive selling point of the university. Otherwise, greek life is present but nothing special, parties are at off campus apartments or other local universities, and the college sports experience isn't always the best. Overall a very suitable place for ambitious students looking for an emphasis on career development.
I enjoyed very much my time at Northeastern University. I loved their co-op program where I gained so much real life experience.
This is my first year at Northeastern University and I love it. The location of the campus directly in Boston along with the traditional campus feel is a great combination. The people are all very friendly and the professors are very helpful.
Love the international emphasis of the school, great location in Boston, and amazing campus. Very expensive however!
Northeastern is a great school, especially for STEM and business majors. But if you're going to come here for art/music/media studies, you might want to look somewhere else. We have the college of arts, media, and design, but it's really not that great compared to other schools like NYU or Emerson that really dig deep into that kind of thing. But as a music business major here, there are plenty of great co-ops available - and I know the same is true for my other friends in CAMD. If you come here as some kind of art student, be prepared to study the practicalities of your art, and leave creative fulfillment to outside the classroom. Also, I recommend coming in undeclared if you're even a bit unsure of your major - in your first semester, they set you up on a track of all major courses, making it a pain to change later on, or explore other options.
One thing I appreciate about Northeastern is its dynamic and ever-changing campus. You have students taking classes, going out on co-op, studying abroad, and continuing to be active during the summer with Dialogues and summer classes.
It is one of the top universities in the USA. The campus is very beautiful and widely spread. Professors are excellent and help us whenever necessary. The area is pretty safe with the police patrolling on a regular basis. We even have a shuttle to escort the students safely back to our homes. Overall, the university is very good for graduate studies.
I visited Northeastern University on my 8th grade end of the year field trip. On our experience there we were able to walk around the amazing campus.
This school is perfect for independent students. You can do your own thing, and make Boston, arguably the best college town in the United States, your home. Classes are difficult but you're going to school, it's expected. northeastern is becoming a better and better school every year. It's a little pricey, but if you get financial aid or scholarships (*wink wink*) it's affordable.
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