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Classes are rigorous and demanding, more so than I was expecting. The school definitely gives you a good education and refines you into a competitive candidate for grad school or the job market. The curriculum will make you a versatile candidate and ensure you know your stuff. With that being said, the school could be considered unnecessarily difficult and may be a bit overzealous with its rigor. It can get especially demanding when searching for a co-op while in classes, but the time spent on co-op only working and getting paid should compensate for the more intense semesters. While the academics are very good, what you gain from the co-op program will be worth more and unlock more opportunities than almost all names on a degree. The population has a noteworthy intellectual curiosity and most students are exceptionally smart. Don't come here expecting a party school though, you probably won't have too many crazy nights until you're 21.
Participating Northeastern's cooperative program makes this college the best financial investment because it helps you get a job when you graduate
I love Northeastern University, the campus is so beautiful and everyone is friendly and willing to help when you need it. The food is not the best but there are other food places around campus that might be much better other than that, the professors are amazing and they make you feel like you're home.... Great school and excellent academics plus the Co-op!!! All of this combined made Northeastern a unique and innovative institution of higher education.
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Overall so far my experience at Northeastern has been great. no complaints, I just feel I do not see as much diversity as advetised
The scenery was absolutely amazing. Northeastern may be in the heart of the city, but you'll definitely feel like you're somewhere else when you're on campus. The vast green spaces make for a perfect campus within the city. When it gets colder, there are tunnels to help you get to classes. Overall, NU is a lovely school.
The experiential learning element of the school is definitely what attracted me to come here and Northeastern has delivered. Co-op is such an amazing opportunity and I recommend it to everyone, it really does give you a leg up in comparison to other schools.
It is one of the affordable universities in Boston. Graduation rate is higher. I feel like I belong to the university community.
Northeastern is a great option for driven individuals looking for a flexible academic schedule that allows them maximum opportunities for self-discovery and experiential learning. Being able to get involved through programs such as and the honors program through the schools helps to prepare you for coop -- which in turn prepares you for entering the real world job market down the road.
Northeastern University is located in the beautiful, cultural, diverse city of Boston, MA. The campus has state of the art learning capabilities and renown professors.
Northeastern University is incredibly innovative in some of its professional offerings and learning options. The College of Professional Studies provides an optimum ability for full-time employees to be able to receive a quality education while still being able to succeed professionally.
I love it so much - Boston is an amazing city to live in, and the diversity of people, classes, professors, food, and activities is incredible. The work load is challenging and it's definitely a school you need to work for, but I am absolutely loving it, and I'm really looking forward to studying abroad, co-ops, and Dialogues.
Going to Northeastern University has been the best decision I've made In my life. I chose the university because it has the best co-op program in the nation, but there's a lot of other things the university has to offer. For starters the academic environment is quite impressive with everyone around me being a very high caliber student. There's lots of really dedicated and focused students here who work hard and play hard. The university is super diverse with about 20% of kids being international. I really like the campus and you can walk easily to any location. Boston is such an amazing city and I never thought I would enjoy it this much. The professors are super nice and know their stuff and the people here are friendly. The residence halls vary a lot in quality; from Stetson West which is a typical college dorm to International Village which is basically just a fancy skyscraper. Overall I love the flexibility and all the different options the school provides really puts it on top.
Northeastern is a wonderful institution that makes you feel at home almost instantly. The advisors are very helpful in assisting you plan your time at NEU to maximize your experiences, the classes are vigorous but not overwhelming, and the people are welcoming and a family. Students are very involved on campus with over 400 clubs to join, and you can always create your own. Our facilities are great, the staff is fantastic, and any problem is easily fixed. The school's focus on experiential learning prepares every student for the competitive world beyond college. We are one of the most diverse campuses in the nation, but our differences unify us rather than separate us. Here you are free to be yourself in a safe, protected environment. The opportunities Northeastern offers are unique to our school and its programs like studying abroad, Dialogues of Civilization, or co-ops at local or global facilities. You definitely get your money's worth and more at Northeastern. Go Huskies!
Northeastern is a great campus, in a great location, with great classes and great professors. Which to some, constitutes a perfect school. However, I do believe this school doesn't invest enough in what is necessary. Northeastern barely gives out any financial aid and is not supportive enough in making school affordable. Also, the UHCS system is lacking capable psychologists, nurses, and doctors to ensure the wellbeing of its students.
The best part of Northeastern is the fact that Boston as a city is your campus. You can see live music, art, whatever you're interested in. The school life to me (as a transfer student) felt rather impersonal. It's such a big school that it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. Speaking of which, the "NEU shuffle" is alive and well - it's where different departments just shuffle you over to another department when you have to do anything administration related. Another downside is the long winters and the price tag here. I lived off campus after my 1st year, which was definitely cheaper than living on campus. If I could do it all over again I'd go to Europe or Canada for my bachelor's to save money and have a more diverse learning experience.
The undergraduate program here is great. The co-op experience really lets you experience the field before you get a degree. AND you get paid for it! It's such a great program. Unfortunately, the school is a private school and costs a fortune to attend. Definitely recommend applying to many scholarships as you can.
Its a great school, the honors program is amazing and the new housing you get is fabulous... Don't expect many parties though.
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This school dumped me when I needed them the most in 2014. My program was eliminated online and now I had to find another school that had my major online. Very disappointed.
What drew me to this school was their co-op program, which provides valuable work experience to students. It is also located in a great area with having two subway stops, enabling students to access any part of Boston needed.
My time at Northeastern has been great so far. I have enjoyed all of my classes and have had some really great and inspiring professors. There is a huge effort to help students assimilate to college life and meet new people. I really feel like I belong.
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