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I am a student at netc and have been for awhile. Whatever you do avoid this school. It has been a nightmare. The staff is dishonest and will deceive you just to keep you in school and keep the checks coming in. There graduation rate is low due to dropout not to students going to universities. .....Warning believe NOOOOOTHING they tell you. You are just a number to them. Cattle. They are not gonna let you out of school they are gonna keep adding classes to keep you in regardless of how many classes you have completed. If you are going For Company technology like i was you may not even have an adviser. Which means anyone will come alone and sign you up for any class. Skip this school and get it certs instead. CCNA, A+ or any cert will make your life better without the headache.RUUUNNNN FAR AWAY
NETC is a decent school to get ahead of credits. Half of the staff is very proficient the other half can tend to be lazy. I would still recomend this school to anyone who wants to get colledge credits.
Its very nice and has a great learning experience. The staff is great, and really wants the best for students.
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NETC is help get me to where I want to go in life, without all the debt at the end
Its super cheap to get a full semester at NWTC.
Not sure what to type here.
Its a good campus. I have learned stuff and changed some of my thinking processes. I have not much experience on what to look for in a school. This is a good school. Try and see
By having four different campuses my school is able to have a student body that is diverse.
I love the online courses. The online courses make going to college easier for a working mom like myself. I am able to attend classes and still be there for my family and my job.
I think my school is unique because of the four campuses. Having more than one campus makes earning a degree easier.
I believe Northeastern Technical College has a wonderful program. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. Applying for financial aid is very easy with the help of the staff. They are there and willing to answer any and all questions.
My classes for my major will not transfer to a four-year school.
It's an okay place. The problems I have is the schedules from different classes clash together and that some of the classes for my major do not transfer.
The unique opportunity is that I have the capability to do a whole lot of extracurricular activities.
It has been very convenient. I have a wide flexibility to do a whole lot of activities. I do not suffer frustrations unless I am not well organized.
The academics are okay. There is a wide variety that help me personally to have a comfortable schedule.
My specific major in this school is great because I am very well advised and the program has the help of many teachers that are very interesting in helping you.
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The quality is okay. The career center has made me realize what I really want to do with my life and what degree to pursue.
I love the online classes because I can access them at any time without any complications and I learn a lot from them.
The school is very good in particular but since one of my goals is to transfer I need as much financial aid as possible.
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