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I loved Northeastern State University. It was a small college, which provided a small community feel. I enjoyed everything about the school- from the campus feel, to the local eateries, even the walkability of the town. When you aren't learning in school, NSU is always putting on fun events!
A average college with a good background and history. Really strict with their school rules. Professors are easy to get a hold of during their office hours.
The one aspect of NSU Broken Arrow that I loved the most was the willingness of the professors to aid you in your career goals. Professors always offered times and dates to discuss with you information about future courses, possible career paths, and (in my case) international universities and internships. Their attentiveness was what really made a difference with what career path I ended up taking.
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So far this has been a great school to attend. The nursing instructor that I have is very helpful and professional.
I love NSU! It has a great location by the river, giving students an opportunity to take advantage of the natural features of the state, while giving the feeling of a hometown vibe. I love studying here!
Great small town college that focuses on Individual achievement. The students and staff and very friendly and offer plenty of support and guidance.
I like the welcoming atmosphere NSU has created and maintained. It has a variety of student organizations to fit different students like amd hobbies. The surrounding area is beautiful and I would like to see it embraced more.
I love Northeastern State University. I am a Native American student, and I truly feel valued by my school and professors, and I can see that they value and respect my heritage, especially with this school being in a Native American-rich town. Talequah is a great community that I hope to stay in after my time at NSU is finished. NSU is such a great school within a great community.
Everyone's very friendly campus is beautiful and easy to find where you need to go. There's lots to do as it is a pretty big town.
Northeastern State University is a small town college with the resources to match. The town has almost nothing to do and there is very little activity on campus. On the weekends the campus becomes deserted because everyone goes home. Most of the students struggle academically even though the classes are easy.
I like this university because everyone here is out to help you achieve your degree in a big way. They focuse of helping you find the resources you need and helping you thrive for excellence.
Very good teachers and very good staff. There is a wide variety of fields of study and there are many people to help you decide on what you want to do. There are many different fraternities and sororities here as well. There is always something going on on the campus as well. Most of the dorms are very nice too.
I love NSU! The campus is so evolving and welcoming to anyone. The NSU Greek life is definitely the way to go when you join NSU. The NSU Tahlequah campus is so beautiful. Every week the NAB organization puts on an event that anyone that attends NSU can go!
This is my second semester at Northeastern State University, and I love it. I love the small and close-knit family type feel it has to it. I have made many friends, very easily, and that has got me so many valuable life connections. NSU's Rookie Bridge Camp is also an amazing thing about this school and I am so glad they have it. This camp really bridges the awkward gap when transitioning from high school to college. This school has many clubs, and places to get involved in as well. I would not change much about this school, but if I had to pick a couple areas that could use some improvement- I would say the dorms should be worked on as well as I think there should be more food options. Some of the dorm room have big issues, such as power outages, and broken items and walls even. Overall, I love this college.
I've only been here for a couple of days but so far I have absolutely loved it. Theirs a lot of clubs to join and things to do. The professors are all willing to work with you and are her to pass you not fail you.
The staff and students are very welcoming and kind. The campus is small enough to allow you to focus on class work and other activities. However, some of the campus staff are students with very little training making things like financial aid and housing questions more difficult. There is also limited eatery options on campus so it's suggested students stock up on their own food items.
Since attending Northeastern State University I have received a phenomenal education. The professors and staff promote the best education possible. This is definitely a University I would recommend to friends and family especially if they have an interest in either education or business.
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The campus was very nice, not to big, not too small. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They all want you to succeed. The only few differences wpuld be to add more parking for students and more street lights.
Overall the atmosphere at NSU is pretty good. The parking, especially for commuters is not very good at all. The athletics could be better and for the most part it is hard to get anything with scholarship or enrollment done in a timely manner.
I would honestly give it five stars but there is always room for improvement. I enjoy that the college feels like a family. It is the perfect size, big enough that you don't have to see someone if you don't want to but small enough to feel connected.
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