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Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Reviews

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I enjoyed learning from my professors and the students are fantastic it has been a great learning experience for me
I love the laid back environment of the campus. It feels lonely though because it's hard to make new friends here.
I’ve rarely had a particular problem with any of my professors. But, from what I’ve encountered, the teachers here are either very very good or extremely bad with not much in between. The food from the cafeteria is probably the best part of the school even though I rarely eat there on account of it being just out of my price range without a food plan.
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This school is okay. Just feels very ran down and that the school deserves more funding. I feel like if they would put a little more time into the schools the teachers might be happier. And they need to work on their communication.
I’m still a college freshman but overall it’s a very lovely place to start school, you meet a lot of new people and make a lot of friends up there.
The instructors care about their students. Student Support Services are there to help with tutoring, encouragement, and transferring to either college or the workplace. The college is not just a huge supporter of athletics, but of their students as well.
While I will be graduating this Spring, I have found Northeastern Oklahoma to be my home away from home. The people here are friendly, and there are people from different backgrounds.
Northeastern A&M College helped me be challenged at a college level while I was still a senior in high school. I was extremely nervous and just plainly scared of what might happen being at this college when coming here my first day, but I knew I was in a safe place with teachers walking all around the tiny campus. However, I do wish that the campus police would walk more throughout the entire campus, because students aren't entirely going to be frightful of the teachers and staff. They will be more scared to not do anything like: break into my car, do inappropriate things, go around being intoxicated with the campus police continually surveying the grounds.
I love NEO it feels like home away from home. I love playing on the soccer team and made lots of friends. The education is really good the teachers are there for you if you ever need help. They should have better washers and food for its students but that its.
My experience has been average. The classes are okay. I don't like the dorms, they are way to pricey for the quality. The wifi is terrible and so are the washing machines.
This college is excellent the staff and professors are quite helpful and want their students to go far in life. One thing I would like to change is that the facility released for Marthin Luther King Jr. Day they have many African American students who should be honoring what a brave man has done for his race. instead of staying in class and simply listening to a lecture. Overall the school is great I would change that one thing.
I'm a freshman here at NEO! I love it her honestly. The staff here are pretty amazing, they make sure to sit down and actually get to know you. They actually know your name and make it a point to know you. I help out in the recruitment office here and I help out by giving tours and NEO is just a 10/10. I recommend for all high school seniors to come check NEO out and she what we are all about!
So far, I've only gone to this college for one semester. I like that it has a distance option for the medical laboratory technician program. It's convenient.
NEO is a great community college for students coming from small town America or those who are non-traditional students in the area. The campus is small and easy to navigate. The class sizes are small allowing for one on one interaction with faculty if needed. The college is working to improve the student housing situation. Dorms had remained the same since the 60's with traditional 2 to a room and bathroom down the hall until just the last 5 years. You also need to make sure your classes will transfer if you are moving on to a four year university later.
Very nice community college. You are in small class sizes so you may have a one on one with your professors. Also amazing campus.
NEO has been a fairly good experience for me. They have all new science buildings and as a science major that is a definite plus. The teachers in their science department have been great. I'm in the nursing program now and the instructors are awesome. They're super helpful and just all around happy to be there for us.
There is a lot of flexibility and the professors will work with you. Transferring the credits was a little difficult for me because i was transferring to a private college in California.
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The workload was easy. The professors were awesome and very helpful. There is quite a bit to do at this campus.
The professors work with you and make sure you are in a learning environment set for you. The class work is fairly easy if you put forth the effort, show up to class and do your work.
They do a ton of recruiting and a lot of career fairs.
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