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Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Reviews

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I really enjoy the family atmosphere that the professors, faculty, and students all radiate together.
While the experience was difficult during the transition, it was reassuring to know that the professors were trying their best for us.
Overall my experience has been well. I feel like the different administration departments could be more helpful in finding answers for students.
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I am enrolled in online classes for the first time. I do know that the online process can be difficult. There are multiple places you have to go to retrieve any information.
Yes! My first semester I took 4 online classes, all of my teachers helped me to understand my assignments and get them turned in on time!
NEO is a family. They have your back wether it’s roomate’s, teachers, any kind of staff , they are always there for you! This school has opened up so many opportunities and friendships that i will cherish for a lifetime. Even though this is a 2 year school , the impact and education you get in such a short amount of time is amazing!
Northeastern Oklahoma A & M College has proven to be an amazing experience. Making the decision to attend was one I will never regret. I have met two of my best friends and I am surrounded by role models that genuinely care about my well-being. It has become my home away from home, and to think that I will be graduating in three short months is bittersweet. I truly believe that NEO has been successful in preparing me for the next step in my life.
The atmosphere of a two year college feels just like home. The faculty and staff are so humble and inviting. The teachers are always ready to help. Many events for students to get involved in.
I love this college. The environment at this place is just so welcoming and I always have help! Especially when I don’t know what I’m doing the tutoring center is the best place on camps. Dan and Kathy help me so much!
This is a great college to attend very well organized and great teachers. A cheap school as well to start on you majors for your basic classes.
Found my forever family through this little Junior College and would recommend anyone to attend. The environment is excellent for those not wanting to jump into a four year college right away!
loved my time at NEO! created bonds that can never be broken while getting a quality education. ROW NORSE ROW! also got to take my kayak on the baseball field after the flood so that was pretty cool
The knowledge base at NEO is not all that great. When it came to buying more hours for a required online tutoring service, the individuals in the library were not very helpful.
I love the atmosphere of the campus. I wish they had more food variety we get tired of eating the same things for breakfast 6 out of seven days a week. The other meals aren't so bad because they have more variety but breakfast is boring and redundant. I would also like to see ALL of the dorms updated. The traditional dorms are falling apart and haven't been remodeled in years despite the fact that they keep building new ones that are more expensive to live in.
I enjoyed learning from my professors and the students are fantastic it has been a great learning experience for me
I love the laid back environment of the campus. It feels lonely though because it's hard to make new friends here.
I’ve rarely had a particular problem with any of my professors. But, from what I’ve encountered, the teachers here are either very very good or extremely bad with not much in between. The food from the cafeteria is probably the best part of the school even though I rarely eat there on account of it being just out of my price range without a food plan.
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This school is okay. Just feels very ran down and that the school deserves more funding. I feel like if they would put a little more time into the schools the teachers might be happier. And they need to work on their communication.
I’m still a college freshman but overall it’s a very lovely place to start school, you meet a lot of new people and make a lot of friends up there.
The instructors care about their students. Student Support Services are there to help with tutoring, encouragement, and transferring to either college or the workplace. The college is not just a huge supporter of athletics, but of their students as well.
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