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The people that come to this university are very kind and will help with anything that you need. The faculty are very understand and get it if u have to work or have problem going on in your personal life.
I transferred from a community collage and thought I would get lost with the process and with the fact how big the school is, but it was easy . Teachers are greater to communicate with and always helpful. I
Love this University and i hope to graduate in Managment but it is hard for me to afford it.
There are so many things that I can say about this school. For one, the financial aid office sucks. It's literally no support here. I've been waiting for someone to pinch me to wake me up because I cannot believe that this is called a "University". The teachers and advisers are all a joke. No one cares about anything unless it benefits them. Oh not to mention, you're charged for the silliest things. Just to have a parking fee removed off of your student account is a pain. This was the worse experience ever. Please choose differently. You get what you pay for!
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The education I have received so far has been amazing. The teachers are very knowledgeable, passionate and very interested in ones success. You can clearly see that the vision and mission of the school match the way they hire teachers and the quality of teaching they provide. I am very happy to be a part of Northeastern.
The diverse student body provides perspectives for all class topics to be seen from a wide variety of cultural, political, and religious backgrounds. The Professors and administrators are supportive and challenge each student to bring their best self to their academic pursuits.
NEIU is a nice campus. The students and faculty are very nice and willing to help anyone. Their cafeteria has a great selection of foods that you didn't think they would have!
This school is full of diverse students. The classes available are flexible so that students can work and attend courses on campus if that is the path they choose to take. The best part of the school is that it is affordable compared to many other universities in the area. Staff and faculty are always helpful and tend to be very involved with helping students. This is a wonderful university to attend if you live in the Chicago area especially if you commute from the suburbs as it is not too far deep into the city that the traffic would deter you.
Honestly this school is very underrated. You will have bad professors and experiences anywhere you go. All my professors have genuinely cared about their students. It’s a small campus but it makes learning better and it just feels “homey”. I do wish there were sports teams. For the tuition you cannot complain.
The professors teach from their own knowledge from years of experience, not just from a textbook. All the lessons are hands on and they are always available to give a helping hand.
I have throughly enjoyed my three going on four years at NEIU. It has been a fun experience from getting to interact with people in a very diverse community. I have encountered all types of professors and students while attending and each experience has helped me both in the classroom and in real life. The professors and the workforce at the school truly care about education and go out of their way to help all students succeed. I have formed many bonds and friendships in the classroom and playing sports at the school with numerous students that will last a lifetime. This a great school.
I like how organized and invested they are. Also, the variety of majors they have. It is always clean. The professors do well in teaching and getting the students to be more involved in the class.
Northeastern is a very diverse and liberal college. The student body is very active and the professors challenge your core beliefs and push you to become an actual educated person.
If you want to pursue a degree with minimal debt, NEIU is the perfect university. Northeastern strives to keep tuition affordable for students to create a successful future for themselves. NEIU is very diverse with new college students to continuing education. The university does a great job of focusing on the student and not just making money off of them. They truly want their students to be successful.
One thing I enjoy the most about this school is the diversity between ethnic backgrounds and ages. Makes it very easy for anyone to adjust and feel welcomed.
Great diversity. Close to home. Visited a couple times because of school field trips. I was a great experience and it seemed that people enjoyed being there. You get positive vibes.
Northeastern Illinios University has the best education or teaching programs. I recieved a lot of support from different deparment such as tutoring, financial, and TRIO which made my study more easily.
Northeastern Illinois is a beautiful campus and has a lot of diversity. As a hispanic young woman, coming from Puerto Rico, I felt really comfortable in my transferring process to NEIU. The student services and staff are excellent. There is nothing I would like them to change, it's a great campus and it makes you feel like home.
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It is a smaller campus so it is easier to get around campus. The library is extensive. The professor are very helpful. Everyone that I have encountered is friendly. The student population is very diverse. The main campus is located on the northern side of Chicago so it is easy for people who live in the suburbs to commute. They also have an excellent education program, the one that I am currently enrolled in.
The professor to student ratio is great. The classes are not so large which allows for a professor to really focus on every student better than when handling an entire lecture hall. So far all of my professors have had my best interest in mind.
My experience at Northeastern has so far been good. I like the fact that it is a small school because the students get more attention. It's a college, but to me it feels like a much bigger high school. I love it here.
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