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Professors are very helpful when it comes to online assignments, especially since I have many science courses with labs. Labs are confusing and more difficult online, however the professors are there and they want their students to succeed.
Well since I just began at NEIU, I haven't had much experience but I have learned that since it is a smaller school, which means less students in a class, the professors really care and want their students to succeed.
Having to do online school is very stressful and was hard to manage at first, but then you start to get used to it with the help of your advisors and mentors. It is difficult to not be able to communicate with the professor on the spot but they do try their best to get to you when they can. Having to sit in front of the screen for 5 hours can be tiring and give you a headache, but I make sure to eat something and get some sleep. Professors have everything ready the day before when it's time for our lecture/zoom meeting. They explain everything easy on the first few day of classes. I recommend to really pay attention to what they say on their emails and in the zoom meetings.
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I love how the mentors are there to help you with your first year of college. I like how teachers are supportive and are ready to assist you on anything you may need. The location and size is just right for me and the classes are all interesting to me.
Online learning was great for me because it allowed me to work at my own pace and it allowed me to work more at the time I would prefer. The only problem was that teachers did not always respond to my email when I asked them something.
I liked how in my Psychology 202 class I had meeting regarding how helpful a degree in Psychology class is. I liked having my classes online because it allowed me to work at the time I prefer most and it allowed me to go at my own pace. What I would like to change about NEIU is I would like ways of getting Financial Aid to be explained more clearly.
I took some courses online here 5+ years ago, but they were great at the time. I had instructors who were good at organizing the course portal and creating engaging discussions outside of the traditional classroom environment.
I had a great experience at Northeastern. Class sizes were small enough to feel like it was easy to get personal attention from professors. Location was convenient. I had great professors and felt the courses were high quality.
The professors and counselors are great. It is a commuter college so the party scene is not varied active. Also, I did not have the opportunity to socialize a lot on campus due to the Covid 19 pandemic.
Since Covid -19 I had to switch to online classes. I would say I prefer going on campus but NEIU did a good job transitioning the students to online courses. I would say that most students are engaged and the professors have kept up with the rigor in academics.
Overall it’s a good school, especially for education majors. The learning experience has been beneficial & the TPP is great at getting students ready to become teachers. There are some areas that could use improvement especially going forward in the e-learning world. The past and next semester are both via zoom for 99% of classes. I think it’d be beneficial for professors to go through trainings to be better on the virtual platform which can help engage students more & create a more positive environment.
The e-learning was not easy. Professor & students both struggled with the transition, which then made it hard to learn and get information across.
I have taken online classes. The platform where the courses are available is
self- explanatory. It is easy to navigate through a course.
I like that even though it is a large university, it feels like a small community college. It is a perfect transition from high school to a university. Many of the professors are easy to talk and are available whenever you have questions or concerns. I think the school may be in need of some tcl, but honestly nothing major. It is a clean school.
I have all online classes due to the pandemic right now. The professors are very helpful and understanding. They work with their students to provide the best education they possibly can.
I am a second-year at Northeastern Illinois University. I like everything about Northeastern Illinois University; tuitions and fees are reasonable, diverse, safe, and etc. I really don't want NEIU to change besides them to have science or medical programs that science students can get into. I would never want to transfer to other university if they had science or medical programs. This university is just too good that I can't and don't want to transfer.
Pretty much 100% self-directed. The professors post material online. You read the material and do homework.
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Cause of Covid 19 most of my classes are remote but over all my experience has been good. There were a few things I think they can approve on when it comes to online classes. For Instance, for online classes we use the Zoom app and sometimes the connection wouldn't be all that good, so I do recommend having a back up video chat app. Other than that my school is great!
When I was in high school people would ask “What school do you see yourself
attending?”, and my response was always “somewhere in New York”. I'll admit NEIU wasn't my first choice for college but after attending school here for an academic year I’ve grown to love this school. The faculty at NEIU are very nice and supportive. The people and students are always encouraging us to get involve on campus and in the community. NEIU has taught me to take life day by day, learn how to take some losses, don't give up and if you miss an opportunity there will be plenty of more in due time.
My online learning experience at Northeastern Illinois University went well and recommend taking online classes at Northeastern Illinois University.
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