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My experience at Northeastern Illinois University has been great and helpful. There are a lot of resources that are available to me such as, a lot of tutors and financial aid support. The advisors help the students stay on track on their work and attendance. They want us to succeed, and they give us a lot of academic support and advice towards our classes. Although some of us may struggle with money, they are a lot of help to find scholarships to help us pay for our college tuition.
It is an honor to attend, such a great school as Northeastern because I am academically challenged everyday. In NEIU it is a diverse school that includes alot of resources for students to use.
This school has proven to be very disappointing. The teachers have been great, which is the only plus. The administration has been very difficult and I have had multiple difficulties just trying to attend this school and having my financial aid distributed.
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The campus is beautiful. The people are really friendly, making it easy to make friends. All the teachers seem to be nice and well educated. NEIU is a school for anyone who just wants to fit in
I like every part of the university. The environment is nice, clean, and safe. The professors teach really good. I understand everything! It's amazing!
The environment is calm and soothing. The people are very helpful. My professors were great to interact with. I really do miss this place!
I love the professors and experiences I've had at NEIU. Due to the flexibility that they allow, I was able to work fulltime and complete by bachelors degree. Additionally, I am now able to work and pursue my masters degree. Tuition is much more affordable than other Chicago universities as well.
I like that everyone is friendly even the professors are friendly since they always say hi or good morning etc.
With the state of Illinois facing a third year without a budget, the staff and faculty at NEIU have remained dedicated to, and supportive of the diverse student body. The cost of attendance is very affordable, and you definitely get more than you pay for here.
I absolutely love how friendly the students and professors are. They actually want to see you succeed. I feel like the school an help students much more as far as financially. They don't help us get any loans or grants. We have to find that on our own, or pay out of pocket. School is not cheap.
As my first semester at NEIU, I never felt more comfortable any place else. I transferred, from first to second semester of my freshman year from BenU. I needed a university closer to home, and an afforable one, which is what brought me to NEIU. My professors this spring were amazing. They allowed for student engagament within classes, guided us through lessons, and were patient enough to review with students as we engaged with harder material. College is hard, it is tough, but at the resources at NEIU help you thrive through the semester. Tutors, the library, and upper classmen were such an amazing help to me this semester.
To tell you the truth, I thought this university would be a bad choice, and I was totally wrong! The campus is amazing, and the university holds events every every week. At NEIU, the professors always make time for you during their office hours. The lectures are sometimes fun, depending which professor you take. My experience here has been so-far amazing! Also, you can find a job on campus!
This school is absolutely amazing. The professors are very intelligent and dedicated to the student's success. I have had numerous professors work with me when I was struggling to help me achieve my goals. The campus is clean and easy to navigate, and the student population is unbelievably friendly and welcoming. The school itself believes highly in diversity and equality, making it a goal of theirs to help every student attain an education. This school is shining example of how all colleges should be.
I would to see better staff in charge. When I was going to NEIU, the staff made sure to strip us of any rights possible. For eg: When I was a president of one of the clubs, in order for me to request 50$ for drinks, I have had to go through many forms only to realize it didn't go through and finally when it did go through, it was shown as we had "stolen" the money. Other clubs got $2000 or more to just throw parties. So while it is not a party school, it needs better management. However, the classes were cheap and affordable.
NEIU is an okay school. It's not horrible, but it's not the best-it's just average.
I live in the dorms and I HATE it! Unless you have money to waste DO NOT MOVE INTO THE NEST! You're better off finding a couple of other students and moving into an apartment near campus for the price. The RAs act like they're in high school, it's waaaaay over priced ($833/mo/room & increasing every yr), the roommate matching tool is a joke, no one enforces/respects quite hours during final and midterms, my refrigerator just randomly stopped working twice, loud weed smell throughout the hallways, stupid guest policy, a utility cap of $80, (yes, even after getting 40k+/yr per 4 bdrm apt. they still will charge you if your total bill is more than $80-which will happen!), overall incompetence & disorganization & lying by the housing office staff, leaky sinks, drafty windows, overall cheapy looking and definitely not worth the 3,332/mo that they're collecting from my roommates & I!!
I love the school as a whole. I have had nothing but good experiences especially when it comes to being able to get in contact with any administration.
I have a disability and did not need specialized services until I hot to student teaching....The university instructors even had the audacity to tell me they would visit me in the placement every week.....and didn't... I was not registered with the University SPED services becaude they stated they needed a Neuro psychological assessment less than a year old....when in all actuality (as per the neuropsychological exam administer/ doctor said they are good for 5 years). Numerous emails and 3 in person meetings (most of which were a complete waste of time because of the beaurocratic red tape a student endures). I wanted to teach and the Dean of the C.O.E. Maureen Gillette said "You should have transfered to Nation Louis afer our last meeting". Their solution was me to take a 3 credit hour Masters level course, get the M.A. without teaching licensure.
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A pretty boring campus with mediocre professors who won't care about class unless you do, but for the price, totally worth it.
Northeastern is a great college to attend, everyone here is so helpful. At Northeastern Illinois University there is always a helping hand out, they make sure that no one gets left behind.
I love Northeastern in every aspect: the environment, professors, staff, and the students. It is such a wonderful place to grow as a student and be apart of something bigger. The energy is phenomenal and really pushes you as a student to do better.
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