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Northeastern Illinios University has the best education or teaching programs. I recieved a lot of support from different deparment such as tutoring, financial, and TRIO which made my study more easily.
Northeastern Illinois is a beautiful campus and has a lot of diversity. As a hispanic young woman, coming from Puerto Rico, I felt really comfortable in my transferring process to NEIU. The student services and staff are excellent. There is nothing I would like them to change, it's a great campus and it makes you feel like home.
It is a smaller campus so it is easier to get around campus. The library is extensive. The professor are very helpful. Everyone that I have encountered is friendly. The student population is very diverse. The main campus is located on the northern side of Chicago so it is easy for people who live in the suburbs to commute. They also have an excellent education program, the one that I am currently enrolled in.
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The professor to student ratio is great. The classes are not so large which allows for a professor to really focus on every student better than when handling an entire lecture hall. So far all of my professors have had my best interest in mind.
My experience at Northeastern has so far been good. I like the fact that it is a small school because the students get more attention. It's a college, but to me it feels like a much bigger high school. I love it here.
Northeastern Illinois University is a very nice college to attend to. Living on campus is very boring. There isn't much you can do. They are very strict when it comes down to almost everything. We don't have any parties. Everything is strictly about school. Living here makes me feel like I'm back home and that is something I didn't want to experience.
What I like about Northeastern Illinois University is that all my classes are around the campus and I don't have to walk a lot to get to classes. This school has a good variety of programs that go from a Bachelor's to a Master's degree. Programs that are included, but are not limited to, are Busines, Science, accounting, Languages, etc...This is one of the top safest campuses that I have been too. I feel comfortable coming to school and say that I really enjoy coming to this university. The only thing that sucks from this school is the food, for some people it may be good, but it's kind of pricey. If there was something that I would change from school is I would make the bathrooms bigger and more spacious because they are all small, and sometimes I feel that people in here don't have much space around.
I love Northeastern and the people. I have made a lot of new friends and explored new passions while studying and working on campus and never been more motivated in my life to learn, and strive for more in my life. It really is a life changing experience and I am simply just getting started. One last thing I would like to point out is that the resources and coachs/advisors are extremely helpful and will help you every step of the way.
its a very welcoming place, you just need to know where to look for help at. I had trouble there my first year because I did not know get informed on certain things, so just ask for help and anybody there will point you in the right direction.
Great college. Very helpful counselors and great teachers. There is free parking all around the campus. Overall, enjoyable experience.
My experience at Northeastern Illinois University has been great and helpful. There are a lot of resources that are available to me such as, a lot of tutors and financial aid support. The advisors help the students stay on track on their work and attendance. They want us to succeed, and they give us a lot of academic support and advice towards our classes. Although some of us may struggle with money, they are a lot of help to find scholarships to help us pay for our college tuition.
It is an honor to attend, such a great school as Northeastern because I am academically challenged everyday. In NEIU it is a diverse school that includes alot of resources for students to use.
This school has proven to be very disappointing. The teachers have been great, which is the only plus. The administration has been very difficult and I have had multiple difficulties just trying to attend this school and having my financial aid distributed.
The campus is beautiful. The people are really friendly, making it easy to make friends. All the teachers seem to be nice and well educated. NEIU is a school for anyone who just wants to fit in
I like every part of the university. The environment is nice, clean, and safe. The professors teach really good. I understand everything! It's amazing!
The environment is calm and soothing. The people are very helpful. My professors were great to interact with. I really do miss this place!
I love the professors and experiences I've had at NEIU. Due to the flexibility that they allow, I was able to work fulltime and complete by bachelors degree. Additionally, I am now able to work and pursue my masters degree. Tuition is much more affordable than other Chicago universities as well.
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I like that everyone is friendly even the professors are friendly since they always say hi or good morning etc.
With the state of Illinois facing a third year without a budget, the staff and faculty at NEIU have remained dedicated to, and supportive of the diverse student body. The cost of attendance is very affordable, and you definitely get more than you pay for here.
I absolutely love how friendly the students and professors are. They actually want to see you succeed. I feel like the school an help students much more as far as financially. They don't help us get any loans or grants. We have to find that on our own, or pay out of pocket. School is not cheap.
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