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I love the school as a whole. I have had nothing but good experiences especially when it comes to being able to get in contact with any administration.
I have a disability and did not need specialized services until I hot to student teaching....The university instructors even had the audacity to tell me they would visit me in the placement every week.....and didn't... I was not registered with the University SPED services becaude they stated they needed a Neuro psychological assessment less than a year old....when in all actuality (as per the neuropsychological exam administer/ doctor said they are good for 5 years). Numerous emails and 3 in person meetings (most of which were a complete waste of time because of the beaurocratic red tape a student endures). I wanted to teach and the Dean of the C.O.E. Maureen Gillette said "You should have transfered to Nation Louis afer our last meeting". Their solution was me to take a 3 credit hour Masters level course, get the M.A. without teaching licensure.
A pretty boring campus with mediocre professors who won't care about class unless you do, but for the price, totally worth it.
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Northeastern is a great college to attend, everyone here is so helpful. At Northeastern Illinois University there is always a helping hand out, they make sure that no one gets left behind.
I love Northeastern in every aspect: the environment, professors, staff, and the students. It is such a wonderful place to grow as a student and be apart of something bigger. The energy is phenomenal and really pushes you as a student to do better.
It's a great school for its diversity and professors. You will like it here. It's a bit more affordable than other schools in the city that are non-city colleges.
My experience at Northeastern Illinois University as a freshman was great. The people there are very kind, no judgement at all and they really make you feel like family the moment you step into their Student Union building, they have so many great clubs and what I like about is that they make sure they don't leave anybody out and the teachers at the University are very helpful and do everything they can to help you be back on track.
It's been the best experience! NEIU is the best school, flexibility, affordability and academic quality makes it the best university!
Great school for a commuter. The school has some very excellent professors. But there are no sports, little in the way of activities that connect the student body and is terrible on disseminating information. The biggest problem is the oppressive liberal attitude of the administration and many professors. There is no diversity of thought, if you don't completely believe the liberal ideology you are subjected to hate, and being bullied. That the education is cheap really shows at NEIU.
I really like the way that professors are concerned and caring about your degree choice. I also love how diverse the school is.
I am a returning adult (over 50) student learner. I chose Northeastern because of the diversity of this school. The population has a higher ratio of adult learners. I respect that in a school. Also, NEIU has the Human Resources Development that I wanted to study. I may even stay on, after my Bachelor's, and pursue my Masters in HRD. I have always wanted to study HRD, but would not make the time to return to school as I was making a hefty salary as A Retail Store Manager. Lately, it has become so important for me to finish my degree.
I haven't been going here for long, but in the short time that I was here, I have really enjoyed it. The best part about College by far has been the flexibility of my schedule. In High School, I would have to be there from 7:30 to 1:47 for 5 days a week. In College, I get to pick my own classes, along with my schedule. The professors are friendly and the workload is surprisingly slim. The only thing I do miss from High School is the shorter classes, but in College, they're only 25 minutes longer.
Everything is amazing except for the financial aid office. Most of the people working in there are rude and slow.
One of the great schools that i have been to, the people here are so kind and friendly. The professors here are so helpful, when I first entered the school I thought the totally opposite but boy I was wrong, makes me never want to leave everyone here. Its a really Diversity school, dorms are great just built and open this fall season, safety is great here. Its affordability compare to other schools in the city makes it a great selection for students, campus is a great size, student life is just great here.
I left and came back because it was the best experience
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Great place for going back to school.
I feel safe every day that I go to school. I remember during freshman orientation they said that if you ever don't feel safe there are those posts around the campus where you press a button and campus police can walk you to your class if you are there at night. I always see an neiu cop car going around the area which makes me feel safe.
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I honestly never hear anything sports related through email or on the televisions placed around the schools. They mainly post about performances like music or theater related or just other non-sport events.
The people are nice and there is someone that is always willing to help. The emails they send always let you know what's going on so you don't miss out on something that could be of interest to you. The teachers want you to do your best.
It's the best, I couldn't be happier
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