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Northeastern Illinois University has many experienced/knowledgeable professors. A few professors, however, I believe need more knowledge/experience related to the field in which they are teaching.
Its a good small school with good people but bad administration. Some things that told to you at the last minute and not everyone is on the same page so you hear different things from different people. Some of the classrooms are old and still have chalk boards. There are some very good teachers here that care about the subject and their students. The dorms are very nice, one of the best things that ever happened to this school.
Northeastern Illinois University is a very diverse school. Everywhere I go, I see a new face. Our professors are very outgoing and full of energy. There are so many resources here that you would not have to worry about finding information or even finding a place that gives you information. All around the campus there is always something new going on. From job fairs to ice cream outside, there is always movement. Around the community there is a lot of places to go to as well.
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Most of the professors are overall understanding and try to help you the best way they can. The student disability office is helpful as well.
Overall it offers what you'd expect from any college or university. Professors at this university tend to be very informative and fun to listen to. The strongest part about this university is the professors. However the choice in courses are lacking and there are too many unreasonable general education requirements that bog down an already limited amount of choices. Extra-curricular aspects to college life are limited as well. The financial office constantly gets in the way of registering for classes and makes for an experience full of red tape that gets in the way of effectively starting a semester. The school has a low graduation rate because people transfer out or are unable to graduate due to overbearing requirements outside of their degree path. Academics at this school, that is to say everything inside the classroom, is effective. However, most things outside the realm of the classroom are are lacking.
I am a current Northeastern Illinois University student. My major is mathematics. NEIU is a warm place because most teachers are very nice and helpful. Most teachers would like to help their student pass the class and figure out what questions did they have and help them how to solve. Even the classmates are very nice too and helping each other to get better. I love Northeastern Illinois University.
Northeastern Illinois University is a sort of small school. We have a lot of activities going on every week, and luckily have plenty of organizations that support students with finals week; massages, food, study sessions. Professors always have their office hours and show interest, of course if you do as well.
I have only been a student here for two semesters. One of which was a difficult in my personal life and affected my accademic life. My professors worked with me to catch up on the days I missed. The professors care about the students. I also notice that the professors do their best too keep all students motivated. I love my school.
Thus far, Northeastern Illinois University has provided a terrific return on my investment. A particularly strong attribute of the school is its diversity within the student body. It is in Chicago, but not overwhelmingly large or expensive and the campus is very safe. As a Global Studies Major, the incredibly large amount of cultural diversity is fantastic and the classes and teachers have all been informative and helpful, while remaining challenging. So far, I wouldn't change a thing about the school.
I loved the professors and students at Northeastern Illinois University. They were welcoming and very helpful. My professors always pushed me to do my very best and my grades reflected the amount of work I put in. I loved going to all of my classes because I knew I would learn something new everyday.
So far my experience has been wobderful! I have enjoyed my class and the teacher knew how to teach the course in just 12 classes. It was amazing. I am movitated for the upcoming years.
I definitely like the diversity of the school, which includes people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and race.
The climate and culture at Northeastern Illinois University is superb! The staff genuinely care about the education of the students. I have changed my major three times, and each department was so knowledgable and supportive! The campus is also extremely diverse!
The people that come to this university are very kind and will help with anything that you need. The faculty are very understand and get it if u have to work or have problem going on in your personal life.
I transferred from a community collage and thought I would get lost with the process and with the fact how big the school is, but it was easy . Teachers are greater to communicate with and always helpful. I
Love this University and i hope to graduate in Managment but it is hard for me to afford it.
There are so many things that I can say about this school. For one, the financial aid office sucks. It's literally no support here. I've been waiting for someone to pinch me to wake me up because I cannot believe that this is called a "University". The teachers and advisers are all a joke. No one cares about anything unless it benefits them. Oh not to mention, you're charged for the silliest things. Just to have a parking fee removed off of your student account is a pain. This was the worse experience ever. Please choose differently. You get what you pay for!
The education I have received so far has been amazing. The teachers are very knowledgeable, passionate and very interested in ones success. You can clearly see that the vision and mission of the school match the way they hire teachers and the quality of teaching they provide. I am very happy to be a part of Northeastern.
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The diverse student body provides perspectives for all class topics to be seen from a wide variety of cultural, political, and religious backgrounds. The Professors and administrators are supportive and challenge each student to bring their best self to their academic pursuits.
NEIU is a nice campus. The students and faculty are very nice and willing to help anyone. Their cafeteria has a great selection of foods that you didn't think they would have!
This school is full of diverse students. The classes available are flexible so that students can work and attend courses on campus if that is the path they choose to take. The best part of the school is that it is affordable compared to many other universities in the area. Staff and faculty are always helpful and tend to be very involved with helping students. This is a wonderful university to attend if you live in the Chicago area especially if you commute from the suburbs as it is not too far deep into the city that the traffic would deter you.
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