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Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Reviews

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The instructors at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College are incredibly helpful and care about student success and preparing them for the future.
It was been a great experience. There are resources for everything! they always want to see their student be successful
Grest school. Flexible schedules available as nd great teachers! You are in classrooms with a diverse group of people. Different ages, races as nd experience. I would recommend this technical college for anyone whether you have just graduated highschool or if you are returning to school in your forties. Not to mention, the cost of most classes is very reasonable. The school offers s greats cyber area, library and cafe. I'm pretty sure they offer child care as well!
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Everyone is really helpful and they have a ton of resources available for students if they need it. They stand behind you 100% and push you to be successful!
I like that NWTC has a friendly and diverse environment along with perfect class sizes and excellent hands on learning. I appreciate that the professors are engaging and enjoy what they are teaching. I would recommend this college to anyone!!!
It is a warm atmosphere and everyone is always welcoming. Making it a great experience. Northeastern Wisconsin college is a great college to take many classes. The professors work with you every step of the way.
I enjoy attending classes at NWTC. Signing up was easy and the academic advisors were very helpful and patient during the process! The professors I’ve had WANT you to succeed, and are very prompt responding to emails. Student services is extremely helpful, every question I’ve had or problem was answered and resolved. I highly recommend attending this campus!
Professors are very professional, knowledgeable and understanding. Services for the students are at reach and the employees look forward to help the students in every situation. They work as a team for the student's sake. The education given here is excellent.
I love this school, I love how you can take a variety of classes and have so many options for everything in it. I wish more students were younger, but I love the diversity of the school itself and the different activities that are taken place here.
I really like the feeling of family with students and instructors. I also like that I can find and get help whenever I need it.
I am finishing my second year (I changed degrees) at NWTC and so far it has been a great experience. There are plenty of opportunities to get help with academics and most of the teachers are very helpful and thorough.
Instructors strive for student's success. The school not only cares for the success of the students', it offers programs and services to help with life as well such as a counseling center available to students free of charge, funds available for emergencies (car repairs, food, daycare), tutoring. The atmosphere is friendly and everyone is willing to help out, both staff and membership.
Northeast College has been very helpful in getting myself ready for returning to school, after being a stay at home mom of 4 children for the last 9 years.
I went to NWTC for my PTA degree. They have just recently created housing, however, I was not involved in community housing.
This is my first year attending college , I love the fact you can do classes at your leisure and take classes in class or online , I would recommend this college to anyone , it helped me when I was struggling and get back in track
they have great teachers that care about the students and do anything to succeed in our life. they are very helpful college they help with anything u need help with.they are very careing workers and teachers. i rate this school a 10. i also attend it now
NWTC does an excellent job of making sure students have the ability to succeed. There are numerous programs available to serve as assistance when needed, and most of the instructors are very helpful as well.
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The openness and helpfulness of both faculty and staff is stupendous. The opportunities for diverse cultural experiences are offered both on campus and in the greater community. The cost of tuition verses the level of academics is in the favor of the student's pocketbook and the expansion of their mind.
The place was fairly big so when it came to directions the place was pretty good at giving them. Diversity was crazy not only different races but ages as well. The professors had lots of time to help you if you needed it and that was probably the best thing they offered. Also the math, science, and other labs they had to help you if you needed it.
I'd love to see more student involvement and even a club for just the health sciences in general. I would love a more affordable option for student housing as well since my commute is getting old.
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