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The openness and helpfulness of both faculty and staff is stupendous. The opportunities for diverse cultural experiences are offered both on campus and in the greater community. The cost of tuition verses the level of academics is in the favor of the student's pocketbook and the expansion of their mind.
The place was fairly big so when it came to directions the place was pretty good at giving them. Diversity was crazy not only different races but ages as well. The professors had lots of time to help you if you needed it and that was probably the best thing they offered. Also the math, science, and other labs they had to help you if you needed it.
I'd love to see more student involvement and even a club for just the health sciences in general. I would love a more affordable option for student housing as well since my commute is getting old.
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My first year here and it has been great. I love the location. It is a big campus and has a variety of programs to pursue.
The professors are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals. Any assistance needed is gladly given.

However, the "higher ups" need an attitude adjustment. They do not seem to understand the students and the professors are the reason they have jobs! I had to send many, many emails to get my old credits applied to my new program requirements. I finally found someone willing to assist me. Then her job was eliminated. I had to contact the Assistant to the Dean before it was handled.

While I was speaking to my professor regarding changes in my life that would impact my studies, she indicated she feared for her job and she was not being treated well. She did not go into detail, but it weighed heavily on her heart. Let tell you this woman bent over backwards to assist me to complete my studies when I moved out of the area. She went far beyond what I expected of anyone. She resigned. With her resignation, I left NWTC. I will not give them another dime.
cheep and easy school! very flexible! classes are easy, tutors are nice, and teachers are very understanding!
I like that this college has many different activities for you to do and get involved. They have a coffee shop, a cafeteria, gymnasium, and even a movie theater. This college is a great place!
The staff and the instructors are very easy to get along with and work with. The campus is very well organized and easy to get around. Overall, NWTC is a great environment.
I best thing that I like about my school here at NWTC is that I get to come part-time and go through my education slowly in the evening. I am a returning adult and I can not afford to go to school full-time. I work part-time and have medical bills to pay along with my youngest daughter in high school yet, my daily expenses never end with groceries and gas. This school allows me to take one class at a time and still make ends meet with my family. I do not see any need for changes at NWTC, they are caring and very helpful in keeping you in the direction you need to be in your education. I would strongly recommend this school to other students.
There are morning to night classes that I was able to attend. When I used to work, I was able to do morning classes. Now I am able to do morning through night classes. The flexibility of this school is awesome.
With an online course, as a student, I am able to read on my own and at my own pace. I understand and learn better when I have to take the notes myself. I feel that taking couple of online courses can help me manage my time wisely as well.
The career center helps people to combine and organize information about themselves onto a resume. They are very helpful and sometimes, you do not need an appointment with them. The job prospects are great.
Students are really respectful and helpful. Sometimes having a study group is awesome because they will wait for you until you understand a certain subject or problem. The teachers are always free and they are a resource when anything comes up.
Most of the degrees get a student a job before or after they have graduated. Sometimes, the school will even hire the student to become a professor. That student however, must love their job or love to teach that certain subject.
Teachers give you the best way to deal with homework. They even have hours where a student is able to go in and get extra help. Also there are academic coaches in the library who are ready to teach anyone.
They try their best to help out in any situation.
I take my classes online so I am able to work more during the school year but the teachers have been extremely supportive of me and any time I have been to the school every service available was great including the library, testing center, and financial aid office. I had some financial aid issues because of transferring schools and the people there were very patient and very helpful for me. It's been a fantastic experience and look forward to the rest of my degree.
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Workload is manageable, most assignments you turn in online. Great professor/ student relationships
Nwtc helps you find a job.
Small classes, great times, and instructors are very helpful.
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