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My favorite part of attending Northeast Texas Community College was the involvement the professors have in each students learning process. It amazes me how much they care and how understanding they can be. The only default I found while attending NTCC was the food that was served. Overall, if given the option I wouldn't change a thing about my experience as a student.
Professors are amazing and genuinely care for you. The school is affordable, but you're not sacrificing education. The only complaint is advising can be difficult sometimes.
I thoroughly enjoyed my few years at NTCC. I have no negative comments about this college. The teachers and staff are fantastic. They are friendly, easy to reach, and will do just about anything to see their students succeed.
Review Northeast Texas Community College
As a graduate of MPHS it felt like thirteenth grade going there directly after HS. Being a community college it was small but I like the fact that there were no Friday classes for the most part, I enjoyed a 3 day weekend every week.
I have Aspergers and there is a special advisor that helps you from the simplest question to a major concern. There are all types of programs to help you achieve your goals. I've had no difficulty fitting in and my professors are great.
Good college in terms of education wise, otherwise living there is a complete mess!!! The dorms are absolute garbage and the staff is rancid and will never get to your problems because they don't care. The place is also in the middle of nowhere, McDonalds, Chilis, and Whataburger being the only thing you can eat, and Walmart being the only place you can shop. On top of all the negative their almost $2000 meal plan that they force you to pay for is HORRIBLE, they feed you literal prison food. I would advise going to Austin Community College if your starting at JuCo
This college is a perfect fit for those college students who prefer to stay near home in the Northeast Texas area. The programs of study that are available in the college are worth completing and help in the long run. It is easy for a student who plans to transfer soon get their basics out of the way and go on to their dream college.
They're completely incompetent. I've been trying to get a one page form filled out for over a month and no one ever picks up the phone. When they do manage to pick up the phone, no one knows what to do and keeps transferring you to a different department. Yes, it's a community college, but it shouldn't be this hard for someone to take my money.
NTCC is a really good school to start at. There are many faculty members that will go out of their way to help you. The
My experience at NTCC has been wonderful. The staff is very helpful when needing help finding a place or on homework. The students are very polite and kind to everyone. The campus is being remodeled to a more open environment. There's more nature to look at.
The professors make the overall experience great, along with the new dorm rooms this campus is a quality college
The classes that I'll be taking looks like I'll be learning a lot! Which I'm thankful for!
NTCC is the best college for me! The professors make sure we understand the subject. I reccomend this college to everyone!
My experience at this school has been fabulous and I recommend it to anyone.
I think working online is nice because in a way you are able to almost work at your own pace and the faster you get your work done the better your semester will be.
I will need to transfer to an university to finish my degree path but I will have many job prospects after completion.
Having small classes makes the transition from high school to college much easier and the transition is much smoother.
Review Northeast Texas Community College
The amount of opportunities I will have after completing my degree is unlimited because the world will always need teachers!
I feel as if my area of study will be very unique and approved and helped by the professors being that I myself want to be a teacher.
At Northeast Texas Community College the professors and staff help you feel like you are at home, you belong there and are welcome. I would highly recommend this school to anyone!
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