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The class I just recently finished was a go at your own pace. You had a certain amount of modules and testing to get done in a six week period and you could do it however you could as long as you had all credits done and passed you could take as many tests as you want then the next class session you could dot he same thing.
No matter what online courses are a lot different than actually being in the classroom. I am someone that has to have a teacher or professor standing on front of me in order for me to comprehend how I should. I have to listen, watch and write down. Online is not for me.
No matter what there will always be a need in the medical field. Becoming a nurse is not all about the money, for me it is about fulfilling a dream, helpings others physically, emotionally, mentally in good times and bad. I have been working in an Alzheimers unit as a CNA and it has really helped me in knowing that I want to become an RN someday and I know it is my calling in life.
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This school is especially helpfull for adult education. I have been out of high school for a very long time and am raising three kids and have a wonderful husband. I just knew it would be very hard to go to school, but at the Vo-Tech it has been such an easy transition going from a stay at home mom for over ten years to becoming a student again.
I have talked with many alumni and some currently in the program that has pointed me in the right direction and is always willing to help .
Before applying to the LPN program I received my CNA. I have been working as a CNA ever since. My teacher suggested this class to me and I have loved every minute of it. It is very hands on and being able to work as a CNA just makes me push harder toward my dream of becoming a RN.
I am currently waiting to get accepted into the LPN program and this school and all of the staff really make me feel wanted and also will do everything in their power to make sure I succeed.
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