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The school gets you the information needed for your job and not anything more. They help with job placement more than most. Friendly atmosphere. Student appreciation lunches.
I am a mom and they are very understanding that I need a flexible schedule.
The registration process was very easy with a very helpful staff. The classroom in which the online classes are taken has 2 instructors readily available for any of the students. they also provide free tutoring as needed.
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I have not yet entered into that stage of my schooling. I am told, though, that much help is provided in your career search.
I love the small size of the classes. It is also nice that you complete one course at a time< allowing you to put all of your effort into that subject.
The school provides a lot of help with finding internships and employment. they also help you prepare a resume for the jobs you choose to apply for.
The small groups in class make me feel less intimidated to ask questions. I feel secure in that I will be fully prepared for my field by graduation. I know of many graduates that were helped to get great jobs in the field after graduation also.
The school is very small with small classes which I like. I am attending as an adult going back to school after many years. I really didnt know anything about applying for school and financial aid. The people at NTI walked me through every step of the way and made it easy for me.
This school has not been flexible with the clinical portion of the program.
I haven't taken online courses here.
I really do not know. I haven't experienced that aspect of this school yet.
It seems as if this school may have good job placement. However, I haven't experienced this aspect of this school yet.
I do not feel comfortable with most of the staff. They have been very disrespectful.
I have had a bad experience with the staff at the school I am attending in Scarborough Maine.
All this school cares about is getting money from me. They have been very inconsiderate and just awful.
Very fun, rewarding, and awesome. One of my favorite experiences was the first day actually the staff and teachers were very kind and helped us get settled in. We actually had orientation on the first day which had alot of good information and what was to be expected of us during our time at Northeast Technical Institute. Discussed with us the rules, regulations, oppertunties, and basically what we needed to know to succeed.
Being a student at Northeast Technical Institute is very rewarding, fun, and full of oppertunties. The staff and teachers are very welcoming, kind, and there to help you whenever you need it. The classes are very flexible as well scheduling I mean it's one of those schools where you don't have to sacrifice your entire life to get things done. Being in this school you will succeed, have fun, work hard, and have the chance to become something great. Once you are done with your program of study NTI helps you find a job, helps you with interviews, resumes, anything that you need to make sure you get hired at a job you will enjoy and love. I'm Jeremy Brisk and I chose Northeast Technical Institute and take it from me Northeast Technical Institute is a great choice.
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the school here is very good the students are very happy to be here
the teachers are very good, alot of experiance and very well rounded in there fields
Very excited to begin my classes at NTI in January. They are very accommodating to busy life schedules and I look forward to jump starting my new career.
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