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I went to school here straight out of High School. The teachers were very rude almost to the point of disbelief especially the algebra teacher. I was raised to be respectful and that is how I conduct myself. If I ask a question I don't want a teacher to roll their eyes at me. One teacher instead of teaching literally told us we had to figure out everything on our own. I found myself at another community college. The teachers were 100% better, seemed more professional, and showed genuine care for the students. I actually got my AAS degree there. I will never forget the way some of these teachers acted almost like children. I hate to write bad reviews but I felt this absolutely necessary. I am not one to complain and have a very positive attitude. This was 5 yrs ago when I was there.
northeast is very similar to a high school which can be a positive or negative thing. overall my experience has been positive and i’ve enjoyed all of my classes. i do wish that the town surrounding it was more of a college town in the sense that they offered more.
Northeast has served as a wonderful launching pad for students moving forward in their education and graduating from the community college alone. It is small, so it is not overwhelming for students fresh out of high school; but it is also large enough to prepare them for what a university may hold.
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I went to Northeast immediately after graduating. It was 30 minutes from my house, so close enough that I could go home when I wanted to, but far enough away that I still felt the college experience. The campus is beautiful. It is laid out in an easy to remember manner. The people make you feel welcome when you are there. I will be sad to graduate from Northeast in a few months.
I love the atmosphere and the people of Northeast. Everyone is very welcoming and the campus life is the very best I have seen.
I absolutely love Northeast Mississippi Community College. The faculty and students will make the college feel like your forever home. My college experience so far has made up the best years of my life.
I have taken classes with Northeat for many years, & I have had a connection with this school from the beginning. NEMCC forever holds a special place in my heart.
As I near the end of my time at Northeast, I remember well my first day. I was anxious to begin the next step of my life and worried I wouldn't fit in. Several of my best friends moved away to college and I worried I would be lost. That said, NEMCC was the best place. I feel so at home, have such caring professors, and is a wonderful place to transition from high school to a 4 year university. #GoTigers
NEMCC is a good place to start when choosing to go to college. The professors are very helpful, as they help you get a good start on your college career.
I attended Northeast when I first graduated high school 8 years ago. I was a typical fresh out of high school girl who had no idea what she wanted to do with life but party. 8 years later and I have decided to go back. Northeast is a great beginning college for anyone. They offer many amenities and locations to take classes if needed. The one thing I see Northeast lacking in is the online education. There are still several classes that are not available online. That seems to be the direction most colleges are going towards now days. That is great for a fulltime employee and mom like myself. That is the only thing I would say they need to work on. Other than that Northeast is a great affordable school.
Northeast is a really great college for those trying to get away from home, but not go too far. The staff is excellent, and the student diversity is crazy awesome.
Overall it is a good school. Most classes easily transfer to Mississippi State University. The teachers and staff are generally helpful. I only wish my classes were available in Canvas before the first day of class and my financial aid could be applied sooner.
I absolutely love this school. I wouldn't trade going here for my first two years of college for anything. If I had started out in a major university I don't think I could have made it.
Northeast is a family. Relationships with students and teachers are so easily made. There's so many things to do around campus that can help with nothing but success.
I love northeast . I love how it's not too big and not too small. The campus is together and clean . The food is good , the school gives a variety of everything . One thing that could improve is dorms .
Small-town college with nothing much to do, but this school has dedicated teachers. The nursing program has a high number of graduates and the technical program graduates always have a job after college.
My experience at Northeast has been nice.
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I really enjoyed my online classes.
I love my Phi Theta Kappa family.
They should do a little more to help the students.
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