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My online learning experience was educational. Taking courses online allowed me to view my strengths and my weaknesses.
NEMCC is definitely the place to be if you enjoy the hometown vibe. It is a campus that is very personal, the city of Booneville has that "family" atmosphere and there are plenty of opportunities for growth at Northeast. We have Campus Country, Choir, Theater and so many other extra-curricular activities.
They use Canvas, which is an easy program to understand and navigate. Most of my books are also available within the course or online, so there are no book fees. There are many programs to help online students be successful even though they are unable to be on campus.
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Administration and financial aid staff are very knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient. They provide guidance throughout the admissions process and also provide many programs to help their students be successful.
I haven't begun yet. But I'm pretty sure online want be so bad, it will be a great experience all around since I do know my way around a computer. That's why I'm college bound to get as much learning experience I can in as many areas of my freshman year.
I'm looking forward to a great year and with great anticipation. It's in my heart to be the best that I can be, by putting God first in my life and to stay focused on why I'm in college.
I haven't started the year yet but I'm already in love with the environment, campus, the staff , etc.
NEMCC lied to my family about the dorm deposit we put up for my son. They kept his dorm deposit without good cause. This is a scam and such a deception perpetrated on young students is despicable.
I did online for a semester and it went great. My instructors were always communicating with us and even willing to reach out of their way for us. They would upload videos of them in a classroom teaching and it was very helpful.
I enjoy going to Northeast they have a great campus. The teachers are absolutely one of the best. This college has a lot to offer than what you would think.
I have not taken online classes yet, but will this summer. In my past experiences, I have liked online classes a lot more than in person classes.
I start classes this summer, but so far I love the campus & the faculty I have come in contact with. Everyone has been super helpful!
Northeast Community College is an amazing school.The professors are all nice and understanding.It is perfect for those who graduated from a smaller high school. Northeast should definitely be one of your picks if you reside in the northern Mississippi counties.
I love Northeast. It's cozy and comfortable. The professors are all so helpful, and it's easy to make life-long friends.
Northeast is a good start for any high school graduate! Most people who choose Northeast are still close to their home, so you get the experience of no parents while also being close to home if you get homesick. Some classes are moderately hard, but if you come to class prepared to do your assignments and put in the work, you will succeed and be prepared for a university life after two years here.
I have not been enrolled to the college campus but I have been dual-enrolled with my high school. The professors will help with anything that is needed, and have great lesson plans that allow you to have the best chance of passing their class with a good grade. I've visited the campus many times and have been to many of their athletics events and have eaten the campus's food. Also have explored the various educational departments that have in the school. I will be attending their college next year to pursue my associate degree in nursing.
NEMCC is the best college in Mississippi! I received nothing but great benefits while attending this college. I have highly recommended this college to many of my high school friends that are soon to graduate. I love NEMCC!
Being a Dual Enrollment student with NEMCC, I reek the benefits on the college life while still being a highschool senior. The professors are wonderful and easy to work with. Not to mention, the cafeteria provides well-made food for a low price.
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They are very interested to help you decide what you want to do, and even if you do not know what you want your major to be they will be there when you do decide.
I had a great enrollment experience. I told them what field I wanted to go into, and they reached out to the director of the program to make my schedule so that I would be prepared when I applied for entry. They also took me on a tour of the school, showed me where all my classes would be, introduced me to the financial aid dept and counseling office so that if ever needed anything, I knew where to go.
I am very much enjoying my time at NEMCC. I have also just been accepted into my preferred program and now a full time student.
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