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Overall it is a good school. Most classes easily transfer to Mississippi State University. The teachers and staff are generally helpful. I only wish my classes were available in Canvas before the first day of class and my financial aid could be applied sooner.
I absolutely love this school. I wouldn't trade going here for my first two years of college for anything. If I had started out in a major university I don't think I could have made it.
Northeast is a family. Relationships with students and teachers are so easily made. There's so many things to do around campus that can help with nothing but success.
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I love northeast . I love how it's not too big and not too small. The campus is together and clean . The food is good , the school gives a variety of everything . One thing that could improve is dorms .
Small-town college with nothing much to do, but this school has dedicated teachers. The nursing program has a high number of graduates and the technical program graduates always have a job after college.
My experience at Northeast has been nice.
I really enjoyed my online classes.
I love my Phi Theta Kappa family.
They should do a little more to help the students.
I love the specific major I am now in after changing majors.
The school is very accepting and helpful to needing students.
Did not transfer any to NEMCC
I love my classes but I hate the fees that we pay that we do not even use the materials we have to buy.
Most all RNs are hired from the nursing program at Northeast because it is so competitive.
My class sizes are perfect. Basically just like my high school was.
I have learned alot. I am in the ADN program at Northeast. I cant wait to become a RN with the help of Northeast Mississippi Community College.
I love Northeast! they help me with anything I need. Of course the classes are hard, but the teachers are always helpful and willing to aid me in any way possible. I greatly recommend starting your career at NEMCC!!
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I would definitely go to Northeast again. All the faculty and staff are friendly and helpful. You should never be afraid to ask questions. Rather, asking for help is encouraged by staff and fellow students. All the keys to succeed are provided at Northeast.
It will be easy for me to transfer to another collage, because my advisor was very helpful in providing the necessary information to make it an easy process. The teachers I had were very considerate of obligations at home, sickness, death, etc. However, they strongly encouraged students to be in class and not miss more than necessary. If at all possible, excluding finals, teachers were flexible to assignment due dates providing there was a ligitamit cause, such as tech failures or being misinformed.
Professors are quick to reply to any questions or concerns the student may have. Northeast has partnered with McGrawhill Connect Plus which is a great site offering easy to use notes and study attempts that will not alter your grade. Registration is easy and only slightly more expensive than regular in class sessions. It is very helpful for commuters to take on campus classes at convenient times and the rest online.
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