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Northeast Iowa Community College - Calmar Reviews

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NICC was the best choice for me and the degree I wanted to graduate with. The professors are amazing. With it being a small campus it’s very easy to get to know your classmates.
Although the nursing program is not accredited, I enjoyed taking their Z-courses (or online classes)
I absolutely love it here. The instructors are great and there's always someone around to help. The school feels like an exciting community that I'm apart of. I used to have reservations about community colleges. I assumed they were of lesser quality but I was completely wrong. I'm getting so much more value for my money than I would at a university. I'm almost dreading transferring to a four-year college because I'm worried that I won't get the same amount of personal attention and resources as I do now.
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I like NICC because the instructors know their subjects and make understanding it easy for all types of learners. Also, the class sizes are small enough for the teachers to learn their students' names. It has many different trade courses and introductory classes that will transfer to four year colleges throughout Iowa and some Illinois and Wisconsin. However, they are restricted in the amount of higher science and math courses.
During my college visit, from the moment we walked in the doors it feels like home! NICC is a small, affordable college that has awesome staff!
I loved how I could get my degree online. It worked very well while working a full time job. I would recommend others to doing the same thing.
NICC is a small campus. It offers students the chance to find out what college live is about in a more comfortable setting. It’s more affordable than the large universities and credits are transferable to continue education.
I actually go to the Peosta campus technically. Their advisors are not very knowledgeable and they do not have very many programs for people who are not traditional students.
People are great, teachers are different, and the cafe is spacious. You will have that one teacher that gets on your nerves but other than that the teachers are a good different. Students are nice and they understand so no judgment along with help.
Great college. Professors are awesome, will work with you. I’m in the nursing and it’s a great experience. They really try to expose us to a lot of different things.
This college is the perfect option after high school. It is the perfect size and the teachers are very helpful and great!
All class times worked out really well with being over an hour away from home.
All courses were great and the work load was easy to handle most days.
My school worked well with me when wanting to transfer my credits to another school. It was a very simple process with no issues at all.
All courses went well for me this past school year.
All of my classmates and myself had many options to having the chance to apply for jobs before we were finished with school and now over half of us half jobs in the desired fields.
My teachers did a wonderful job when help was needed and they always went the extra mile when they thought it was necessary for us to learn more helpful information.
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I highly recommend it as a school, I had a great first year with stellar grades and graduated with honors.
Class sizes are less than 30 students.
NICC is well known for the nursing program. They have a high passing rate for boards.
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