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I like the simplicity of this place, I like how people are gentle, kind and always ready to help someone else. Buildings are new and efficient and the academic programs are valid. I like the atmosphere that is around here, there are not a lot of things to do in Norfolk but the size of the college makes easier to create a good group of friends that it plays an essential rule to live the college life.
I enjoyed my time there. I made some great friends there. The class sizes are small and the professors know your name.
Northeast Community College has a beautiful campus. The campus looks very modern, clean, and well put together. There is such a positive environment on campus every time I visit.
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I really enjoyed the professors and the fact that they taught by experience not just by what they were taught. They live their no. For the most part.
I attended NECC at the College Campus Center in South Sioux City, NE. It is a fantastic campus with tons of programs to do. I love the collaboration with Wayne State University that allows students to receive degrees from Wayne through this campus.
I love how Northeast Community College offers so many opportunities for many of their students. All of the professors really get to know their students and want them to do well. The campus is smaller which I really like because it feels like my home.
I love the small campus atmosphere here at northeast! All my professors have been willing and able to work with me one on one. It is also very affordable, which is a huge plus considering anyones financial situations.
Overall I would say it is a nice college. They could be friendlier when trying to figure out admissions but just gotta find the right person and it's a breeze.
I liked the diversity and what the professors the most. It is a great school for being a community college. The nursing program is one of the best in the area. Lots of great memories from there
Northeast has been great. The professors are constantly willing to work with you and you know almost everyone or at least see a familiar face around campus from classes because it's a small campus.
I like the campus itself. It is really nice. I've like my teachers. I think the food is really good. And I hear that the dorms are nice.
Northeast is such a friendly environment. I grew up in Wayne, NE, not far from Norfolk, and I love that it feels like home. Each and every staff member and employee of Northeast wants to see you succeed and I feel that each member I came in contact with helped me to the best of their knowledge and genuinely wanted to see me succeed. I currently live in the dorms and the Student Activities Board is awesome about getting students involved even if you live off campus. I was lucky enough to be paired with roommates that I can truly say will be lifelong friends of mine. Northeast is overall just a great experience and I have no doubt in my mind that, if given the choice, I would choose Northeast again.
I like that every week their is an activity or their is always something to do. The teachers do their job. I have learned a lot while attending Northeast Community College. The students are very polite.
Dear God do not go here. It is so boring and the professors are unfair and don't give students an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Collaboration between students is non existent. The atmosphere of this this school is like a glorified high school. If it's your last resort go here, but I wouldn't if you have other options.
There are lots of professors and different class options. All the staff, from cafeteria to front desk workers, are very willing to help.
I am currently a nursing student at Northeast Community College. I started going to college here in 2012. I am currently in my second year of nursing school. I am working towards my RN. I plan on obtaining my BSN. I have had a great experience at NECC. All of the faculty and employees have gone above and beyond to help students succeed. I have had a lot of financial struggles and family issues since I started college, and my instructors have directed me to resources that could help me. I have loved going to this community college, and would recommend it to anyone.
I enjoyed my time at Northeast. I will be graduating in December hoping to transfer to Bryan College of Health Science in Lincoln NE. While at Northeast I played volleyball and was apart of the RASA team. My overall experience was good and there isn’t anything I would change.
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Northeast is a great college for all kinds if people whether you're shy or outgoing, you'll find people who will always bring out the best in you. All the programs at northeast are amazing along with great teachers who really care about your future and they're determined to see you succeed. Northeast is full of fun leadership groups for students such as Student Activities Council (SAC) and Student Government Association (SGA).
I went to Northeast Community College for a college visit several months ago. The professors were very nice. I also like how clean the environment when you enter the campus.
It is a nice college and the staff is willing to help the best they can. The food is not so great there and sometimes the selection is limited. Some of the teachers can be more strict and less understanding of situations.
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