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I absolutely loved my experience at NCC! Academics and Community are the two top best things about it. The classes were challenging, engaging, and informative; I sometimes think it would be a good idea to go back and do the whole four years all over again, not because I didn't learn much, but because there was so much to learn that I couldn't take it all in the first time! And I couldn't have asked for a more tight-knit and supportive community; I made so many friendships there that are sure to last for years to come!
As a freshman at NCC, I highly recommend this college. The curriculum really give you a firm grounding in Christian and Western thought and the Socratic method of teaching really helps one to not only fully understand the material but also to think deeply and to overall improve his or her interpersonal skills. While class sizes are small, one really gets to know one's classmates and quickly develops strong friendships. There is daily Mass, rosary, morning prayer, and night prayer, and Eucharistic chapels are located in all the dorms. The area is very beautiful, and one is within walking distance from the center Warner, where one has access to restaurants, a bookstore, an ice cream shop, and a cafe. Shuttles are also readily available for those who would like to leave campus, and both on and off-campus events are frequent.
I love the fact that the campus is situated in the woods away from the noise of civilization. It allows for a great ability to contemplate life, your studies, etc. Yet the campus is close to Boston and lots of other places where there are opportunities to be active.
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Overall this was one of the worst experiences of my life. It taught me a lot, but it wasn't worth it in the end. For one, the admissions team will deceive you as much as they can just to get you to commit. If you want to go to a school that has no wifi in the dorms, wants you to scrub floors and clean toilets (because there isn't a maintenance team to maintain the school it's all student led) and work in the student run kitchen that feeds everyone. This school is not accredited and they will tell you that they are "in the process of accreditation" which means nothing if you want to transfer.There is a curfew that all students have to honor. This isn't a place that allows for someone to flourish as an adult. The students that go here are very sheltered and enjoy being treated like children. This is a high school- like environment and I wouldn't wish this place on my worst enemy. Save your money because there are so many better places to get a degree
I would say my college searching experience was rather average. I applied to two colleges of which I really enjoyed thoroughly. The college I accepted to attend this this Fall has an excellent student life and is exactly what I'm looking for.
The College of St. Mary Magdalen, now Northeast Catholic College, is one of the few remaining establishments that accurately represents church teachings. The curriclum is outstanding, full of challenging ideologies that promotes inquisitive thinking. The professors are also extremely personal and helpful, along with being qualified. The student body is small, but that makes us a family. Everyone here is eager to meet other people, and they are always there for you when you need them. Not to mention the amazing staff that's willing to provide for you in any way you need. This was not my first choice originally, but after choosing it, I can't imagine being anywhere else.
Overall, I would have to say that this school is one of the best places I could be right now. It's so small that I interact with nearly everyone on campus every week. I meet similar and dissimilar types, and the close community helps me to get along with all of them, rather like a small town. There is solitude if I need it for serious study, but there are also people to hang out with, discussing philosophy or swapping stories. There is a lot of work to do, but through the College of St. Mary Magdalen, I have come to appreciate a proper balance of mental and physical work.
The college is fairly strict, but I think that it is helpful, especially with the large amount of homework and classwork that is required.
CSMM teaches the liberal arts through the Socratic method. Basically, what this means is that the students are constantly seeking truth in class group discussions. The professors assign readings that encourage deep thinking and philosophical discussion during class. It is a wonderfully active way to learn truth.
The facilities here are really nice and clean. The lounge is an awesome place to hang out, there is a spacious gym where students roller skate, play tennis and basketball and a library. There is also a good soccer field outside the multi-purpose building. There are several clubs to join as well as daily student activities, so there is not a lack of things to do.
There isn't much parking available on campus, but that is because most of the students don't have cars. Practically everyone lives on campus so there is very little need to own a car. However, if a student wishes to bring their car, they can park in the small lot behind the multi-purpose building. It isn't large but, at least, it is fairly cheap to get a parking permit here.
The girls here are really friendly and nice. They are always willing to help someone out with their homework and spend time with someone who might be going through a tough time. The girls are also modest and womanly. The guys are true gentlemen and most of them are not shy about helping out. All the girls and guys come from different parts of the country so there is a fairly wide range of accents and cultural backgrounds, even though the school is small.
I found the local atmosphere peaceful, which was helpful with a schedule of 20 credit hours. The people here are very relaxed, in contrast to the program, which is very difficult. There are not many local attractions, even for those who walk 40 min. down the mountain to Warner, but there are occasional college outings for skiing, skating, art museums, or just the Concord Walmart. I liked it, but then, I enjoyed the homework, so I didn't need many other sources of entertainment.
I love the program at The College of St. Mary Magdalen! It's not specialized, like a trade or technical school, but it is very well-balanced. Now, many might consider a liberal arts school to be an intellectual scramble where professors argue and confuse their students into broad-mindedness. The College of St. Mary Magdalen, however, actually helps guide their students to the pursuit of truth, so that the students learn not only how to think logically and argue persuasively, but how to live in a way that demonstrates the truth of their convictions. This college's program is not about getting a good job: it's about living well.
There are not many computers at Magdalen, but they are only needed for printing or sometimes writing papers. They are neither new nor fast, but they get the job done. I always use my computer to write papers, and I use the WiFi for internet. I would advise you to bring a computer if you can because it's just faster and more convenient, which can be a big help during crunch time.
They Were All Super Easy – The scholarships offered at the college are so easy to apply for. The faculty and staff are more than willing to work with anyone who needs help. They have a lot of financial aid available.
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