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I dual-enrolled my junior year at Northeast. I was treated just the same as any other college student, was met with a friendly community and amazing teachers, and nice, clean places to sit, eat, hang out, and be entertained. Northeast is an amazing community college that deserves recognition for its thoughtful staff and exceptional students.
As a freshman, I find NACC very accommodating to it's students in providing various student activities such as study skills sessions and extracurriculars. The staff is very friendly in giving support and help to the students working to obtain a higher education. The professors are actively asking for input from their students in order to help the students learn in the classrooms. The use of vending machines are great for both the staff and students witth little time in between classes or work. Overall, I am very pleased with the set up of the campus, it's workers, and the environment.
Everyone from admissions to teachers have been very helpful and accommodating.That means a great deal coming from an older woman like myself entering back into the world of education.
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Northeast Alabama Community College is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is such a safe, affordable, fun college! I would have not chosen to go anywhere else. The small student to teacher ratio is perfect for one on one tutoring sessions and help. The free tutoring center is such a great thing for students! The tutors are extremely helpful and nice. The staff in general are a closely connected and extremely willing to talk and help all students. The campus is a very safe, fun, and wonderfully clean environment! NACC is very affordable and has wonderful scholarships and financial aid available to every student! Every program is well equipped with technology and correct text.I highly recommend Northeast Alabama Community College to everyone intending to further his/her education after high school/GED. I adore my school!
It's a nice community college. The professors and all of the faculty/staff are very friendly. The college seems to care if you pass or fail and give a lot of support to help you to succed if you need it.
Northeast is a really great college to do your basics and finish them out there, and there I nothing I would want to see change there,
Beautiful campus full of friendly people. The professors are caring and the options and opportunities available are endless. Located in a small town. Super safe environment. Great education at an affordable price. Also, NACC offers a lot of full-tuition scholarships.
I have enjoyed everything about NACC. The administration and teachers are all so helpful. The environment there is great and people are friendly and super helpful.
One has to put the effort forward to receive good grades. I really did not like them all that much, but I like in classes in class. Overall it was relatively straight forward about what you had to do.
I have not really had any bad experiences with courses or professors. The quality of the courses is go to class and put forth the effort of the grade you want into the class. The professors will help you and there are tutors available if you need them at no cost.
You do not really have specific classes designated for just a specific major, because this is a community college you have classes with other majors. The workload and the curriculum are not bad at all. The facilities are good some buildings are older, but they are working on renovation. Some professors could be better about being on time, not canceling class because they put your class behind schedule.
Northeast Alabama Community College is a great college. The atmosphere is very friendly and the professors will help you with anything you need. The downside is that some of the advisors could be better, just make sure to have a stars guide if you are planning on transferring after your two years. Overall it is a great college to jump-start your future.
As long as you keep up then it's fine. Very easy to get behind.
I haven't used them, people who have have not complained.
The professors will go out of their way to help you if you ask.
The degree will largely be used to get you into a university unless you're a nursing major.
Professors are helpful, it's more highschool like than a university.
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Everyone on the staff cares about the students. Professors will go out of their way help you succeed
It's a great school! I enjoy attending classes their and everyone is friendly!
NACC is close to home, good environment.
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