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It has been a pleasure so far. Northcentral University has helped develop my leadership and project management skills greatly.
As a doctoral candidate I am working while attending to online classes. The work is satisfying and comprehensive to the field I am engaged in. Some professors provide very in depth explanations while others seem to to do paper evaluations just to get them out of the way. All in all it is a strict school with deadlines and assistance to manage its rigorous curriculum.
At Northcentral University everyone is supported by faculty and peers. Feedback comes daily your instructors. You have up to one week to submit your assignments. If you need assistance at any time, there is always someone available. Your program is outlined for you up to 7 classes including your specialization.
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Northcentral University offers exceptional programs with the convenience of distance learning. Students are paired 1:1 with doctoral mentors who guide them every step of the program.
This one the best time of my life of attending Northcentral University of pursuing my MBA degree online. All my professors and my advisor are awesome! Each one of my professors takes the time out and willing to help me by phone or email of each assignments.
My academic counselor was exceptional in supporting me in my planning for my degree program. The only thing that I would change about them is the response rate in follow-up from the financial aid department.
I like attending Northcentral University. The work is challenging, but I do it all from home. There is never any on-campus meetings, so I never have to travel. There are hardly any universities offering online doctoral programs that are accredited. But don't be fooled, the work is challenging and you must be self motivated to complete each course. Every student should be prepared to spend a lot of time reading, researching, and even more time writing. Completion dates are assigned and you are expected to meet them, it's not self-paced. The cost is also higher than attending a traditional university, but that's the trade-off for not having to attend class.
It was very flexible for my busy schedule. The online professors are very helpful and encouraging. I did better than I thought for I am not the one that likes to take online courses, yet Northcentral made it easier for me to enjoy my own topic of interest as well as the feedbacks I received from the professors who have helped me through the journey.
I have come across caring and supportive professors that makes the educational journey motivating. Is very intense, challenging and at times is a violation of my expectations the courses' assignment but with self-motivation and determination it can be done.
The experience has been rewarding. My advisors remain in contact concerning my progress and available for assistance. My academic instructors are knowledgeable of the subjects and available when needed.
I am currently finishing up my 2nd course in an online Masters program in Health Psychology through this school and have really enjoyed it so far. I have had the same professor, Nan Zingrone, for both courses and really appreciate her style! She has been very helpful, gives great feedback, and is an amazing communicator. I do wish that there was a cohort feel, since this is a self-pace program, but I realize that that is the reality of online programs.
Impressive with the flexibility to be highly educated while managing family and a career.
I like to take classes online
The advisors are very helpful
I am learning a lot of new things.
The advisors, teachers and resources are very helpful.
It gives me work/life balance.

They are independent mostly so one has to be self sufficient.

Workload sometimes heavy, but manageable.
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material was relevant.

Professors were helpful and patient
Work life balance/ I was able to find an internship that worked for my schedule & life.

Staff is engaged with the students. There are all kinds of forums.
Program takes commitment, nothing easy about a PhD

Curriculum is thorough

flexibility of going online at your leisure for each weekly assignment
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