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I like that NTC is still affordable and all my classes are in one area. I do not have to stress about paying my tuition in the future. My professors and classmates are all very kind; This makes is easier to ask my professors question and easier to work with those around me. Also, NTC has a variety of resources that make it easy to reach out and succeed.
I visited Northcentral Technical College for a career fair. I was able to see many programs that they offer. They offered many majors and classes that interested me. The campus was very beautiful and a very friendly environment. Professors at the college are very helpful and full of information. The students and professors there are very nice as well.
As a high school student taking courses through NTC, they were very helpful in helping me through any problems I endured. It’s a smaller campus which is a perfect fit for me and I loved all my professors!
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Every one is so helpful and so supportive. I had great experiences on the main campus as well as the regional campuses. They have great online classes and I love the flipped classes. I'm very satisfied with North Central Technical College and I am looking forward to to continuing my education with NTC.
Financial aid office refuse to release funds, cancel student loans without warning, and lie directly about how to reinstate student loans. They told me over the phone my loan would be reinstated if I took 2 more credits for the semester. Then after enrolling in more classes and spending money set aside for bill's on books ($300) , they still refuse to reinstate loan. Now I'm getting charged late fees with school and insufficient fund charges from my bank.
Thing that I like about North central Technical college was that how much money you can save. North Central Technical college staff are really helpful and always there to support anyone who need help with or being struggle with work and there personal life.
I love the instructors and staff, they really know how to make you feel comfortable when in need of help or assistance. I have a very well connection with most of my instructors here and in fact, I am an assistant for one of my instructors for a prestige course.
The disabilities office was not helpful when it came to the text reader software program. The college launched a new program the week school began, which was very poor planning. Many of my classmates and I fell behind right away the first few weeks and it took a lot to catch up. The IT dept wasn't a help either. Finally a friend helped me figure it out and I shared the "fix" with other students. Teachers are great, helpful and understanding. Im going for an Assoc Degree, so I will be here another full year.
Small class sizes are great for personalized learning! NTC offers up to date technology that is constantly improving. The teachers and other staff try to help in any way that they can, and are very accommodating to individual needs. There are so many degree and certificate options to choose from with overlapping requirements that makes switching degrees a fairly easy option. The tuition is also very low, making it an affordable place to start or finish your degree.
Northcentral Technical College (NTC) was a good environment to go to. I always stay after to do my homework/assignment because it is peaceful in the student lounge and the library. This year NTC is still working on having a dorm which is good because some students lives an hour or more away. For me, I only live 15 to 20 minutes away, so it was not a problem at all.
Everyone that is employed by the school is willing to help u succeed. From the president al the way to the janitors. Everyone is willing to help the best they can
I have had great experiences with the college. They are very accommodating and always looking to help you out the best that they can. I would recommend this college to anyone.
I would like to see more involvement/ activities for the outlying campuses. I have had a better experience so far in me second year at a bigger campus, but on outlying campuses it is very difficult to make friends and to get involved. Taking classes over ITV can often feel like you are watching TV, which can sometimes be boring. That also depends a lot on the teacher and if they are making an effort to involve all students. Overall I have had mostly really good teachers, good support when I seek it, and a fairly positive overall experience.
NTC is a great school. They have so many trade-based programs. They also offer a lot of programs otherwise not found in my area. I am currently in the Vet Science, Dairy Science, Ag Business programs and love them. The teachers are amazing and know so much. NTC is a great choice with great academics and an amazing price!!!
The instructors are very helpful and willing to make the class work around your work schedule .
Some of my credits transfer, it was easy to understand using the online transfer tool.
Availability of each course works well with my schedule.
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They have online services set up to help you transfer to new schools.
Classes offered and availability are excellent. Signing up was very easy.
They called me to make sure I had everything I needed and that I wasn't going into classes I would fail at.
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