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Northampton community college is a very good starting point for those who either have a poor economic standing or are undecided
I enjoyed NCC. The tuition is so much more affordable than a state college and/or university. I have never lived on campus so I cannot speak for housing, but I do know their food is pretty good. Most of the professors are amazing, but as with any place you go, there are a few bad apples in the bunch. Advisors are extremely helpful too! There are a lot of activities around campus and never truly a time or reason to be bored.
I like that Northampton Community College is affordable and offers a variety of majors, courses, and program to jump start your career. I would like to see some of the courses offered in the morning offered in the evenings for those who can not take morning courses due to personal circumstances.
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My experience with Northampton is good. Everybody is friendly and helpful the professors are very nice and help students with whatever they may need help in.
I love this school so far. The atmosphere is invigorating. The staff is like a breath of fresh air so far and I’m really looking forward to continuing my educational experience here!
I honestly love Northampton's campus and classes. It is small enough to not get lost and everything is easy to find. I am currently still attending this college. I am in their Early Childhood Education Program. It is an amazing program and the amount of things that I am learning is amazing. They get into every little detail, which is great because you need to know all of this information if you plan to work with young children. Northampton, also, gives you the beginning of your college experience. It gives you the foundation to move onto a four year college.
Very good college. The teachers there are very cooperative. Coming from a military background, my experience was very smooth since they were all able to cooperate with my schedule and when I had to miss class because of this. One thing that I don't like about the campus is their online registration website. Everything there is way too extra and complex, more than it needs to be. Every time I had to register, it would always give me headaches and stress since there was so many things we had to manually do and would consume too much time. Although the classes are pretty cheap being a community college, the food there isn't. Paying for food every day really adds up. Not to mention the transportation fees some people have to make living outside campus.
I attended this college on campus and online and both were very good. Professors are very helpful and accommodating in my experience here. Good night class availability for adults who work during the day.
I love Northampton. Its a small school with a great community feel! There is a lot of opportunity for growth. You can get an associates degree or transfer to another school for a 4 year degree. Most of their classes transfer as well and they are partnered with East Stroudsburg University!
When i went to visit Northampton i was impressed by the environment and the way the school was set up; However, the staff are very helpful and solve your problems with ease. I would recommend this school to others who are looking for a good college to go too.
So far good, teachers lack the knowledge that students work or get sick. But the councillor therenreally help you and work with you which makes the stress less compared to other schools I've been too
So far, so good. There seem to be a majority of very studious people, and everyone is very helpful as well as kind and pleasant. These people go out of their way to help you succeed.
Northampton Community College is a great taste of life. Great on showing you where how life is going to be 10 years from now this college show you steps to succeed and all you have to do is follow them.
They are very versatile. They work with you and prepare you for a four year school. Professors work hard to help you with your courses.
Ncc is one of the best community colleges in the nation. The college is very affordable and even offers 4-year programs. Some of the professors have been extremely helpful during my time here and made the transition to a four-year school easier when I decided to transfer.
Northampton is different it is an community college that has dorms. You get to meet people. There are events and or activities that you can go and do with everyone from the college.
I loved the staff that I worked with, as well as the majority of the professors that I had. The dorms were awesome as well. I highly recommend this college to anyone looking to continue their education while not breaking the bank.
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I'm starting my first year at Northampton community college this fall. By I have taken many tours and been there on my own to see the college. There was much diversity of the students, the dorms were spacious, this campus was beautiful and not to big. The student life was amazing everyone was nice and helpful. The professors knew the students names and to me that was important. It was safe and it helped me make my choice.
I absolutely loved my time at Northampton. Almost every single professor I had showed high levels of knowledge and passion for their subject matter, and they all exhibited empathy and care for their students' well being.
Though Northampton is only a community college, I learned so much and matured greatly through my two years spent there.
At first I was skeptical of going to a community college first, but Northampton Community College was a great choice. I saved money my first two years of college, the campus was clean and sufficient when compared to a university, the professors were well respected, and there were many resources such as excellent tutoring resources.
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