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North-West College - West Covina Reviews

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Great atmosphere. Everyone was helpful from day one Admission, the staff was welcoming and friendly. I had been out of school for many years and North-West College was a life changing experience. If your thinking of going back to school contact North-West college.
North-west college is a great school versy supportive. The teachers are very knowledgeable and it shows during class they are very patient and help until you understand. I would recommend this school to family and friends.
North West College is overall a really great college due to its diversity, engaging instructors, insightful lectures and helpful main office assistance/ financial aid. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone interested in working in the medical field.
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Run away. There are no annual reviews and no pay raises. They will do anything to keep butts in the seats. It's for profit need I say more. The president is more concerned about bragging about his trips during his town hall meetings and how him and his kids scuba dive and that's his nirvana! Really?? I thought town hall meetings were about real issues that affect people. We want to have our nirvana's too Mitchell but we can't with no pay increases! Get a clue and quit terminating the good people and keep the idiots that are afraid to stand up to you.
Helps you learn hand experience
i love the school , small classes and great teachers
the student libraries are great they give use a greater chance in expanding our knowledge
The school does its best to provide students with the best working enviroment.
I hope to come back to get my lvn certificate.
Every staff member is very helpful, they helped me get back into school with no problems.
Love the school, I wouldnt change it for a different one.
I originally went to Newbridge College and it got bought out by North-West College, West Covina. We are currently in a teach out and I am currently on my externship at St Francis Medical Center. I live in Long Beach and have to commute everyday there and back, I was working seasonal at Gamestop in the Lakewood Mall. I'm searching for a new job, but it is very difficult with my extern schedule.
there are many opportunities with this school, and the education with it is great
the workload is large and always keeps me on my toes
its very expensive, but my family is having a hard time keeping up with it
everyone in my school seems to be there for all the right reasons and are a great influence
The LVN program at North-West College is accelerated so their isn't much flexibility when it comes to when you have to attend clinical days or theory days. Anything you miss, you must make up. They don't have any "excused absences" at this school, if you are not in class regardless of the situation you are marked as an Absent student who will need to make up the time and information that they missed.
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Some of the students act very immature for their age, they are adults but still can not grasp the concept of when the teacher is talking, then they should be listening. Other than speaking over the teacher, the students are very accepting and encourage one another to do their best.
The SOS class is very diverse because they only select the ones who have done well in S.O.S to move forward. Not everyone is allow to the terms for the fact if they fail to come in terms with classes in S.O.S. I am a fulltime employee so even I struggle to maintain my scheduling with work and school and it becomes a hassle if there isnt an agreement with my manager and my teachers. There isnt much of a priority to make friends in the classroom when everyone is competing to grasp a hold of what you are striving for too.
The course gives you all the education required as well as the proper timelines. All the financial went directly toward tuition. north west college assisted me in filling out the financial aid forms and that was very helpfully!
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