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All you have to do is google north west college is a scam and you'll see this is a terrible school that has ruined a lot of young people's lives. Even worse put their families in debt, $25,000 per student on average. 87% of their funding comes from tax payer dollars and they're allowed to hurt people like this?? Report them to the Attorney General Javier Beccera and the FBI for an investigation and apply for Borrower's Defense Discharge. Riverside City College is a much more affordable and well recognized institution than North-West College is. Don't waste your time or your money if you can help it.
the campus is very small but inviting its not like your typical college campus there is more one on one time for the professor and student.
I love this school! Teachers and classmates are great so far! It’s a lot of information to take at first but you get used to it. Everyone helps and supports each other out and even help finding jobs for you.
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my school is unique, I love the help that I received when going back to school was very challenging . they do not leave any student behind , if you are willing to do the work and be truly committed, they will support you 100%
It was ok, a lot of self teaching. Some instructors are good. They seem to have a high turnover on instructors. Beware.
They are helpful study tool
Some instructors are bad at trying to explain a curriculum
I hope it gets better sooner than later
Be your own success counselor.
Something I thought was unique was that the school offers complimentary drinks and food for the students while attending.
I never transferred credit and most likely will not but overall the classroom is hassle free and I enjoy every aspect of it!
I do like online courses but the traditional classroom experience is better because you have a lot more hands on experience rather than just reading off the internet.
The only fee I thought was unnecessary was the registration fee of one hundred dollars.
Everyone is so friendly! everyone works with eachother and there is lots of communication.
I love the staff they are very welcoming! I also like that they do evaluation test before putting someone into a program.
I do like the accelerated course, although it can be somewhat overwhelming. I spoke to my instructors who have given me suggestions and helped in this dilemma. Overall, I truly have no complaints and am enjoying my time here along with receiving a great education.
The schedule was already set, which is the morning, something of which I knew. I was fortunately enough to be able to switch my work schedule, etc., to be able to accommodate my school schedule.
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We have a variety of students from different enthicities, ages, etc. Very encouraging to see this.
I am in an accelerated program and with working, it all can be overwhelming, but I am determined to finish this. Our instructors understand this and have helped in the past with time management.
As a potential surgical technologist, we prepare for surgery and more importantly follow all aspetic measures. Our instructors are preparing us for the worse case scenario out in the real world, which will enable us students to be prepared for such events should they occur.
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