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The school has been super helpful with my transition into college. I took a year off from school and decided to come back. They have treated me wondefully and have made me truly excited to come and join their school.
North Shore has a diverse campus in both thought and people. The professors there are all very caring and understanding. They also have much to give in the way of helping their students learn. I have learned so much about myself and the path in which I want to take my life in. The school helps in creating independent people; so that they are able to stand on their own two feet and speak out on what they believe and have an intelligent conversation with those of differing opinion.
North Shore is a great Community College to help prepare you for either transferring to a four year school to further your education or get you ready to work in the real world.
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Got accepted to star this September 2017. Look o king forward to a start of new career in Graphic Design. College is closed to home and affordable!
I have spent a little under two years at North Shore Community College. I love everything about the college. I have always worked full-time, and this school has allowed me to work and be a full-time student. The flexible schedule of day, night, and online classes help me balance work and school. The teachers at North Shore Community College are also very helped. I have learned so much from my time at the college.
The staff are great they understand that everyone here has pretty much the same story of working full time and going to school.
North shore is a great place if your not sure what you want to do for the rest of your life. The are great at guiding you to your career goals
Sometimes there is only one class offered for a subject. Its hard to work classes into an already full-time schedule.
I love taking online classes. The schedule is very flexible and the programs are very easy to understand. The professors are always available to answer questions when I need help.
I know that my school offers career services for the rest of my life. I have found a great part-time job thanks to one of the professors at my school.
Majority of my professors have been amazing. They have taught me so much within the first year. I have only come across one problem with an advisor and that was a misunderstanding and we worked it out in the end.
The teachers really get you motivated to do good. Jumping into my internship after my first year opened my eyes to a better world.
As an administrative major I am learning new computer skills that I didn't have before. The workload is a lot but I like a good challenge.
My favorite experience is my internship. My professor really made me feel confident about how much of a hard worker I am. I would recommend this school to others because the staff support is amazing.
This school has given me no issues. I'm grateful I transferred here. It was the best decision for me due to my personal life.
The online service courses are very good. They do their best to apply to each student. Everyone has their own opionions on online classes though. I personally like them for the convenience.
This school is very straight forward. The school is there to guide us into our futures, and NSCC does a great job fulfilling each students needs as they go through their journey.
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Professors work for their students. The class sizes are small so each student receives full attention. There are a wide variety of courses that can be selected from.
The professors are great, very helpful and informative! They know what they are talking about when they teach you!
This school is great for getting started and figuring out what you want to do for a career! It has a wide range of classes to choose from that benefit everyone's needs!
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