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Love the diversity at this community college. Professors I interacted with were all very knowledgeable and professional. Loved the coursework as well.
North is great about focusing on student success. Advisors and instructors are all more than willing to answer questions and give any advice students need. The community is warm and inviting and there are endless resources available to help students along their path toward whatever goal they are chasing.
Teachers at North Seattle are very helpful in assisting students in their education, they appreciate hard work. North Seattle also provides many facilities to accommodate their students like, a gym, computers all over campus, a tutoring center, a library, a bookstore, etc. These little things help students in their academic performance because they are convenient.
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North Seattle College is a great School. Registering for classes is easy and user friendly. The teachers are approachable and helpful. The cafeteria is nice and getting healthier every quarter and the parking as well as the public transportation is amazing!
good school staff are amazing, all the instructors are very helpful and spend a lot of time helping student who needs extra help. so happy i attended North Seattle college .
North is a fantastic option for someone in my field of study (Early Childhood Education) as it is where the Early Achievers scholarship stems from. By already working with children, my tuition and books are completely covered. By far that was my hardest hurdle in getting back into school, and North saved me from student loans. They also offer a bachelor degree in my study, and that was the ultimate decision of my choice to stay there. Because of this, I can stay within the same circulation of instructors and will be able to be in a cohort of students I've known throughout my studies.
I really enjoyed this college. I spent several years here taking math and science classes. The classes are small sizes, which allow for better means do learning and connecting with other students and the teacher. The faculty truly care about your education and help the best they can you make you be successful.
I really enjoyed attending North Seattle College, it was close to my house but in a very convenient location. The campus was set up as more of an outside campus, if the spring and summer, it was nice to step right out of the classroom into the outside sun and air. The teachers and students I met during my 2 years there were very friendly and attentive. I never had an issue getting my questions answered from any source.
I have mostly taken online programs at NSC, but so far most of them have been quite good (the exception being the economics professor; he's horrible). It seems like the overall quality of the courses is quite high and the costs are reasonable.
The vibe at North Seattle college is great. The teachers and the advisors are there to help you and they want you to succeed. The classes are fascinating and are useful to me outside of school. I would recommend going here!
I've had a great experience at North! The faculty is great and always there to help when needed. The counselors are available on drop in basis and the financial aid department has been SO helpful. I've been pretty happy here and will be sad when I transfer to University.
I love the small class sizes. It's nice when professors can pick students out of the classroom by name and say hi to you when you pass them in the hallways. I can say that I've had great professors here at North, and they truly do care about every student as long as you are willing to try hard in their classes. A lot of them have had a lot of workplace experience, which is really helpful in helping you to understand how the material applies to the real world. A lot of my professors give examples in their classes regarding other disciplines, too, which helps to learn the material.
Since North Seattle has limited Bachelor's degrees offered, it is hard to say what the job prospects are like for students pursuing a 4-year degree. What they do have are a fair amount of Associate's degrees offered, all of which are rated highly. Also, Job Fairs take place frequently on campus, and internships informational meetings and workshops pop up every so often as well. North Seattle wants to help students succeed in any way that they can, even if that means getting you ready to transfer to another school.
North Seattle college often tailors their curriculum to the University of Washington's depending on the class, so it is fast-paced and challenging but manageable. I am a Computer Science student here and love how much attention I can get from the small class sizes, and can say that all of my professors have been really helpful and knowledgeable. A good amount of homework is given for every class, and the teachers expect you to do it and spend a fair amount of time doing so. But if you do, you will learn a lot and be ready to transfer to a 4-year program. Also, North Seattle encourages students to get internships while there, and have programs to give you school credits for doing so.
North Seattle is great. The teachers really care about the student's needs, and try to make sure everyone understands the material even outside of class time. There are a variety of students that go here including International, Running Start, Continuing Education, Traditional, etc., and the diversity is great. Also, classes are offered during most hours of the day, so you can really tailor your schedule to your needs.
Classes intended for working schedules, very helpful for me and my full time working schedule. No need to transfer credits. Easy interactions with everyone.
I have yet to take advantage of these services but I know the school offers these services.
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Professors are knowledgeable and helpful in making sure all students are learning, and class sizes have been small.
The program I am pursuing is very applicable to the career change I am reaching for, accommodates working schedules, reasonable workload, relevant curriculum, and easy access to professors.
My school has served my needs very well; flexible classes for working schedule, excellent amenities and services. For my career goals have been greatly helped by the options at this school.
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