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I love my school it's very diverse and professors have respect for their students!! The campus if beautiful and clean I feel safe ok n campus.
Its been fun and I met the girl that I want to marry here which is amazing, but the professors here are just okay.
North Park University is highly diverse, good with academics and athletics. it's a good place to study for further education.
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North Park is a great enviornment, most people on campus are extremely kind and helpful. My favorite place on campus? Brandel Library! As an UG student you have access to our Writing center and may loan out a laptop if you were to forget yours at home.
I recently transferred to this school and so far have been treated the most respect I've ever received at a school. Everyone is helpful, the campus itself is astounding. The courses given are informative and have a wide range of diversity. Although Tuition is high, it's totally worth it.
I liked North Park because it was Christian and comprehensive. It had a small campus and a big spiritual life. I got to try the campus for free for six months. I liked the sports teams and the library. They have good food and student support. I like the Christian friends I meet along the way. I wish they could lower the tuition al little.
I really love North Park University, I love the fact that they are willing to help you in whatever way possible to stay in school. I love the diversity in the people and in the culture. When you walk in campus you feel like your part of the diversity and culture and there are always events going around campus. I love the teachers, they are there to help you in any way possible to succeed in their classes.
North Park allow student athletes like my self to combine athletics with a major in Athletic Training. This is an unique opportunity that few other colleges can offer.
North Park University is a really great campus to get your college education. It is full of the latest technology and is full of diversity. I feel these are what makes this university so unique! The professors are extremely caring and are always willing to help out if needed. It is located in Chicago which is definitely a plus. There are so many things to learn about and explore in this big city. The people are truly amazing and this makes my college experience so rewarding. The opportunities are endless. North Park is located near the home of the Chicago Cubs! It was an awesome feeling to be part of the World Series 2016! I am only a sophomore at North Park, and I hope I am given the opportunity to graduate from here. The tuition is very expensive for me, but I'm trying my best to get really good grades and apply for available scholarships.
North Park admissions did a great job at welcoming me as a transfer student. I have really enjoyed both the education and English programs. Since North Park is located in such a diverse area our campus is not only diverse, but my field experience for teaching has been incredibly diverse and extremely preparatory for my future. It is also nice that it is not right downtown Chicago but very accessible to it.
Does not know how to handle sexual assault cases, survivors' safety, rapist punishment, or false claims.
in my years of being at NPU, i thought they could have been a lot better. the staff was somewhat friendly but the only thing i really liked about
I must say the best part about North Park is the teachers and staff. All are always friendly and happy to assist with both financial aid and academical problems. The staff is always welcoming and happy to meet with students during business hours for extra support and to answer any questions.
I love North Park. I am a current Junior at the University and North Park has given me so many opportunities for me to grow as a future educator. The professors are so great and really attempt to reach out as a supporter of you, as well as your professor.
It feels like home away from home! I find myself calling it "home" when I'm back in my hometown! Something about being able to live in a Christian environment that allows me to thrive in different leadership opportunities and grow as a person while seeking out an educational desire is beyond refreshing.
As a freshman in college I was expecting for college to be a life changing experience. While attending NPU I realized how much I loved the campus and the people in the community. I love the fact that everyone is very friendly, accepting, and open. The campus as a whole is truly amazing, although I am only a freshman I have a bright future ahead of myself. NPU is the best for me because everyone really made me feel at home and were very welcoming. I also love that the campus is small and the fact that everyone is basically a family here. Even though I am only halfway through my first semester I've noticed that I have changed into a better, stronger, and wiser person. I believe that NPU has really had a positive impact on me because already the faculty I'm surrounded with have helped me so much and they are always wiling to make their students great.
The quality of the courses is great, I feel like I learn a lot of material every time I attend my classes.
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I feel extremely secure on campus, and I' sure many other students do as well. The school has many events that in which students attend, and we talk about health and safety. Heart and safety is and extremely important topic.
When it comes to sports, a lot of people at school love them. Many people here have school spirit. And even if you aren't involved in a sport, we have a gym area for students to workout and play sports, Theres a basketball court, a swimming court, and also a swimming pool.
I love this school more than I thought I would. I was a bit scared when I had to make a change from high school to college, but I love the experience at my school. There are so many buildings ad places in my school that I like. But although I have grown to like this school, as a commuter, I don't feel very included in all of the events. I wish they had more events for commuter students such as myself.
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