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Friendly faculty and staff members. Small lecture class size and faculties are always willing to help students. Great tutoring system including writing, math, science etc,. Great place to start your college life with lower tuition compared to four years university.
I really enjoy this campus and almost everyone I have encountered are great. There are a couple of things I would suggest when someone is out having a surgery and ends of failing there should be and easier way to get the classes taken off of record. I am now on probation and paying for classes which is really hard as a single mom.
This campus is beautiful and easy to navigate. The teacher are friendly and welcoming. The campus allows you to make friends easily. And the atmosphere is so quiet.
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After transferring to texas, i started studying at northlake college. Since then i really enjoy studying over here. The professors at this college are really kind and understanding. They are really friendly and try to help every students. The environment over here are quite fascinating. Overall i really like this college .
North Lake College was an overall average experience and your average community college. It has its downfalls like most schools, but other than that nice place to get basics out of the way. They do offer some amenities such as a pool, a small gym, and a golf course. Food on campus includes a Subway and multiple vending machines, but five minutes off campus there are some nice places to get quick food. The campus is easy to navigate, and you can easily get from point A to point B within five minutes. They also offer learning centers that provide tutors that can help with assignments.
I am trying to move to another school asap.
the advisor make you feel terrible for all the hard work you put . they don't really care about you here and they don't like to be flexible whit you or help at all. they actually give you classes that you don't need for your career and tell you . that you have to take them to go to there school. Waist of time .
Northlake is a small school with a lot of personality! There are people from all over the world that come to North Lake which leaves for a good mix of different cultures and spirit. Northlake has a really good student atmosphere which allows for students from all over the world to come and mingle. A lot of students are new to this area and are always looking to make new friends. If you want to save money but still get an education that will propel you forward, North Lake is the place to go.
The classes are pretty small, so getting one on one time with your professor is a choice to anyone who wants it.
I had really nice time at this college. We can find diversity over here which I liked most. All the professors and advisiors are very nice and cooperative. We can find good learning environment here.
North Lake College is a great, local, and convenient college to attend classes at. Although the campus is big, it is very easy to get around with the letter of the building located on the outside of each appropriate building. Parking is plentiful and the staff all seem to be friendly and courteous.
The professors are helpful and care about their students. Overall, they communicate well with their students and let them know what they need to do to get a passing grade. They also seem to have a passion for their subject, and when your professor likes their subject, it's easy to enjoy their class. Personally, I find that the professors are easy to talk to and willing to work with students when their workload inevitably becomes difficult to handle. However, I feel that the college could offer better advertisement for their clubs (such as, for example, Speech club.) I think it would encourage student involvement in leadership and community activities if they provided posters in the hallways on campus of the various clubs that students could participate in.
I have been taking online dual-credit classes at North Lake College. The teachers at North Lake College are kind and are always helpful. They are truly helpful with easing me into the college life to prepare myself for the future.
The professors really attempt to connect with individual student for their benefit; Although it is a community college, everyone tries to help one another and the fact that the campus is very diverse is comforting as a POC. The school is very sustainable to the point that the graduation robes are safe to the environment! Knowing that your school cares for the world as much as they care for you as an individual student, makes attending classes here feel like home.
North Lake lacks a strong student presence when it comes to clubs and organizations. The staff is really helpful during registration and all of the faculty is experienced, knowledgeable and most importantly kind.
Currently I am a student at North Lake College. The school has lots of diversity, and through school I get to experience and learn about student culture. I feel that going to North Lake has allowed me to become exposed to people of all religions and backgrounds. I would love it if North Lake would have more athletics or teams to join, because there are many talented people that might benefit from it. The school's supportive, and caring staff provide an educational and safe environment for students. Since North Lake is a two year college, they work hard to prepare their students for transferring to universities. They teach study skills, time management, and help students juggle classes, work, and family life. All professors I have had have been extremely helpful, supportive, and work to encourage you on your educational journey.
North lake is a school that is very challenging for a community college full of professors that truly care about their students. They have many resources to help you succeed such as free tutoring and learning labs. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good school to prepare them for a four year university.
When people hear community college they think it is the easy way out or just a step up from high school but North lake is very competitive in academics and definitely makes you work for your grade. The professors and very involved and care about the students and their education. One down side of it is that they need more professors to have more courses available for the number of students that are enrolled to give every student the opportunity to take courses needed.
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North Lake is a place full of helpful professors who are willing to go an extra mile to make sure that you pass their class with an average grade. The professors are very kind and will push back dates so you can have some extra time to upload assignments in time. The staff is very helpful with what ever help you need.
My experience with North Lake College has been excellent. The instructors and educational advisors are very involved with students. I like that there are a plethora of resources and student opportunities. One thing I would change is the financial aid and IT representatives becoming more resourceful for students, and having more training on student interaction.
My experience as a freshman in college has been great so far. I've only done one semester but I have had a great experience with the professors I've had. Although I have heard some of my peers experience with certain other professors isn't great, so I can't guarantee my experience for everyone. One thing I would like to be better is have a mandatory survey on the professors for students so they can express their honest thoughts. On a separate note, there could be more of a selection in food other than Subway.
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