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Currently I am a student at North Lake College. The school has lots of diversity, and through school I get to experience and learn about student culture. I feel that going to North Lake has allowed me to become exposed to people of all religions and backgrounds. I would love it if North Lake would have more athletics or teams to join, because there are many talented people that might benefit from it. The school's supportive, and caring staff provide an educational and safe environment for students. Since North Lake is a two year college, they work hard to prepare their students for transferring to universities. They teach study skills, time management, and help students juggle classes, work, and family life. All professors I have had have been extremely helpful, supportive, and work to encourage you on your educational journey.
North lake is a school that is very challenging for a community college full of professors that truly care about their students. They have many resources to help you succeed such as free tutoring and learning labs. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good school to prepare them for a four year university.
When people hear community college they think it is the easy way out or just a step up from high school but North lake is very competitive in academics and definitely makes you work for your grade. The professors and very involved and care about the students and their education. One down side of it is that they need more professors to have more courses available for the number of students that are enrolled to give every student the opportunity to take courses needed.
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North Lake is a place full of helpful professors who are willing to go an extra mile to make sure that you pass their class with an average grade. The professors are very kind and will push back dates so you can have some extra time to upload assignments in time. The staff is very helpful with what ever help you need.
My experience with North Lake College has been excellent. The instructors and educational advisors are very involved with students. I like that there are a plethora of resources and student opportunities. One thing I would change is the financial aid and IT representatives becoming more resourceful for students, and having more training on student interaction.
My experience as a freshman in college has been great so far. I've only done one semester but I have had a great experience with the professors I've had. Although I have heard some of my peers experience with certain other professors isn't great, so I can't guarantee my experience for everyone. One thing I would like to be better is have a mandatory survey on the professors for students so they can express their honest thoughts. On a separate note, there could be more of a selection in food other than Subway.
I really like the diversity at North Lake College, I have seen many Hispanics like me, talked with people from Europe and Asia and had some friends from Africa. The diversity was one of the reasons why I chose that college.
I also liked that the professors where caring and tried to help students achieve their goals.
One thing I did not like is that there aren't many restaurants in campus. In fact there is only one, which is subway and if you are vegan or vegetarian there aren't many options in the restaurant as well as in the stores.
I like that North Lake is a community college that accepts everybody. My biggest fear was not getting accepted into college; They made it easy and simple to apply. Also, I really like the fact that they adapt to your schedule when you're working part time and attending school. So far the experience has been wonderful. I hope that it continues.
North Lake College is your average community college. There is a lot of flexibility of courses and many available online courses. The staff is wonderful and the diversity of the campus is second to none. People of all colors and creeds are welcome here. There is no political atmosphere that anyone would feel uncomfortable in. They do not push ideologies onto you but instead pursuade you to make your own critical decisions. It is a very clean campus. If you want an affordable tuition, public transportation availability, and nice staff in an accepting atmosphere, North Lake is for you.
I am attending North Lake College for one class, and my experience there has been good. The environment is friendly, and the tuition is economical.
I love my college. The professors really care about their students and really want them to succeed. My professors would go the extra mile for me to make sure I understood the course. The campus is not too big so it's easy to get around. It's also always really clean. All the students are friendly and there are a lot of clubs that are available for the students.
This is my first experience with colleges and I have to say, this one is great. I recommend it to ebertone
I loved the variety of classes to choose from, the times, dates and flex schedules really fit into everyday life.
Very good academics with diversity among the students. Teachers and professor are helful. Books are quite expensive and most of the professor make them to buy. Cafeteria is not so much good. There are may clubs and organization to be engage.
What i really liked about North Lake College is that there's a lot of support from the staff to the students, they bring in a lot of help and they help us walk through the right path that needs to be walked. I would like if students would interact more with one another, make friends.
The campus is beautiful. Each building is labeled so you can find where you are going easily. The teachers are very helpful and very knowledgeable in their subjects. They are easy to get ahold of and communicate with.
My experience with North Lake College in Irving, Texas has definitely been memorable... if that's the word you would like to describe it. The faculty members really are a big great family. The school environment is suitable and as for safety, well let's just say its getting there. Ever since the shooting incident that occurred this year in May on campus, my life has changed drastically. For the better and worse. I've learned that life should not be taken for granted and to be cautious of everything really is a vital sign in the world that we are living in today..
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It's a nice and affordable community college. Hard to find parking during fall and spring semesters.
North Lake college was one of my favorites from the DCCCD. It is a great place with lots of diversity. Classes were very available with my work schedule. No dorms or housing. Campus is great also the area around is nice.
Great experiences with great professors and faculties. small group class and college systems help my path for transferring to a four-year college!
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