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North Iowa Area Community College Reviews

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I like NIACC because the school is based on hands on learning. Most students there are very helpful along with all staff. Most staff are available to help at all times of the day and night via text messaging or emails.
At NIACC, everyone cares about you and your success. The teachers, administration, coaches, and everyone in between are invested in you and make sure to prepare you for your next step in life. NIACC gave me many great opportunities and I am forever grateful for them.
My experience at Niacc has been amazing, being international is always hard but here they made me feel welcome. There are so many different sporting activities and schooling event, you never get bored. You get to meet so many other international students and learn about their background. They offer tutors which has helped me a lot and I would highly recommend using these.
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I have enjoyed my experience at NIACC. I have played softball here the last two years. The professors and the rest of the staff at NIACC are kind and want you to succeed. Being a student athlete at NIACC has taught me a lot not only about myself and softball, but also skills that have helped me succeed in the classroom. Not only is the school very affordable but NIACC's foundation also offers many scholarships for students.
NIACC was a good choice financially because it costs much less than a university, and I was also able to save on room and board by living at home. Classes were small, so I got to know my favorite instructors, and they knew me.
I like how the classrooms and buildings are set up and located. The new dorms are great and you get a university feeling without the cost.
I attend NIACC twice a week and make a 30 minute commute to and from campus. Between school, work, and being a single mother, I have a lot on my plate but NIACC pushes you without taking over your entire life.
It's like stepping back into High School again. If you're a local, it's like you failed to escape the environment you've been longing for four years to escape. It is well known for its smaller classroom size and assistance, which is definitely a nice addition, I won't deny that, but it could do with some work as far as expanding the cafeteria and student activities to make it feel less like a nobody community college.
My experience at NIACC was absolutely amazing and unforgettable. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to be apart of the NIACC Student Ambassadors Club. Through this opportunity, I was able to meet many new friends. There are also many adult mentors that work all around campus that are huge role models to myself and many other NIACC students. The instructors are some of the best I have ever had. They care about their students, wanting to meet and get to know each and every student as they spend the semester with them. Also, the instructors are always looking for ways to improve their curriculum so all of their students succeed. NIACC is a great place for anyone. There are so many options students may take and proudly, NIACC is willing to step out of their way to make each individual feel they are getting the best education they can.
This is a cheap and great school. However, for some students like me that need help in math, we don’t receive it.
What I like most about NIACC, is that wherever you go you will always see a friendly face. Whether it be on your way to class, in the dorms, or just out in the community. Its nice to see such different diversity in one area and everybody is getting involved in some activity, like sports, music, theater, volunteer groups, or just clubs at the college. You can meet tons of new people and make great friends. Overall NIACC has been a great experience so far and I can't wait to see what next year will bring.
The staff here were very polite to me when I first arrived to campus. I looked very lost at first and an unknown professor helped guide my way to class. Everyone is always ready to help a stranger.
North Iowa Area Community College was a wonderful experience. The professors were all very knowledgeable in their fields of study. Taking the time to learn all of their student by name; truly caring about each student and how they were doing in their classes. The dormitory had been rebuilt the previous year, so I was fortunate enough to be the first person to occupy my room. The faculty and students created a very welcoming environment. I would recommend North Iowa Area Community College to other as I am very happy with my overall experience.
Going to NIACC right after high school was a small change. It feels like high school but in a college setting which is nice in some ways but I rather be in a new environment.
Was a great experience taking NIACC class when in high school. I was able to earn some college credit hours and get free books to use for the classes. Had different instructors than I normally would in high school.
I love NIACC. I think that the teachers care so much about your success and I think that they are very good at talking to you one on one. I like the small class sizes at NIACC and I also think that having a smaller class size helps you learn more.
People there were always willing to help when you needed it. I think there could be more events or things to do for students.
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the overall process of metting new people honestly. I also have really good instructors that are really good teachers
Excellent community college. Professors care about students, small classes, opportunities for one on one time.
NIACC was the best decision that has ever happened to me! The teachers are so helpful and care about my education. I have met my best friends for life as well as some really awesome new friends. The small campus makes the experience more cozy and at home. My education is taken very seriously and I know I wouldn't still be a music major if I went anywhere else but NIACC. My time at NIACC has been the best 2 years of my life!
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