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North Hennepin Community College Reviews

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It’s a small campus, meaning you won’t have to walk far distances or take a bus to another same-college campus like the UMNTC has. They have a lot of services and resources available for students to take advantage of and use.
The building is very nice, but the roads and parking lots definitely need a little work. There are many places to shop and eat just down the road, most are chains.
Great professors and a very welcoming environment. There are a lot of resources offered and almost everything is easily accessible for students online.
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I take one class here, I am asked a lot of questions about how the nursing program works by my classmates (I am in the same program at a different school). They don't seem to be giving their students all the information up front for example they were not encouraged to save 300$ on the nursing text by purchasing through the publisher. Another example is that students didn't get any very much info on required equipment, documentation or uniforms.
I've been going to this school on and off for the past 3 years. It's a good school and is way cheaper than a 4 year school.
I don’t mind the school at all but I do feel like they could update some of the classes and the eating area. Maybe make it more modern. Other than that the school is nice.
North Hennepin Community College has great professors and with the small class sized setting, it creates one of the best environments to learn in.
There is a lot of caring fun and friendly teachers! Very diverse and out going population of students with the drive to learn and better there education!
NHCC is a convenient location for me to attend. Overall experience has been good, some professors are understanding and able to assist after class if you don't understand the lectures. It isn't a "party" school and there are no dorms available.
I love this school. Before I came here I went to a private, fancy 4-year school and I didn't like it that much because I was not able to choose the number of classes I took but here at NHCC I can do that. I'm in control of how many classes I take and I can go at my own pace that works in my life.
Something that I really like about this school, is that the environment feels very welcoming and open. Staff members make students feel like they belong and that they are safe when they are at school. Sometimes I think, at universities, staff are just there to get their job done and nothing more. Not saying that’s always the case, but once in a while, professors are only there to teach and not willing to get to know their students on a personal level.
I did not like North Hennepin for the most part. The advisors really messed me over by making stay an extra semester and pay for classes that I didn't need to take. I also did not have to many professors that you could tell were born teachers. That did not know how to teach that well.
Very nice faculty! There are many resources to help students succeed. There is also a lot to be a part of and you easily feel like your belong.
This community college is a very wonderful college thanks to the students and professors here. The campus and classes are small but they are continuing to improve the facilites. All the students here are extremely diverse so you never have to feel like an outsider at all. Everyone here is passionate about succeeding and respecting other students. I especially recommend getting involved in clubs because they host a lot of events and make the experience even more wonderful.
Awesome teachers and course options. Lots of diversity and everyone is very friendly. Teachers are helpful when asked for assistance.
North Hennepin has amazing professors. I always thought there will be a lot of professors who will be very harsh on everything but after five professors I have had, all of them understands if you cannot get an assignment on time they just want you to tell them in advance. The school diversity is the best. There are so many different cultures and ethnicities at this school. The professors I have always tell us how they love North Hennepin because how diverse we are. It’s a very good community college.
NHCC offers affordable tuition rates in order to complete post-secondary education. Your potential return on investment will be significant at NHCC, compared to other tuition rates throughout the state. Professors are seasoned and want you to succeed. The closer knit community allows you to know your peers, teachers and get help when needed.
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This college was a new experience for me. I enjoyed all the professors I had so far. They are well structured and willing to take the extra time to help one understand the concept of a lecture. I would recommend this community college for someone who enjoys being active and social to others. Especially, the programs they provide have great staffs to work with in achieving our academic goals.
North Hennepin Community College is an amazing school. There are a lot of resources available for students.
As a PSEO student going into college there were not many options, but of the few offered, I am glad I chose NHCC. The professors are kind and understanding. They made an effort to show the students that they truly care about teaching as well as the students. The campus is very diverse, making North Hennepin Community College an open minded and tolerant school. I have enjoyed all three semesters thus far.
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