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I love the university and would recommend it to future friends! The professors are great to work with the students and the amount of students versus professors is a nice number to where you really get to know them.
I love the Christian aspect of the school and all of the teachers are friendly and really help you with your walk with Christ. The campus itself is beautiful and you get a panorama view of the mountains. But, the cafe food isn't all that but, maybe that is a college thing.
I love North Greenville. The campus is smaller but the people are wonderful. It has a beautiful view of the mountains, and isn't far from Travelers Rest and Downtown Greenville.
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North Greenville University was a great experience and I felt like I can fit in with the school. They also have my major which is electrical engineering. The college classes are interactive than most colleges I have toured. I think when North Greenville brings fun and knowledge together it bring excitement. I've also got to talk to the soccer coach about joining the team so I think I'll be fine.
I absolutely love it here! All of the professors really care about their students, and their success. I love being able to attend chapel every Monday and Wednesday mornings. The food in the cafeteria is alright, but they also have a general store, Papa John's, and an Einsteins Bagels on campus so there are a lot of options. The scenery here is beautiful! I love being able to watch the sun set behind the mountains every night. It is a beautiful little campus that is nice and peaceful, and you get to meet a lot of new and wonderful people.
I love it. The classes really challenge me to work my hardest. The professors are very supportive and helpful and most say a prayer before they begin class. I fell in love with college on my first visit. Everyone is just part of one big family that supports each other and has fun together. This is a place where you can feel really close to God. There is always a prayer said before the football games - at least the home games. I do not know about the other sports yet. I am in the education program to become an elementary/early childhood teacher and I am absolutely enjoying it. If you want to grow closer to God with others, become part of one giant supportive and God-loving family, and be challenged then this is the university you should attend. I should also mention that this is a christian university and Christ is definitely at the center of everything we do.
The setting of campus although remote, 15 minutes to the closest city, is beautiful as you're surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. The school has grown a lot since I graduated almost 10 years ago, but still feels like a tight knit community. With smaller class sizes professors and students are able to interact more and students have greater access to their professors. I graduated with BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Spanish and Lingusitics and used most of my electives in Christian Studies. I used to say the degree was perfect for working as a missionary in South America but has also served me well in the US working in the Language Services industry as an interpreter and interpreter coordinator.
North Greenville was the perfect fit for me. Great small school, no party scene, and great student-professor relationships.
I like that it is a relatively small college and getting to know the professors are easy. This is important because when it comes time to needing a letter of recommendation, my professors can honestly write about me.
I love NGU! The campus has been great. The food was okay but needed to improve. The professors is great but needed to work together than lettuce.
I went to North Greenville University hoping for a Christian education. They do that very well, but I didn't even think about the possibility of corruption. I suppose I was naive. There were a couple of professors who I felt really cared for me and that was nice, but overall they didn't seem too fond of me. So if you're Southern Baptist or really conservative this school is a great pick. If not, reconsider.
this school is amazing. the professors are very helpful. but it is also very challenging
I feel like my school is not very helpful with students in my department as far as internships go that students are interested in doing and many have to settle for an internship in an area they aren't interested in that doesn't directly tie to their major or desired future job. The recruiting has improved over the past year, but a lot of information is left out and can mislead incoming students. Also, they are not helpful if you are an international student.
I feel like most of my gen Ed teacher were really good teachers and passionate about what they taught. However, as far as my major goes I did not feel like my professors were qualified to teach the classes and that u was learning anything to feel prepared for a future job in my major. I was very disappointed.
I feel like if a real issue were to arise that campus security would have to deal with and not the police I would not feel very safe.
There is a lot of mold issues in the dorms. I am a clean person yet there is always issues with mild. I've lived in 3 of the dorms so far and have had issues with each of the dorms in some way. Mostly though I wish that the room was bigger and had more space for the price of the room and didn't have mold or circulation issues. Also I wish there was more closet space or at least floor room to put my own drawers in. A lot of the rooms are hallway so, there is no floor space.
We do not have Greek life so this does not apply.
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There is not a huge fan base at school, despite the fact that the school is good in several different sports. I wish there was more involvement.
I would say I was slightly mislead when I entered into this school. I was hoping to study photography and they don't have a good program for it. Also, with a few exceptions most of the professors who teach at my school in the digital media major are not as skilled and haven't taught me in a way to prepare me to enter into photography or graphics design once I graduate. I have learned more from online tutorials and teaching myself then I have at college and it's been a dosappointment. If I had to do it all over again I would have chosen a different school for what I wanted to study.
Very respectable college, internships are easy to come by while attending this university!
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