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North Georgia tech is a great school in my opinion. I moved from a busy city, the heart of Orlando Florida. Scared I wouldn't finish my degree I packed up and transferred over to NGTC. So far I find it peaceful which allows me to focus on my assignments. I also find the staff to be kind and helpful. I'm excited to get more involved and to further my education with North Georgia Tech.
being a teen mom and going to college here has been so rewarding, i have made good friends with my adviser as she has impacted my future for the better. i feel as if i have anything wrong i can go to her and she will assure me that everything will be alright and it will all work out for the better. I as a returning college student who commutes back and forth is very satisfied with this college. all of the staff and students are great! very friendly environment to be in. i highly recommend this college to everyone looking to advance their career
I appreciate the encouragement and willingness of the teachers to help when needed. The instructors all seem to have the students best interest in mind and wants to see them succeed. However, some of the administrative employees can be rude and unhelpful.
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I attended most of my classes at the Currahee Campus or online. With myself being an older adult student returning to complete my education at fifty years old, being able to attend smaller classes at Currahee eased my anxiety of attending college. The course instructors worked with me helping me through any difficult times. I feel as if they were as invested in my completing my college experience as I was.
The professors are really nice, and they will work with you if you are having problems with school or with family being sick. Overall they are just simply nice and down to earth people.
This is a wonderful and affordable institution to complete an undergraduate degree or even complete prerequisite classes needed for another college. They offer transferable credits to most colleges and work easily to get you toward your end goal.
This college offers flexible class times and a great staff that is very supportive. I was able to get a degree on my own schedule, and was able to take classes that best suited me and my time.
I love this college. It provides me everything that I need in order to better my education. The school is very active with their students. The professors are so much help when needed. The advisers are a major help for those in need.
I love it at North Georgia Tech . Therese a lot of great teachers and great students there. The best thing about my school is that it has a family like atmosphere. everyone has a team like mentality. one thing i would like to see change is more people be held accountable.
As a student in the Blairsville campus, it's really nice to be so close knit with the students I grew up with in high school. However, there isn't much diversity at all, and as previously stated, its a very small campus. The professors are just like those of any other college; some you will love, others not so much.
I honestly like how the calsses are of the smaller population that gives the teacher a better chance to focus more on the students. The academics is phenomenal. They are centralized and explicit. There is no reason that anyone can not finish with a 3.0 graduating fromthis school. I hope to achieve better academic integrity as well as discipline.
I'm still a junior in high school, the reason why I want to go to North Georgia is because I heard that they have a great rate for the studies if you want to be come a mechanic.
I love North Georgia Technical College. The teachers and the tutors on the Blairsville campus are great and they really care about the students.
The campus is a quite little mountain college with a great atmosphere. I highly recommend it to everyone looking that is looking for a small campus.
Most of the teachers are great and very nice but I have run into some that have left some to be desired with the way they run the class but over all it is a great school if you put in the effort to learn and succeed.
I especially like that the school is located close to my residence. I am able to commute to school under 30 minutes. I also like that there are quite a few non-traditional students, like myself, that attend to try to further their careers and enhance their lives. I have enjoyed my classes and my professors and have been given a great education so far. I am in the Associate Degree Nursing program and have enjoyed all my courses so far, even though it is quite stressful.
North Georgia Technical College is a great school and the teachers and staff are really helpful and caring.
Nice,caring instructors. Not too expensive. Could use more diversity. Horticulture program was severely neglected
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Wonderful campus with state-of-the-art facilities. The faculty works really hard to ensure that students master the material. Tutors are available for students in almost every subject area. The campus is a beautiful, park-like atmosphere with friendly staff and students!
They offer a internship help but its more for when your done with your associates. They push you to take as many classes as possible in one semester and with a lot of work in each class. Some classes are worse than others.
The campus is beautiful, however I feel like I learned more on my own. There is a lot of teachers that will not get in touch with you via email and are never in the office. There are a few that really do care and like to help, but that is about 33%.
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