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As a student in the Blairsville campus, it's really nice to be so close knit with the students I grew up with in high school. However, there isn't much diversity at all, and as previously stated, its a very small campus. The professors are just like those of any other college; some you will love, others not so much.
I honestly like how the calsses are of the smaller population that gives the teacher a better chance to focus more on the students. The academics is phenomenal. They are centralized and explicit. There is no reason that anyone can not finish with a 3.0 graduating fromthis school. I hope to achieve better academic integrity as well as discipline.
I'm still a junior in high school, the reason why I want to go to North Georgia is because I heard that they have a great rate for the studies if you want to be come a mechanic.
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I love North Georgia Technical College. The teachers and the tutors on the Blairsville campus are great and they really care about the students.
The campus is a quite little mountain college with a great atmosphere. I highly recommend it to everyone looking that is looking for a small campus.
Most of the teachers are great and very nice but I have run into some that have left some to be desired with the way they run the class but over all it is a great school if you put in the effort to learn and succeed.
I especially like that the school is located close to my residence. I am able to commute to school under 30 minutes. I also like that there are quite a few non-traditional students, like myself, that attend to try to further their careers and enhance their lives. I have enjoyed my classes and my professors and have been given a great education so far. I am in the Associate Degree Nursing program and have enjoyed all my courses so far, even though it is quite stressful.
North Georgia Technical College is a great school and the teachers and staff are really helpful and caring.
Nice,caring instructors. Not too expensive. Could use more diversity. Horticulture program was severely neglected
Wonderful campus with state-of-the-art facilities. The faculty works really hard to ensure that students master the material. Tutors are available for students in almost every subject area. The campus is a beautiful, park-like atmosphere with friendly staff and students!
They offer a internship help but its more for when your done with your associates. They push you to take as many classes as possible in one semester and with a lot of work in each class. Some classes are worse than others.
The campus is beautiful, however I feel like I learned more on my own. There is a lot of teachers that will not get in touch with you via email and are never in the office. There are a few that really do care and like to help, but that is about 33%.
Such a blessing, and very great for many types of people!
Not many programs to get a higher degree but they want you to do that if thats what you want for yourself! They are very supportive when it comes to our dreams.
Nothing that i regret! great students and great degrees!
Perfect class sizes and GREAT teachers!
Its very rewarding. being in the nursing/medical field people look up to you!
It allows you to get your degree in a good amount of time so you can get a job quick. the teachers are very supportive and only want the best for you!
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It is somewhat difficult to find classes that will be great for working around my schedule. Some classes I need are offered at a campus that I cannot reach. I usually have to take classes that are inconvenient to my schedule or wait for the classes I need to become available at my campus.
They offer tutoring and help.
I cannot apply for internship because it does not pay and I cannot afford to have something take up my time and not be rewarded for it. The school is always offering jobs.
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