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The campus is beautiful in the fall and spring years and although winter can be tough in Fargo, it is totally worth it!
I am currently a freshman here at North Dakota State University and so far it's a great college for me. I love how big the campus is because all the buildings are spread out so you can get your daily exercise in from walking to class everyday. Another way you can get your exercise in is by going to the Wallman Wellness Center where they have a pool, yoga classes, cycling classes, weight lifting, cardio, you name it! I love spending my time there when I'm not busy with class. North Dakota State University also has a great bus transportation system so if you don't have your car here the bus will take you pretty much anywhere in Fargo. Overall, this University has a great atmosphere and is a very safe campus. It would be a great college to attend for anyone.
North Dakota State University is one of the best schools in my opinion because of how the students interact with each other. Sadly, it isn't very diverse but the past few years it has change.
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I love living on campus. It's quiet, convenient, and more than anything friendly. All the students, faculty, and staff are inviting which makes NDSU a positive place to live and learn. The professors are knowledgeable and will make time for students who take the time to see them. Research opportunities are widely available, even for freshmen, as long as students put in the effort to make connections with the professors. Specifically, the new STEM building is beautiful and cleverly designed. Definitely a good school for the STEM subjects.
I like how they try to intergrade incoming college freshman into their program by starting welcome week. I do not like how it takes away from the last days of your summer vacation.
NDSU has provided wonderful opportunities for me to branch out into the community and build friendships that are positive and always supportive. NDSU is a beautiful campus and the professors are all investing in my success. The only thing I would change is having more tunnels to avoid going outside in December.
It is indeed an amazing school with a warm feeling. Different surrounding but definitely not far from home.
NDSU is a very comfortable school to go too. The community is surrounded by very kind and welcoming people! From the classes that I have taken I can assure you that your teachers want you to do well and they will always be willing to help. They also over very good tutoring services for students and its free! Fargo is a great town and overall NDSU is a great school!
This is a great university althoug kinda a party school the acedmics are still some of the best. I would recommend this college to anyone interested in engineering due to the stellar program there
Almost everyone I met on campus was very friendly and proud to be there. They have excellent educators and staff who are always willing to help.
Overall, I liked the school. My one complain is that they didn't help me make sure I was enrolled in the right classes right away. They didn't tell me that my other classes would be on hold because I didn't have the prerequisites.
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If you are looking for a lively campus in a lively town, avoid this college. I do not look forward to going back this fall. Honestly the only thing keeping me from transferring is its Engineering Program reputation. If this level of academic reputation was in a college near the Twin Cities for the same price I would give it five stars, but being that it is in Fargo, I cannot recommend it. Freezing cold winters and boring student life is how I describe this college.
It is a typical state university, I did want to get a job at the university but the pay less than if I worked off campus. Overall, it is a safe campus, teachers are okay depending on who you get. I have had both good and bad teachers.
NDSU is a fairly small 4 year university. It has a small town feel in a bigger town, which is great! Sports are also big at NDSU (especially football). There are several options of classes to take every semester and professors care about their students here.
I like the small campus and small class size. Professors are willing to spend the extra time to help you learn and understand their class material.
There are plenty of opportunities available for all students. The academics are good, especially STEM fields. The new STEM building is really nice, but some of the other buildings, like dorm rooms, are outdated. There isn't a huge variety of collegiate level athletics offered, but the football games are always something to look forward to.
Review North Dakota State University
It is a great campus and full of things to do!! There are so many organizations and clubs to be involved with. And it has great food. GO BISON
I am an Anthropologt and International studies major and i absolutely love it.
The environment is relaxed here and its a very small, close-knit campus. Couldn't imagine being anywhere else
North Dakota state is a wonderful school to attend. Well your probably thinking, "what is there to do here?" That's a good question, from clubs, events, classes, NDSU has a great amount of opportunity to offer to their students.
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