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There are plenty of opportunities available for all students. The academics are good, especially STEM fields. The new STEM building is really nice, but some of the other buildings, like dorm rooms, are outdated. There isn't a huge variety of collegiate level athletics offered, but the football games are always something to look forward to.
It is a great campus and full of things to do!! There are so many organizations and clubs to be involved with. And it has great food. GO BISON
I am an Anthropologt and International studies major and i absolutely love it.
The environment is relaxed here and its a very small, close-knit campus. Couldn't imagine being anywhere else
Review North Dakota State University
North Dakota state is a wonderful school to attend. Well your probably thinking, "what is there to do here?" That's a good question, from clubs, events, classes, NDSU has a great amount of opportunity to offer to their students.
I have really enjoyed NDSU this year which is my first year here. It's a really good school and my experience has been positive so far.
I liked the college right away, the university was very welcoming. The town is defiantly a college town, the Bison is what we pride ourselves on. I am loving my experience here and I would recomened NDSU to anybody.
NDSU has been a great experience because of the people I have met. For the price, you get a really good education. It is tough to be a full time student but when isn't it?
Great school and Fargo is a great city, but if you're the artsy type I'd recommend MSUM in the area, as that type of scene isn't as nurtured at this particular school, it's more about athletics.
The community at NDSU is great. I barely ever had a bad experience here. all the professors care (at least in my experience) and there's lots of tutoring and resources available.
There are many option to choose from to get a major you will enjoy and many resources to help you find out such as the career center. Also, the library has many helpful resources such as the center for writers that are a huge help for wiriting papers. I will be using this resource to write my nursing program essay.
NDSU is a place to start your career. Small size classes, modern technology, and meeting friends are some of the best things about NDSU. Get serious about college and take in the quality of education that NDSU has to offer
An amazing school the best I've seen and the people there are awesome. It would be hard to find a school better than NDSU.
I am an out of state student originally from Tennessee, so the move up here to North Dakota was a little stressful, but that all went away once I got up here. All of my teachers are hilarious and are always willing to help students whenever they can. My dorms RA was also extremely nice since he would talk to me whenever he saw me and make sure everything was going okay. Another thing I was worried about was making friends, but everyone up here is nice and wants to make friends as badly as anybody else, so it was actually pretty easy to make some friends. If there was anything that I would want to see be changed, it would the the tunnels that run from my dorm to the closest dining hall. Since it is currently almost zero degrees Fahrenheit, if there were tunnels that connected the dorms to some of the major halls for classes, that would be a huge improvement, but that's my only small critique of the campus.
A university is a place where your dreams become true, where you could reach the limits, go farther and faster that anyone can, reach the stars of your dreams, explore yourself in an amazing way, exploit your hidden energies and let it out so others could take advance of it. You could be a remarkable scholar or a famous scientist. Time could be invested in colleges not wasted, new inventions, explores and developments could be made every day, it's where big minds meet and get to know and communicate with each other. It's Where the sun, the moon, the Stares, oceans fool, lost knowledge, and all kind of limitations meet you and greet you to the new world where you're about to explore and North Dakota State Universit (NDSU) it's the university where you could find what I just been describing, a place to dream big.
I'm only a freshman, but I'be already seen enough to give a rating. It's lower than a 5 because of my awful roommate situation but higher than a 3 because there is so much help in education. There's helpful, nearly 24 hour, tutoring and the professors respond quickly and with good information. Something to change would be getting better areas for giving roommates.
I transferred here for my Junior year of College and I am extremely satisfied with my choice. The culture and environment on campus is great and the professors are spectacular! 10/10 would recommend!
There have been some ups and downs but that happens whenever you start something new. Overall it has been a great start on my next chapter!
Review North Dakota State University
NDSU is a great college in all areas. People are full of spirit, and the academic side of the university is very good. There are different colleges that the university is divided into, all with plenty of different majors to choose from.
Spent 3 years at NDSU for my first degree. Wonderful campus. Safe. So many opportunities to get involved.
Its a good school, but its got its ghosts. Academics are good, but could but the flaws could be ironed out. There are a lot of people from different cultural backgrounds here. The athletics are mostly angled toward American Football and less toward other sports. Some of the professors are quite good, but some of them can be real pains. The dorms are small and only one Hall has air conditioning. Safety could be worked upon because of how many times the police have been called. I would not put anymore money into NDSU than I have too. The campus is large and spread out, but its well taken care of. The party scene is wild and unchecked. The local area has a lot of violence, but is okay. Campus food is fine, but can be cold or tasteless. Student life is whatever you make of it.
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