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I'm in the auto tech program. I like almost every aspect of the college the price, campus, definitely food, and the programs themselves. Could use some upgraded scan tools though.
I have had wonderful luck with NDSCS. I attended back in 1991-1993 for Business Management. I had great teachers that were very resourceful and amazing teachers. They were always so helpful when I had questions and great resources for homework and study guides. I am now attending again for LPN Program and have had a great teacher that is highly intelligent in the nursing program and such wonderful help. I couldnt be any luckier.
I went to NDSCS in the Cat program and the program was oversold. The instructor was terrible. Everything I was told by the recruiter was a lie. All I did in my internship was wash machines and then was expected by the company to know everything when I graduated. I was told by the recruiter that I would have the ability to talk to her if I had any problems. She didn't return phone calls or emails. You are treated like a number and get lectured by the recruiter if your grades are good enough. It was a complete waste of money. I went to work for a truck dealership and learned more in two months than I learned in two years in the Cat program.
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I am a new student starting August 26th, 2019. So far, the staff has been absolutely amazing. I will be an out of state student and they have made the process so easy to complete. Never have a problem getting in touch with anybody I need to speak with and they are continually sending updates and information to keep me in the loop on the next steps to complete.
The staff is extraordinarily helpful and productive. I have not had a single problem that wasn't resolved within a day.
dunno what to say about this college it terrible people there not very supportive and no wonder why they are dirty cheap school
Great 2 year college. Many of the professors and staff are very nice and caring. It feels more like a 4 year college the way it is set up which is great if you want the college experience. The biggest problem is the town is small and doesn't have many things to do. Otherwise it's a great experience.
Being an inner-city minority, I was a little nervous coming to a small town in North Dakota. However, the minute I stepped foot on this campus I felt a sense of 'home'. The staff are so genuine and everyone here wants to see everyone succeed. The organization of staff and student activities is tremendous and the town is easy to learn. Classes are much smaller, which really allows for students to get one on one help and fully understand their material. I would recommend this institution for someone who is looking to earn a two-year degree quickly, and in an environment of success.
I really enjoy the atmosphere at North Dakota State College of Science. Everybody here is friendly and very nice. I really like the small class sizes at the college, it makes it easier to learn with less people in the class and lets your professor get to know you easier. All the professors here are super knowledgable and helpful.
NDSCS has a very friendly staff available to help you and the campus is a very nice campus. The students get along very well and most people are really good friends with the roomates.
North Dakota State College Science has low Student to Faculty ratio of 18:1. Every Instructor knows the Student personally which is always a good thing.

Second thing about NDSCS is that all the lecturers and support staff are very professional.

Third thing about NDSCS that I love the free tutoring.
So far I have loved it. The only thing I am not the biggest fan of is when professors can reject a doctors note if you are sick. It’s something that can’t be helped.
NDSCS provided me with an affordable education before transferring to a four year school. My experience there was great aside from a few factors. Diversity was minimal, the town was small and life there can get a little restless! However, there were a lot of upsides! The athletic programs there were great and the whole town rallied behind them. The teachers were extremely helpful and always willing to help me outside of class if I needed it and everyone on campus was extremely friendly. If I were to go through the college selection process all over again I would without a doubt pick NDSCS again.
Go Cats!
This college is very god at the small feel as in letting everyone have time with their instructors. The one thing i would like see chance is the lunch menu sometimes the food can be not so good.
I haven't started yet but the school is always very responsive to my questions.And have very accurate information in the departments I have searched.
NDSCS is an awesome college that has a lot to offer. Being international student I have so many options which is so great . The dorms are great , the community is beautiful, and the people are so friendly . It’s a great experience for me . I love this college .
NDSCS is a very awesome college , I love the environment & the people are friendly. Best decision ever
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I love the fact that the classes are a lot smaller than a university class is only having about twenty students in one class at a time. I also really like how the instucters are approachable, I would love to see more programs.
NDSCS is an excellent 2 year school. I would recommend anyone looking for a 2 year degree with a great job placement in the field of degree
What I like about the NDSCS instructors is they have many years of experience collectively and also individually. There is many pieces of new equipment to work on and learn with as technology advances, but also older equipment that does need trouble shooting and repair.
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