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North Dakota State College of Science Reviews

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NDSCS has a very friendly staff available to help you and the campus is a very nice campus. The students get along very well and most people are really good friends with the roomates.
North Dakota State College Science has low Student to Faculty ratio of 18:1. Every Instructor knows the Student personally which is always a good thing.

Second thing about NDSCS is that all the lecturers and support staff are very professional.

Third thing about NDSCS that I love the free tutoring.
So far I have loved it. The only thing I am not the biggest fan of is when professors can reject a doctors note if you are sick. It’s something that can’t be helped.
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NDSCS provided me with an affordable education before transferring to a four year school. My experience there was great aside from a few factors. Diversity was minimal, the town was small and life there can get a little restless! However, there were a lot of upsides! The athletic programs there were great and the whole town rallied behind them. The teachers were extremely helpful and always willing to help me outside of class if I needed it and everyone on campus was extremely friendly. If I were to go through the college selection process all over again I would without a doubt pick NDSCS again.
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This college is very god at the small feel as in letting everyone have time with their instructors. The one thing i would like see chance is the lunch menu sometimes the food can be not so good.
I haven't started yet but the school is always very responsive to my questions.And have very accurate information in the departments I have searched.
NDSCS is an awesome college that has a lot to offer. Being international student I have so many options which is so great . The dorms are great , the community is beautiful, and the people are so friendly . It’s a great experience for me . I love this college .
NDSCS is a very awesome college , I love the environment & the people are friendly. Best decision ever
I love the fact that the classes are a lot smaller than a university class is only having about twenty students in one class at a time. I also really like how the instucters are approachable, I would love to see more programs.
NDSCS is an excellent 2 year school. I would recommend anyone looking for a 2 year degree with a great job placement in the field of degree
What I like about the NDSCS instructors is they have many years of experience collectively and also individually. There is many pieces of new equipment to work on and learn with as technology advances, but also older equipment that does need trouble shooting and repair.
It's a very good school, well known for tech programs. All the instructors are very nice and will do what they can to help
The teachers are very understanding and they actually care about your education. Their number one priority is to make sure you succeed.
Everyone here is very friendly and open-minded. The professors are great and so are the classes. They have lots of events going on for students, which is really nice. There's not a whole lot to improve on. I think NDSCS is a really nice school.
It is very nice there. I attend the one right by North Dakota State University. So I am allowed to live on campus there. The staff is very nice and I can't wait to attend there in the fall.
I enjoyed going to school here for 3 years. I enjoyed the small town feel. Although, there were some people in the dorms who partied and drank a lot and made a lot of noise (which kind of bothered my studies). All in all, I love the buildings on this campus, there is a local Walmart/grocery stores, and the people seemed friendly. I made tons of new friends here, including my boyfriend of 4 years. The teachers were willing to help you because the class sizes were small. All the faculty and staff were friendly, for the most part.
I think that NDSCS is very student centered and after transferring here from a four year university I definitely tell that NDSCS does a lot more to help their students succeed and the easiest way to do so.
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The process of applying for school and scheduling classes is always going to be stressful to an extent but at overall the process to me was much easier then my previous experience at M state Fergus Falls. The NDSCS staff was very helpful with answering my questions and even very good about returning my emails.
I wasn't very excited about the online portions of my classes at the beginning of school but after only a few homework assignments I found out first hand how convenient it can be.
The career fair that NDSCS puts on is very useful. Employers from all around can come and meet with future electricians. I think the job fair at NDSCS is very helpful and I look forward to it.
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