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At North Central University people are not just numbers. People are people. They care about forming relationships that will last forever. The teacher are amazing and are always helpful if one is struggling academically. The programs are amazing programs to help change the world. I wouldn’t choose any other school.
I love the one on one with professors while getting your graduate degree. The admissions, finance and disability services are wonderful. All are friendly and very helpful and willing to help you in any way possible.
I love North Central University and have enjoyed my professors, dorm, floor, and classes! The professors are extremely caring and helpful. I can tell that the professors want to see me succeed. I have met so many amazing people and have made so many new friends.
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Best school ever! The professors really care, and there is a strong Christian community within the college itself.
Overall, I have enjoyed my time at North Central. I was involved in two years of full-time PSEO at the school, and am now a full-time undergrad student with three semesters of work left. The environment is very nice; students, faculty, and professors are very easy to work and get along with. The campus is located a couple blocks out of downtown Minneapolis, so it is a beautiful setting. The school also has an extremely good business program, with many students able to find jobs immediately out of school because of the connections and skills they learn in the School of Business. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a smaller, private school in the Minneapolis area; it is well worth the investment!
I really enjoy the school. I’m not much of a city person but love the small school atmosphere. The professors here really care about you as a student and want to see you succeed. I would recommend this school as a positive environment to learn in. I would like to see more things available for students to do on weekends.
I love North Central because the small community of around 1500 students, make me feel very welcome! It's easier to make friends here because everybody knows everybody! When you go to a class room and know 95% of the people in there, it makes me feel a lot more relaxed and I'm able to learn a lot better!
At least 3 of my Recording Arts classmates were entertaining the idea of suing for tuition reimbursement. Eventually, after many horrible bumps in the road that included canceling half a semester worth of class periods, and teachers quitting because NCU didn't want to fit the bill for what the program would actually cost, they scrapped it, and consolidated the program into a "worship arts degree." Yes, while students were expecting the delivery of a promised program. I'm not sure what happened to my classmates but I know a lot of them were even more upset than I was about how NCU handled the issue. No refunds, no apologies, no discussions on how to make it right. They asked for students to be involved in process of restructuring, but they did not do anything to knowledge the reasons we were trying rebuild a program that should have already existed... then gutted it and kept thousands of tuition dollars. I had one more year to go and I was too disgusted to set foot there again.
My experience with this institution is great. Everyone I've come in contact with has been excellent in assisting me with everything. Each counselor was great. They don't leave you out in left field and make certain your questions are answered and you don't walk away confused. They help encourage everyone so their goals are ney.
North Central is AWESOME. Great location in downtown Minneapolis, and awesome staff. The school has great events and the culture here is fantastic.
Everyone is so nice and accepting! Professors are great and they really want you to reach your full potential!
North Central University is an amazing place to grow academically, socially and spiritually. It has amazing professors that are willing to guide you and take extra steps to ensure that you learn and achieve your potential. They are also Christ minded people that can help you with your walk with the Lord. These professors exhibit the love of Christ on a day to day basis. I also love the social aspect about North Central and I have made some life long friends here that I love. It's an overall great college and a place that I now get to call home for the next few years or maybe beyond.
NCU is a great campus and community in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. The atmosphere is diverse and authentic with God as their focus on everything they do.
I really love the atmosphere at North Central. It is a faith based school, and the community reflects that in every aspect. Student relationships are fostered and tended to, and relationships with the staff and faculty are among the greatest possible in higher education.
North Central is a unique school. The faculty and staff impacted my life in a profound way while attending. I have fond memories of attending chapel, making new friends, and investing in my future.
Excellent academic and spiritual environment. Ten out of ten! The downtown location in Minneapolis provides hands on learning experience. The professors are knowledgable (the majority have earned a PHD) and each class contributes to your knowledge. Most students are passionate about what they are studying. There is a wide variety of majors offered.
I don't personally get involved with the athletic scene very much, however many of my friends attend the games; both varsity and intramural. The few times I have attended they have always been well put-together, high-energy, and loads of fun. Actually, as I reflect back on it, it is making me begin to wonder why I don't attend more often. They always make for good times and fun memories.
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I honestly believe I go to the best school around. The community is so tight-knit and welcoming, the professors are phenomenal, and the staff is superb. The teachers go out of their way to make sure their students do well, and the staff go to extra lengths to make sure the student is well cared for and has all the tools they need to succeed. Everyone strives to dive deeper in relationship with Jesus and works together to make the atmosphere compassionate and caring. At home, I am involved in the greatest young adults group I could ever imagine, and it kills me inside every time I have to leave them, but the reward of being able to go to such a wonderful school with such a powerful, God-filled focus and atmosphere makes it all worth it. I wouldn't trade this school or my experiences for the world.
Attending this fall, applying was easy and quick.
Don't know much. Haven't moved onto campus yet.
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