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Their online instructors are amazing. I recommend this school to anyone studying Psychology on a busy schedule.
Absolute joke of a school. Got a 4 year degree only to realize I could have learned everything I needed in a 2 hour seminar.

Pretty much a glorified High school.

Petty in extreme and will take all your money for nothing in return.
North Central has a great spiritual atmosphere and is a very friendly community. They have great clubs and academics. Some classes are a bit more challenging than others, but they provide excellent material that is very useful. There are on-campus jobs available, as well as a great community of believers to connect with.
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When I went to North Central, I really appreciated the culture of Minneapolis. I think the school could be improved by incorporating Minneapolis culture into the school culture. Unfortunately, without that, students could easily live within the North Central bubble.
North Central University is a beautiful collage stationed in the middle of busy Down town Minneapolis. You can live on campus in the decent sized dorms or you can commute from the suburbs with the easy to use metro system.
I chose North Central University to be the college I transferred to after attending another college for three years. I felt completely at home when I got to Minnesota and especially to NCU even though I travel over seven hours from my home town.
The worship atmosphere. Everyone was incredibly friendly. I felt right at home, and even though my husband isn't going at the same time as me, he did too. The city is definitely the place for us.
At North Central University people are not just numbers. People are people. They care about forming relationships that will last forever. The teacher are amazing and are always helpful if one is struggling academically. The programs are amazing programs to help change the world. I wouldn’t choose any other school.
I love the one on one with professors while getting your graduate degree. The admissions, finance and disability services are wonderful. All are friendly and very helpful and willing to help you in any way possible.
I love North Central University and have enjoyed my professors, dorm, floor, and classes! The professors are extremely caring and helpful. I can tell that the professors want to see me succeed. I have met so many amazing people and have made so many new friends.
Best school ever! The professors really care, and there is a strong Christian community within the college itself.
Overall, I have enjoyed my time at North Central. I was involved in two years of full-time PSEO at the school, and am now a full-time undergrad student with three semesters of work left. The environment is very nice; students, faculty, and professors are very easy to work and get along with. The campus is located a couple blocks out of downtown Minneapolis, so it is a beautiful setting. The school also has an extremely good business program, with many students able to find jobs immediately out of school because of the connections and skills they learn in the School of Business. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a smaller, private school in the Minneapolis area; it is well worth the investment!
I really enjoy the school. I’m not much of a city person but love the small school atmosphere. The professors here really care about you as a student and want to see you succeed. I would recommend this school as a positive environment to learn in. I would like to see more things available for students to do on weekends.
I love North Central because the small community of around 1500 students, make me feel very welcome! It's easier to make friends here because everybody knows everybody! When you go to a class room and know 95% of the people in there, it makes me feel a lot more relaxed and I'm able to learn a lot better!
At least 3 of my Recording Arts classmates were entertaining the idea of suing for tuition reimbursement. Eventually, after many horrible bumps in the road that included canceling half a semester worth of class periods, and teachers quitting because NCU didn't want to fit the bill for what the program would actually cost, they scrapped it, and consolidated the program into a "worship arts degree." Yes, while students were expecting the delivery of a promised program. I'm not sure what happened to my classmates but I know a lot of them were even more upset than I was about how NCU handled the issue. No refunds, no apologies, no discussions on how to make it right. They asked for students to be involved in process of restructuring, but they did not do anything to knowledge the reasons we were trying rebuild a program that should have already existed... then gutted it and kept thousands of tuition dollars. I had one more year to go and I was too disgusted to set foot there again.
My experience with this institution is great. Everyone I've come in contact with has been excellent in assisting me with everything. Each counselor was great. They don't leave you out in left field and make certain your questions are answered and you don't walk away confused. They help encourage everyone so their goals are ney.
North Central is AWESOME. Great location in downtown Minneapolis, and awesome staff. The school has great events and the culture here is fantastic.
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Everyone is so nice and accepting! Professors are great and they really want you to reach your full potential!
North Central University is an amazing place to grow academically, socially and spiritually. It has amazing professors that are willing to guide you and take extra steps to ensure that you learn and achieve your potential. They are also Christ minded people that can help you with your walk with the Lord. These professors exhibit the love of Christ on a day to day basis. I also love the social aspect about North Central and I have made some life long friends here that I love. It's an overall great college and a place that I now get to call home for the next few years or maybe beyond.
NCU is a great campus and community in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. The atmosphere is diverse and authentic with God as their focus on everything they do.