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This college is decent, fairly cheap to obtain a decent degree to bridge to a 4 year school or for a nice starting job and some even a career.
Teachers are willing to go above and beyond for students! Small class size allows for better learning.
The college experience was more like a High School experience. The advisor I was assigned did not help me the way he should have. He would add classes to my schedule that had nothing to do with my major. Therefore, I wasted time and money at this college.
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The staff is super friendly and caring. I am also able to plan all of my classes out a head of time online and meet with my advisor when needed to discuss needed improvements and for advice.
I went to North Central State College my last two years of high school through the College-Now Engineering program. I received 69 college credits as well as my Associate's Degree, at the same time I received my high school diploma. North Central State College is a fantastic decision financially and academically, and I strongly recommend it for local high school seniors. The professors and staff were my favorite aspect of the college, as they are not only supportive and motivating to their students, but also challenging and persistent. I developed strong relationships with many of my professors and they were always more than willing to help when needed. The only aspect I would change, if I could, at North Central State College, would be the attendance amount.
I really like going to this college. I would like to see a wider variety of classes. I also think that the credits should be easier to transfer. Some of the credits do not match with other colleges so it makes it difficult to get a degree.
My friend went to NCSC and is the one that convinced me to go back to school and she was always telling me great things about NCSC so I decided to give it a try! I'm so excited.
Great staff. Great students. Student life is good, so many groups to join. Fitness classes and gym membership is free and easily available.
The online courses are great. They give us an appropriate amount of time to work on the assignments. They are so helpful.
There are a lot of employers that call or come in to North Central asking for students that they would think would excel at a particular job.
The professors are excellent. They work with you in every aspect of your college life to try and be the best you can be.
There are many employers that come to North Central to seek employees and its just great.
I am a music education major and the coarse here are fantastic. They help me so much with understanding why I chose this field of work.
This school is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
The school's schedule is flexible only if you're up and enrolling in classes at the exact time they permit you to. If you wait too long, the classes with times you need will be gone, as we don't have more than 25 people in a class. I was unable to transfer credits, though I was a little past the time I could transfer them, they said there was nothing they could do. It was frustrating because that time in the career center feels wasted now, but understandable as it was past the time frame.
I have yet to do online courses, I start them in a month or so. But from what I have heard they are very good classes and I look forward to being in them
So far, the college experience there has been pleasant. The workers have for the most part been very kind and helpful. And they have been flexible to my needs when it came to scheduling tests, orientation and meetings. I had a lady show me around the school and she asked what scholarship I was enrolled in, and showed me only the buildings I would need to know about as well as the classrooms I would be in. She was very helpful. All in all a very good experience so far.
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I am currently taking two online classes and I must say that there is a huge difference from the class room settings. It's can be harder or easier depending on the individual and the teacher. Online classes require a lot of self discipline, multitasking and time management because as a student you have a lot of different things going on and you have to create time for the work load. The class being online allows a student to take any where which is great for going out of town or vacation. However, this also mean sense there is no set time you have to make sure you complete your work with out reminder and in class work time. So there's no really breaks, it's a everyday working at the subject. Peer to peer reaction is nonexistent, unless you include the discussion boards where a student can interact with the teacher and other students. The processor and student relationship is different because you don't see each other face to face but you can always email and visit them during office hours. The overall registration is quick and easy, you must take a online tutorial before taking an online class. The tutorial goes step by step showing the student how to take the online class and helpful tips . The classes range from psychology two walking and jogging online.
My school is the best because it provide students with cost affect schooling and opportunities to see what is the next step. I currently am attending a junior college, so the classes are cheap than a four year college and the teacher all have a degree in their field. The classes are small which allows the teacher to focus more on the individual students and this provides more time for one on one. As a student this makes learning easier, it also encourages team building because we can break up in small groups to study or work on projects. This liberal style of learning, focusing on a general education has allowed me to explore all options of what I like to study and over all choose a career I can be successful in. NCTC allows be to do all of this and more. Also, they're several opportunities to build skill with tutorials on everything from money management to how to take a test and other colleges visit frequently. My college is a school is a system for fostering learning for all age groups, especially with a flexibility schedule.
This school is very one on one with your professors. They are here to help whenever their needed.
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