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North Central Missouri College Reviews

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The teachers are amazing and very helpful, the coursework is very doable, and it is an amazing experience. It is also low-price, which makes it very student friendly.
I really enjoy my instructors, they are really helpful. I also enjoy the smaller classroom setting. The town of TRenton is a very welcoming city. I love being able to live on campus and have the college experience.
Great college to start off at and get your basics done for free if you have your fasfa done and have a plus without paying a dime on books
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I like that it is a small school and that the instructors are very helpful when you need it. Also, it is close to home which I find very good to commute every MWF schedule.
I love this school. From the peaceful atmosphere, helpful professors and friendly staff! The tuition is reasonable and they have a wide variety of program options.
I love how all the staff of the college is very helpful, they are always willing to stay late and make appointments to help better their students. The atmosphere of the school is amazing, I wouldn't change anything about North Central Missouri College.
North central missouri college is very personable. Their teacher to student ratio is great. It allows you to ask the questions that in a more busier classroom you typically wouldn't be anle to. Teachers teach to your benefit, they don't say this is my level get on it or there's the door.
This college fought me tooth and nail every semester and every turn. Every semester they jacked up my scholarships and A+ program which pretty much paid for my education there besides books and labs fees. Every time I had to fight with them to use that money instead of trying to bill me for it. Many of the office staff seem like they didn't even care about it's students.
I would like to have had more courses relating to my major(engineering) be added. It's a small school which means you have access to your professors. This was a major upside to the school.
I would most definitely choose this school again if I had the chance! I am in the ADN program as of right now and both the PN teachers and ADN teachers have been so helpful in my success I would not want to do it any differently.
I love this school. I have had a lot of great times here especially going to the sports activities. This school is completely full of people that want to see the students succeed. Everyone around here is always willing to do anything they can do help out anyone that is struggling. I would come back to this school in a heart beat. I have loved it here and I will be sad when I graduate from here.
I love the classes. The sizes are good. The teachers are interactive. In Botany class, I learned that snapdragons really look like dragons, and the phases of mitosis. Sign language is considered a second language credit. The computers are fast. The tutors are easy to get in touch with- not to mention free.
I haven't had any problems getting to classes, because I live in the town where the college is located. I'm a first-time college student, so I didn't have to transfer any credits. I may only have such a great experience because I don't commute and I worked at the college, so work was scheduled around classes. Still, many teachers have a policy that if a student misses class more than three times, points will be deducted from their grade. That can be a problem for some students.
NCMC is a very small school, so there isn't much to gush about. The campus has some older buildings that are very beautiful, and some newer additions that are more technology oriented. There is tutoring available to all students, and a special program for students with financial needs so they can get help. There is a community center that is free for college students, which has exercise equipment and hosts basketball games.
There isn't much ethnic diversity at NCMC. Its mostly Caucasians, but to give the college some credit, it is in northern Missouri. There is a sizable amount of African-American students, but not much else. The campus is fairly conservative, which is great, and Christianity is the major religion. Still, for a small-town campus people are very accepting of others.
Due to NCMC being in a town of about 6,000 people,the small-town atmosphere is very personable. Everyone knows each other, and that closeness makes it easy for students to find help when they need it. On the downside, there isn't a lot to do around town, but that really is more of a pro than a con when it comes to keeping students out of trouble.
I would have to say that sometimes it can be really upsetting dealing with all of it.
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The inclass professer that i have this semester is great.
some classes are really good at not over loading us but i think other just don't care.
there arn't many people that thing tuition is great. Financial aid was good tell they cut me off before i got my degree.
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