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At North Central the classes are so small so it is very easy to get individual help from your professor.
Please. If you're seeking higher education, move on because this college is a joke. The people who attend here are unable to leave town for one reason or another. They are locals and will most likely always be locals. It's almost like a young adult daycare center.
I went back to college as an adult learner for Nursing. The staff were supportive and the professors were very caring and very knowledgeable. I wouldn't change a thing about this school. It is a small school, but has great programs available.
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I've earned two separate associates degrees from North Central Michigan College and am soon heading back for yet another. I love how small all of the classes are you get a lot more one on one attention. It's also very easy to schedule appointments with academic or financial advisers.
The college is a great community college, and offers many unique courses. The staff is great at answering questions about transferring to bigger universities and the advisers are excellent at helping you stay on track.
The professors are relatable and treat students as equals. They are easily accessible for any questions or concerns a student might have as well. The size of the campus is easy to navigate and is not overwhelming to freshmen first starting college. The majority of the people are pretty down to earth too.
North Central is a perfect school if you’re coming right out of high school and like the small classes. I really enjoy it and would recommend it to anybody for a first time college student. I’m so glad I picked it and I’m thankful everyday! The academic life there is exactly what I was looking for. They provide great student help and a huge track and work out room. I spend Monday-Friday there every week from going to classes to working out, it’s perfect!
I am in the Early College program, and it was a great way to get used to the structure of College compared to high school without leaving home right away, and all for free! I learned a lot in my classes, but some just seemed too easy compared to similar classes at a larger university. I could have used more of a challenge to prepare me in certain courses.
I've had a great experience so far. The professors are great, the campus is in great shape, and the class sizes are small so the professors are always available to help.
I liked the professors that I had and everyone really seemed like they wanted me to succeed. I am a part of the special early college program which is great because I get done a year early with my Associates degree.
I personally love this community college due to the fact the classes are fairly small, giving me the opportunity to reach out to my professors more easily than if I was in a college class with 60+ students. The professors at this college are all genuine and have the desire to truly help students. The only thing that I wish to see changed is the program variety for Health.
Wonderful community college with excellent clinical opportunities for nursing students. I got an awesome education for an affordable price. Great experience!
I'm actually a dual enrolled high school student taking a few classes with the college and so far the experience has been so exciting. I mean I'm slowly easing into the college atmosphere and NCMC has been very understanding and helpful with my academic pace. I have become so excited for college with the little taste of it I have found at North Central Michigan College.
The teachers and staff are very helpful and friendly. The campus is quiet and attractive. I enjoy learning from this college.
North Central Michigan College was the first college I attended. I graduated with my Associates from there. It was a great experience for me. It's a small campus so you get to have a relationship with professors, one on one time, free tutoring and great campus staff. Things that could be fixed would be the food - the Cafeteria is not ran well and the food is not that good. There is also no sports but they do put on activities in the Gym that you can join so that is very nice. Overall, I would recommend NCMC to anyone who is looking for a nice college to graduate from.
My experience at NCMC, has been simply amazing, to begin the area, Petoskey has so much to offer, walking distance to Lake Michigan, one of the cleanest lakes in the world, small businesses thrive in the downtown area, finally nature is all around, trails, winter sports areas, and the great Petoskey State Park. Next the Academics, professors like deep discussions, they like to find out how we can solve issues while introducing us to many other ideas. the classes are challenging, but worth it. For a community college, I am being pushed to be bigger than I am and I feel like I am at a university. The tuition is reasonable, for a student who lives in central Michigan, and needed a fresh start, extremely cost effective. Finally as a student worker, the staff remind me to put my education first. I am glad to be apart of this amazing school.
The college has a very nice small campus and all the professors are very kind and helpful. The campus is easy to navigate.
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So far, I have not been going to North Central Michigan College for very long, but I love how small it is! I grew up in a small town, which makes this college perfect for me.
the campus and the people there were great. everyone was super nice and the campus food was great too.
I am a single mother of three and North Central Michigan College has offered me the flexibly of me being able to go back to school. It has been about four years since I started and this year I will graduate.
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