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I thoroughly enjoy this college. If I ever have questions or concerns someone is always available or able to answer them. I love the environment and how it is a christian college.
My experience so far at North Carolina Wesleyan college is a good one I played football my freshman year and got to meet some very good people, made a lot of friends and had some good professors
Everyone there is really nice and they will try to help and work with you in any way they can. The campus may be small compared to other colleges, but it is really nice and very easy to get around once you learn all the buildings.
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Wesleyan is a beautiful campus with a great atmosphere. This small, private college offers one-on-one attention with professors in order to provide a personalized education.
Its is a very nice campus but it is very small. One of the perks of a small school is that is provides more one-on-one time with your professors. Its a great school overall.
I like how friendly the teachers are and how the campus is set up. I would like to see an improvement in the food.
This school changed my life. I have grown closer to God and also developed several friendships with great people. Professors are there if a student needs help and really care about student success.
I am part of the Aspire program. Being a working mother and wife with three kids, NC Wesleyan provides an enriching and flexible program for me to earn my degree without sacrificing my family. The work load is manageable and professors are knowledgeable.
I transferred there my sophomore 2016 year it’s been home since I have joined two clubs since I’ve been there even became apart of each of those executive board . NCWC has taught me how to be more social and vocal
I came to NCWC after I graduated, and was set on playing lacrosse and getting a four year degree. The school was great at first, the teachers are great and always there to help, but I found the school not all it was said to be. The school could be updated a little bit as far as the facilities go and implement more of the "christian atmosphere" that it is said to have.
I Love This School. This is by far the best college I have ever attended ever. From the students to the professors this school is top notch. They do any and everything they can to help there students out. If you are looking for a small Campus this is the place to be.
North Carolina Wesleyan College is a great 4-year college to attend. The Administrator, Laura Brown is a wonderful person at the Goldsboro campus. The staff and instructors are very helpful when you face some type of crisis during your time of studies. The college have a variety of classes to choose from and instead of just completing one major, you have the opportunity to complete two or three depending on your own pace. I completed two which was Religious Studies and Criminal Justice. I enrolled again to complete Psychology.
Horrible experience here! They pick and choose who they want to discipline, and who they'll allow to get away with things. The campus is beautiful, but the administration needs a LOT of work. Most of the professors are okay, and take their job seriously. My advisor was a huge help guiding me and my class choices.
North Carolina Wesleyan College has mildew growing in the corners and ceiling of dorm rooms which has been reported to the resident assistants and advisor and still has not been dealt with. Also the dorms resemble a prison with white brick walls inside, destroying and feel for creativity. students to steal from other dorm rooms because the door room doors can be easily opened not to mention that some room keys can open other room doors and has led to several rooms being broken into and having students personal belongings stolen, items such as game systems, jewellery, money, etc.. And the campus security does practically nothing about it. However the professors are great but the school lacks tools and resources to fully exemplify a good college learning experience and the college is dirty because they have the football team;(i play)Clean the campus every Monday which doesn't make sense because they pay people to do that.
I am currently a sophomore at NCWC majoring in math and secondary education. The main attraction to me was the size of the campus, it was small, which put me in a smaller teacher to student ratio. The student life there is amazing, everyone is friendly and the teachers are super helpful. Overall I would recommend NCWC to anyone looking at small private colleges.
I love my schools atmosphere. It is a quiet campus with great teachers. Since, this is a Christian school you are surrounded by people who are a lot alike. The classes are challenging but the professors make sure they are there to help you succeed!
North Carolina Wesleyan College is truly a wonderful school. I have been here for 2 months and I love it so much already. My favorite thing about the school is definitely the tight-knit community that exists on campus. With less than a thousand students studying at Wesleyan, it is easy to make friends and build a family in a short amount of time. The international student body also makes Wesleyan's campus very rich and vibrant. No matter where you're from, you can always find somebody you identify with at Wesleyan. Students are given the opportunity to share their cultures, values and languages with everyone around them and this fills the campus with a melange of young men and women from different walks of life. Unlike many Southern US schools, Wesleyan has a student from every continent in the world. (except Antarctica, of course!) What I would like to see at Wesleyan is a change in the cafeteria menu and a serious renovation for the Nash Hall, which is where i currently live.
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The teaching there in terrible and they only care about sports and have no time to rest and get proper food to eat
The professors are great and are willing to help anybody at any given time and the courses are a lot easier then they seemed at first. There are a lot of courses offered so you have a lot to choose from. The class sizes aren't to bad.
The value of a degree from my school is very important to not only me but to everybody. Internships can be found everywhere on campus even in the community.
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