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I am an early college student and have been on NCSU's campus since I was fifteen. The campus is absolutely beautiful and everything is close to each other. The campus feels safe with several security boxes everywhere. Also the academic experience is amazing. All of my professors have really cared about me even when I am in 200 person class. They all want me to be successful and take feedback seriously. All my classes have been very academically enriching. Raleigh itself is a nice area. There are a lot of things close to campus like Crabtree Valley Mall and Cameron Village to go get a bite to eat and shop.
North Carolina State University offers quality education for a variety of degrees. The campus is well designed, clean and safe. The quality of student life is great. The school offers many resources for planning your degree as well as acquiring job opportunities for the future.
I had a really good experience when I visited NCSU! The campus was clean, the students were friendly (and Wolf Pack proud!), and I met several kind professors. The new Talley Student Union was stellar! I loved the variety and colors in the library as well. Prior to visiting, I had done the online virtual tour, but an in-person tour was needed and provided a lot of insight on the school's environment.
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I absolutely love attending NC State! The academics are amazing and improvements are always being made. Being part of one of the most diverse and cutting edge universities is something that I will always enjoy.
NC State has the largest student body in North Carolina. It is a great school for engineering, agriculture and any science related field of study. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, State has several outstanding sports programs and many opportunities for extracurricular involvement. The football program continues to improve as does the basketball program. The marching band known as the Power Sound of the South, boasts 300 plus members and performs at all home games and several away games. There is a lot of institutional pride among the students, faculty and alumni. In June 2017, the endowment surpassed one billion dollars.
I loved studying here! It was a big campus-but that just meant there was so much to explore. There were many activities to interest every type of student from athletics to student government and everything in between. There was student transportation so getting to class was never an issue as the Wolfline bus system ran all over the area. The student life was pretty amazing. There is a state of the art library as well as many places to eat on and around campus. Just minutes from downtown Glenwood Ave. nightlife was unlimited. There were tons of bars, nightclubs and restaurants.
There's so much pride in the school it's amazing because you feel like a real community where everyone supports everyone. Its also nice because it's a great school where you can get a great education and experience for a decent price.
I think that all the academic departments and the professors in them are amazing and extremely capable. The food is pretty good and healthier than at most campuses, there are a variety of fun and interesting things to do in this area, lots of people from all over the country and world, and excellent facilities. I would like to see more scholarship opportunities for students, and improvements with student dorms (although the Wolf Village and Wolf Ridge apartments are wonderful).
NCSU is a big school and you will meet new people every day during the fall and spring semesters. Professors will make you feel like a failure but they typically curve grades at the very end of the class. My time here has allowed me to become more enlightened but I also feel like I know nothing compared to other students. The parking situation has been getting worse during my time here. Now all freshman are forced to live on campus. The party scene is big if you are in greek life. If you are not into greek life then you need to find other groups like the radio station kids.
NCSU is an extremely large campus, but you wouldn't realize it. They place a firm belief on creating a community and offering every student help for a myriad of situations. NCSU is very informative and welcoming to all new and prospective students. My only critique would be that the university should make larger strides in reaching out to high school seniors.
North Carolina State University is a very diverse and involved community located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The classes are great and the professors are helpful. One of the best things about NC State is the tradition, including tailgating at football games to the Krispy Kreme Challenge every year.
So far so good at ncsu. not that diverse and unless you haggle the teachers help can be hard to find. The facilities are wonderful tho and the technology available on campus is amazing. The housing can be a bit funky as far as making sure you have a place to stay but all in all, it's a highly accredited university and I definitely can tell why.
When ever i go on an NC State campus i feel right at home. I love North Carolina and i love NC State University. I had a friend who graduated from there and its great. I enjoy the scenery and downtown Raleigh area.
I would highly recommend this school to any high school student that wants to go to a large college but that want a small classroom size. Even though NC State is a huge school, almost all classes are hands on and the professors really take part in the students efforts. The environment at NC State is unlike any other... the sporting events are high energy, there are endless clubs to join, and the libraries are top of the line. NC State is very diverse and is surrounded by the City of Raleigh which is great for all types of restaurants and activities.
I studied in the Poole College of Business for my undergraduate degree, and lived on campus the entire time. I enjoyed the campus itself, as the students and faculty were very friendly. The schools main strip, Hillsborough Street, was under construction when I was in school, but now looks great with a lot of restaurants and places to meet friends.
I have a unique experience at NCSU since I am in FTD. My major classes are great but I've had some bad GED classes. I was worried about NCSU's size but the fact that there is so many people means you can find your niche.
You can easily go do things off campus. My dorm experience has been ideal but I know it's not like that for everyone.
The food is ok; Clark is better than Fountain for most things. Try not to eat ice cream for every meal. Talley student union also has food; eat Jason's Deli is the least greasy.
I'm on Centennial a lot- my only complaints are the limited food options and bus routes over. If want to explore Raleigh get a "Go Pass".
Overall I am very happy that I went to NCSU and I would highly recommend at least looking into it.
Overall the school is just wonderful and really I have no complaints as a freshman. Though, I have not begun classes I have spent a lot of time exploring campus and getting to know those that already attend classes here and I can honestly say NC State is one of the most welcoming environments I have ever been introduced to, and I love being so close to everything on campus. It is overall extremely well rounded in that there are plenty of programs and activities offered to help a student maintain a healthy social, academic, and professional life. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and I would highly recommend this University.
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North Carolina State University is my favorite place to be. I love being in my dorm and around all the different people that go here. My professors are very knowledgeable and I have unbounded respect for each of them. My classes aren't too difficult for my area of study. The food tastes great as well, and there are plenty of stores on campus to buy your own produce for slightly healthier options. NC State is a great choice for anyone going into college in terms of academics, convenience, and atmosphere.
I have taken online classes here and have enjoyed them so far. The professors were willing to reach out and help and the campus was easy to navigate. Located in the heart of Raleigh, NC the local night life is always full of new adventures. The campus food is diverse and delicious and easily affordable. The school offers many majors and campus is close to the TRC.
Awesome school with all the resources of a big university. Lots to do and driving distance to downtown Raleigh, Durham and Cary.
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