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It's a great school! Lot's of great people, teachers and classes. There's lots of diversity and a lot of opportunities to further personal interests, academic careers, and futures.
NC State is a university that has definitely stepped its game up in the past few years. Its engineering and computer science departments are particularly well-known; however, other departments such as the veterinary school and the business school are also great. This school is very big in its population size, although the diversity of the student body in terms of ethnicity and religion could be greater.
This school is great the atmosphere is amazing and everyone that attends is so open minded and amazingly well rounded and it makes me feel welcome
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At North Carolina State University the professors and teachers are so helpful and really care about the students. I love the University theres a place for everyone I thought coming to Raleigh I wouldnt make many friends or like it here but I was wrong its a great place to go to college and live.
Awesome university! The campus is beautiful especially the student union and Hunt Library! Very modern!
I don't go here but I really like this school and it seems like a great fit! Pretty campus and great academics! Definitely seems like one of the best schools in NC!
After this semester I will have completely 65 credit hours, having different experiences with each. I've had excellent teachers that are obviously very passionate about their jobs i.e. my English teacher, one of my biology teachers, my food science, and other GEP teachers that I've had. I've also had teachers that I felt cared more about their own research at NC State rather than their 200+ students per class i.e. ALL my chemistry teachers and my biology teachers. Throughout my classes, I found that often my science teachers would teach and explain things as if they were explaining it to themselves (people containing doctorate degrees in the subjects that they're teaching). While there are many things I love about NC State, if I could change one thing it would be to have Science professors that didn't teach like they were talking to a class full of PhD students. I try my hardest in these courses, but still feel I will not be competitive enough for graduate school.
My past two years here have been great! I spent majority of my freshman year in the social scene. There was always something to do at campus events and the students on campus are really friendly so making new friends wasn't hard at all! The academics can be intense for certain classes, but as long as you put in the time and effort, you'll be fine! Plus, with the diverse amount of classes you can take (some you never even thought existed) you'll definitely learn a lot. Professors are really helpful here seem really passionate about teaching.
The dorms were okay but I think they could use a little renovating and updating but overall not bad for student living. I think my favorite aspect of NC State is the location. Being in the heart of Raleigh and with campus being on one of the busiest streets always made finding something to do in free time really easy. Also, the engineering campus and hunt library are a must see for any newcomer or visitor!
I love NC State University. The only thing I would like to see change is the information given to college freshman. I think that they should hold a required "Intro to college session" for freshman. Something other than convocation that has a panel of either sophomores or seniors giving real college advice specific to NC State.
North Carolina State University is more than a welcoming environment. They provide many family friendly activities. Even the beautiful libraries, such as Hunt, are open to the public at certain times. The research coming from this school is also blooming! So many great inventions were created by students close to my age because they were offered such opportunities. I am excited to go to a university that offers opportunities to research and take what I learn in class to the next level.
NC State.. my "dream school" ladies and gentlemen. This was the first school I visited when I began my college search and I loved it. When I went back before officially applying, I still loved it. What turned me away? The admitted students day.

All this school wanted to focus on was statistics. I heard no genuine opinions of the school. What also struck me was that the school avoided the discussion of rape and sexual assault completely. If this isn't the definition of a red flag, then I'm not sure what is. Following this, I went to the panel for incoming engineers. When I tried to bring up the topic, THERE WERE GROANS COMING FROM MY FUTURE CLASSMATES. The girl who "answered" my question could not have been more scripted too.

If you want a school that only cares about statistics and their rankings and who only care for passing their "competition" (although Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and Ohio State all rank higher than this school), then congratulations! You found your school!
North Carolina State University is a wonderful school that offers majors ranging from engineering to education to social work. Faculty and staff are easy to work with and genuinely care about the students. I couldn't have chosen a better school to complete my academic career.
NC State is a great school with many opportunities and connections. If you seek assistance, someone will also be willing to help you in any of your endeavors. It is very expensive but NC State's students are some of the most sought after graduates so it is definitely worth the investment. The campus is pretty diverse in its student population. The food is usually good. There are many on-campus jobs to apply for. The surrounding area is great because you have so much to do and so many different restaurants to try. The campus is beautiful of course and 99% of the professors genuinely care about you and will help you if you seek them out first and make yourself known.
I mean it's just great like you would definitely without a doubt love it and want to come back over and over again
NC State is a great STEMs school to got especially for engineering . Highly recommend if you are interested in engineering or computer science. NC State is big campus with a small campus feel.
Overall I am very pleased with NC State University. The university as a whole does a great job of campus diversity and involvement, and keeping the student body informed and up to date. The campus itself is constantly being improved by our own innovative students and staff, and the school has nearly every resource to aid students from health to finances. It is very high is school spirit as well, and the surrounding area has many activities for students with local businesses providing student deals.
North Carolina State University is an amazing institution with a thriving student life, beautiful campus, excellent academics, and countless opportunities for all its students.
Review North Carolina State University
I've been on a few tours through NC State University for my orientations for my upcoming freshman year, and I'm happy to say that I thoroughly enjoy the campus and its wonderful staff. My academic major, physics, has incredibly kind professors that understand that physics is one of the hardest majors there, and are willing to work with you every step of the way. Their class sizes are relatively small for such a large college, which allows for more teacher-student help.
While the diversity may not be as high as I had hoped, they do offer many programs, clubs, and small societies that allow you to get to know others.
Their campus is beautiful, fairly clean, and the surrounding area is blended in with the college campus, making the whole area very student-friendly.
I really love NC State! It's a great atmosphere for diversity and differences. Everyone there is really nice and accepting. It's a great campus because you can get to everything by a short walk. There is a lot of work, but that's to be expected. A really great part is that NC State provides you with a lot of resources to better study with. The libraries are great and are useful for group work. In all the residence halls there are study lounges that are good for group gatherings too. Plus, the Tutoring Center is super useful. Overall, everything thing is good from the people to the food to all the resources provided to you.
The best part of NC State is the atmosphere. It's racially and culturally diverse, and it's diverse in academic interests. The undergraduate experience has a much more relaxed feeling than other schools like UNC and Duke, but more stuff going on in the city and around campus than UNC Wilmington and other, smaller UNC system colleges. It's big enough to have D1 sports (even if our basketball program is in the tank right now) and there is a huge Wolfpack fan base in Raleigh, making for awesome game experiences and a lot of school pride. I don't feel like I'm competing with my classmates academically or socially, which I've heard is an issue at UNC. The downside of going to a big school is that I don't feel very highly valued by the administration. However in my major (Civil engineering) I have class sizes of about 20-40, which is a pretty good ratio, and I'm only in my sophomore year. There is a beautiful (inner) campus and lots of ways to meet people and get involved.
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