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So far so good at ncsu. not that diverse and unless you haggle the teachers help can be hard to find. The facilities are wonderful tho and the technology available on campus is amazing. The housing can be a bit funky as far as making sure you have a place to stay but all in all, it's a highly accredited university and I definitely can tell why.
When ever i go on an NC State campus i feel right at home. I love North Carolina and i love NC State University. I had a friend who graduated from there and its great. I enjoy the scenery and downtown Raleigh area.
I would highly recommend this school to any high school student that wants to go to a large college but that want a small classroom size. Even though NC State is a huge school, almost all classes are hands on and the professors really take part in the students efforts. The environment at NC State is unlike any other... the sporting events are high energy, there are endless clubs to join, and the libraries are top of the line. NC State is very diverse and is surrounded by the City of Raleigh which is great for all types of restaurants and activities.
Review North Carolina State University
I studied in the Poole College of Business for my undergraduate degree, and lived on campus the entire time. I enjoyed the campus itself, as the students and faculty were very friendly. The schools main strip, Hillsborough Street, was under construction when I was in school, but now looks great with a lot of restaurants and places to meet friends.
I have a unique experience at NCSU since I am in FTD. My major classes are great but I've had some bad GED classes. I was worried about NCSU's size but the fact that there is so many people means you can find your niche.
You can easily go do things off campus. My dorm experience has been ideal but I know it's not like that for everyone.
The food is ok; Clark is better than Fountain for most things. Try not to eat ice cream for every meal. Talley student union also has food; eat Jason's Deli is the least greasy.
I'm on Centennial a lot- my only complaints are the limited food options and bus routes over. If want to explore Raleigh get a "Go Pass".
Overall I am very happy that I went to NCSU and I would highly recommend at least looking into it.
Overall the school is just wonderful and really I have no complaints as a freshman. Though, I have not begun classes I have spent a lot of time exploring campus and getting to know those that already attend classes here and I can honestly say NC State is one of the most welcoming environments I have ever been introduced to, and I love being so close to everything on campus. It is overall extremely well rounded in that there are plenty of programs and activities offered to help a student maintain a healthy social, academic, and professional life. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and I would highly recommend this University.
North Carolina State University is my favorite place to be. I love being in my dorm and around all the different people that go here. My professors are very knowledgeable and I have unbounded respect for each of them. My classes aren't too difficult for my area of study. The food tastes great as well, and there are plenty of stores on campus to buy your own produce for slightly healthier options. NC State is a great choice for anyone going into college in terms of academics, convenience, and atmosphere.
I have taken online classes here and have enjoyed them so far. The professors were willing to reach out and help and the campus was easy to navigate. Located in the heart of Raleigh, NC the local night life is always full of new adventures. The campus food is diverse and delicious and easily affordable. The school offers many majors and campus is close to the TRC.
Awesome school with all the resources of a big university. Lots to do and driving distance to downtown Raleigh, Durham and Cary.
After my first year at NCSU, most everything has met my expectations. I absolutely love the campus and being close to Downtown Raleigh really lightens up the nightlife. Because of the large campus, there is always something you can do whether it be karaoke in Talley Student Union or hopping on the bus to a football game.
The campus is great and in a good location with lots to do both on and off campus. Some of the dorms need updating.
I love the atmosphere at NC State. It's a great school and everyone puts academics first, but also finds that balance for fun too!
It's a great school! Lot's of great people, teachers and classes. There's lots of diversity and a lot of opportunities to further personal interests, academic careers, and futures.
NC State is a university that has definitely stepped its game up in the past few years. Its engineering and computer science departments are particularly well-known; however, other departments such as the veterinary school and the business school are also great. This school is very big in its population size, although the diversity of the student body in terms of ethnicity and religion could be greater.
This school is great the atmosphere is amazing and everyone that attends is so open minded and amazingly well rounded and it makes me feel welcome
At North Carolina State University the professors and teachers are so helpful and really care about the students. I love the University theres a place for everyone I thought coming to Raleigh I wouldnt make many friends or like it here but I was wrong its a great place to go to college and live.
Awesome university! The campus is beautiful especially the student union and Hunt Library! Very modern!
Review North Carolina State University
I don't go here but I really like this school and it seems like a great fit! Pretty campus and great academics! Definitely seems like one of the best schools in NC!
After this semester I will have completely 65 credit hours, having different experiences with each. I've had excellent teachers that are obviously very passionate about their jobs i.e. my English teacher, one of my biology teachers, my food science, and other GEP teachers that I've had. I've also had teachers that I felt cared more about their own research at NC State rather than their 200+ students per class i.e. ALL my chemistry teachers and my biology teachers. Throughout my classes, I found that often my science teachers would teach and explain things as if they were explaining it to themselves (people containing doctorate degrees in the subjects that they're teaching). While there are many things I love about NC State, if I could change one thing it would be to have Science professors that didn't teach like they were talking to a class full of PhD students. I try my hardest in these courses, but still feel I will not be competitive enough for graduate school.
My past two years here have been great! I spent majority of my freshman year in the social scene. There was always something to do at campus events and the students on campus are really friendly so making new friends wasn't hard at all! The academics can be intense for certain classes, but as long as you put in the time and effort, you'll be fine! Plus, with the diverse amount of classes you can take (some you never even thought existed) you'll definitely learn a lot. Professors are really helpful here seem really passionate about teaching.
The dorms were okay but I think they could use a little renovating and updating but overall not bad for student living. I think my favorite aspect of NC State is the location. Being in the heart of Raleigh and with campus being on one of the busiest streets always made finding something to do in free time really easy. Also, the engineering campus and hunt library are a must see for any newcomer or visitor!
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