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North Carolina State University has various services that they offer to students, which was beneficial for me to transition from high school to college. There are also many events that NCSU has to offer for students to gather and meet new people.
The North Carolina State campus was beautiful. It had a nice layout, and it was easy to locate each building. I do admit that some of their buildings could use some updating, as some of them aren't much different than they were in the 1950's.
I transferred to NC State from Appalachian State because I had grown up in the surrounding area of Raleigh and had always wanted to go to NC State. As a Sophomore in his first year at NC State I have no complaints about anything. I think the campus is beautiful and the faculty and staff are very helpful and engaging. The classes are difficult, but I like the challenging courses. I have loved attending football and basketball games so far and the student body makes attending these events even more fun. I think the on campus facilities such as a Carmichael gym and Hill library are top notch.
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NCSU is full of great teachers. There are a variety of clubs and great student involvement. There are many classes to choose from.
North Carolina State University is an amazing school full of diversity and opportunities to explore every different style of life available. The dorms also allow for an opportunity to make a network of friends by offering different events all throughout the semester.
The academics are generally good, but some professors are not very concerned with teaching material and leave grading to TA's, who are not always knowledgable. Also, some of the advisors don't know anything about advising.
I wish NCSU focused more on academics than athletes– however sports do definitely bring in plenty of money. Definitely the best value in NCSU especially for technical majors like Design, Engineering, and Veterinary School.
Great place - great engineering! Good food in the dining halls. The town is cool with lots of stuff to do downtown. There is so much to do. Close to Chapel Hill and Durham. The city bus system is great and super convenient to get to Durham or Chapel Hill. Students can buy a yearly city bus pass for 5 dollars. That is an amazing bargain and great if you don't have a car.
Great restaurants. Dorms are OK and professors are good. Really like the campus environment is good. The new engineering campus is state of the art and really good for the future of the university. The new facilities are amazing. The library is so well done with great seating and varies cooperative study spaces. You can check out anything you need in the library and find a space to work with your fellow students. It is really a great place to go to college.
I had a good experience and would recommend to others. The safety was an issue, especially at night for students with classes after 6pm. Advisers were non-existent and most were professors so they had no time or sound advice. Job placement after graduation did not exist. Great for building relationships and friends for a long time.
Over my two years at NC State, I've met new friends, wonderful professors, and helpful people all of which had had my best interest in mind. This college has helped me gain a sense of identity and figure out a path that works for me.
Great campus. Really reputed Analytics and Statistics department. Professor's are really good and distinguished.
Best for Computer Science ! Top University ! ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
I am looking forward to attending NC State in the fall of 2018. It has everything an engineering student could ask for.
The school itself is very good. The teachers do there job and the students are friendly and welcoming. Personally, I had to transfer because it was too big.
I love State, it is one of my top choices for a Biochemistry Degree. My sisters goes to state going for the same degree and loves the atmosphere as well.
This school is crap. My professors in (nutrition) dept were horrendous. One professor in particular zeros in on students and doesn't care if you are struggling with a disability even w/ a NOTE from the health dept. She let students grade each other, and refuses to let your feedback cut into her favorites. I wanted to start crying each time I tried to tell her that the group students would cut out my work without discussing why they did it, and refused to believe I did anything even when I showed her my work and research. Really? They gave you all these false promises of jobs and stuff when you graduate. This school is NOT accredited for nutrition and they insisted on posting job listings for WIC jobs. I was told by a HR manager that the school was NOT accredited and I had a good resume and couldn't get the job because of this school. The science classes were harder than necessary and professors were not even interested in helping. I learned more at a community college.
This school is a great please to get to know other people and experience diversity. However, this school can make a better effort to ensure that opprotunities are known to their students.
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I love the atmosphere and the pride that the students and faculty have in their school. There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus and participate in recreational activities and organizations.
I really enjoy the atmosphere here at NC State. All the student's are self-motivated, which adds to the overall academic experience here. The campus itself is amazing and there are a few spots that have a spectacular view.
Great school and great facility. Lots of learning labs and equipment that is easy to use. Great faculty.
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