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I am looking forward to attending NC State in the fall of 2018. It has everything an engineering student could ask for.
The school itself is very good. The teachers do there job and the students are friendly and welcoming. Personally, I had to transfer because it was too big.
I love State, it is one of my top choices for a Biochemistry Degree. My sisters goes to state going for the same degree and loves the atmosphere as well.
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This school is crap. My professors in (nutrition) dept were horrendous. One professor in particular zeros in on students and doesn't care if you are struggling with a disability even w/ a NOTE from the health dept. She let students grade each other, and refuses to let your feedback cut into her favorites. I wanted to start crying each time I tried to tell her that the group students would cut out my work without discussing why they did it, and refused to believe I did anything even when I showed her my work and research. Really? They gave you all these false promises of jobs and stuff when you graduate. This school is NOT accredited for nutrition and they insisted on posting job listings for WIC jobs. I was told by a HR manager that the school was NOT accredited and I had a good resume and couldn't get the job because of this school. The science classes were harder than necessary and professors were not even interested in helping. I learned more at a community college.
This school is a great please to get to know other people and experience diversity. However, this school can make a better effort to ensure that opprotunities are known to their students.
I love the atmosphere and the pride that the students and faculty have in their school. There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus and participate in recreational activities and organizations.
I really enjoy the atmosphere here at NC State. All the student's are self-motivated, which adds to the overall academic experience here. The campus itself is amazing and there are a few spots that have a spectacular view.
Great school and great facility. Lots of learning labs and equipment that is easy to use. Great faculty.
High quality instruction in the online environment. Professors were exceptionally accommodating and helpful as I progressed through the program!
My experience at state has been nothing but amazing. All the professors are experts in the courses they are teaching and are more than willing to help you succeed. The student pride is awesome and I am very proud to be attending this university.
Excellent school of engineering. Well funded, lots of opportunity, and great relationships with companies.
Beautiful engineering campus.
NC State is an excellent University that provides many opportunities for students to learn and grow.
The school provides a small community from a big population. Everyone is connected, informed and highly motivated to do their best and help others and futures. The school helps outstandingly in classes, career development and personal growth.
I'm having a blast here at NC State. It is my second year here, and I am fully involved in Electrical and Computer Engineering and love almost every minute of it. The classes are hard but I am getting out of it what I need to be successful in my career after college!
I stayed at NC State University for a week at a camp and it was excellent. The dorms were nice in the place I stayed at, the campus was lovely, and the dining hall food was decent.
I am an early college student and have been on NCSU's campus since I was fifteen. The campus is absolutely beautiful and everything is close to each other. The campus feels safe with several security boxes everywhere. Also the academic experience is amazing. All of my professors have really cared about me even when I am in 200 person class. They all want me to be successful and take feedback seriously. All my classes have been very academically enriching. Raleigh itself is a nice area. There are a lot of things close to campus like Crabtree Valley Mall and Cameron Village to go get a bite to eat and shop.
North Carolina State University offers quality education for a variety of degrees. The campus is well designed, clean and safe. The quality of student life is great. The school offers many resources for planning your degree as well as acquiring job opportunities for the future.
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I had a really good experience when I visited NCSU! The campus was clean, the students were friendly (and Wolf Pack proud!), and I met several kind professors. The new Talley Student Union was stellar! I loved the variety and colors in the library as well. Prior to visiting, I had done the online virtual tour, but an in-person tour was needed and provided a lot of insight on the school's environment.
I absolutely love attending NC State! The academics are amazing and improvements are always being made. Being part of one of the most diverse and cutting edge universities is something that I will always enjoy.
NC State has the largest student body in North Carolina. It is a great school for engineering, agriculture and any science related field of study. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, State has several outstanding sports programs and many opportunities for extracurricular involvement. The football program continues to improve as does the basketball program. The marching band known as the Power Sound of the South, boasts 300 plus members and performs at all home games and several away games. There is a lot of institutional pride among the students, faculty and alumni. In June 2017, the endowment surpassed one billion dollars.
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