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North Carolina State University Reviews

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NC State University is an extraordinary education facility. The engineering program went above and beyond my expectations and adequately prepared me to enter the workforce.
Raleigh is a wonderful city with plenty of high quality places to eat, hang out, network, and relax! NCSU has a beautiful campus integrated into the city, making most buildings within walking or biking distance.
Research faculty at NCSU are overpaid and many are unfunded, unmotivated, hate their jobs, and take in students to use as place holders while they wait to retire. There is no support or interest in furthering student education or careers . For a school that promotes itself as inclusive and diverse, the faculty are remarkably exclusive, ageist, and sexist.
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Great professors. Tons of pride. Several study abroad, club, and service opportunities. Nightlife is good. Variety of food is good. Football and Basketball games are a ton of fun. Courses are rigorous. Fitness available 24/7.
North Carolina State University has treated me so kindly. As a non-traditional student, the financial aid and student advising departments really helped me acclimate to University life. The professors are highly knowledgeable, passionate, and friendly. I have not had one bad experience here.
North Carolina State University is an incredible school. Located just outside of downtown Raleigh allows it to be close to the city, but still have an urban feel. This school is more like a community and the education is top notch.
The classroom setting is a mix of historic structures and modern applications. The campus is self-contained and lively. If you love brick, then NC State is the place to call home.
i really like the people and the scenery. Especially, the students of NC state are so nice and helpful and they helped me get to my first class.
Academically driven school. Lots of connections, resources and opportunities for students, but all up to the student to find them and utilize them
I just finished my first year at NC State and I can say that I chose the right college. At first I wasn’t so sure how I would fit in, but there’s everything for everyone. The students are nice, the faculty are nice, and the campus is so nice! We have almost everything right on campus. We have a nice food court with a good selection and a more options around the campus across the street. However, if I could see something that is change I would say the even more food selections. It can be quite tiring to get at the same food court for the rest of the semester. But overall, I’m satisfy with what they have.
NC State is a very good school. They have a excellent engineering program that helps me develop good engineering skills and NC State has staff members have helped me look for jobs that I might be qualified for.
I had a great first year at NC State. Everyone is so friendly and you can walk up to almost any other student and start up a conversation that could easily turn into a friendship. The campus is beautiful and makes all the pain from schoolwork feel like less than how stressful it can actually be. The only complaint I have about the university is the area it is in. Raleigh seems exciting at first, but after doing everything once, the area becomes quite boring. Overall, I highly recommend NC State to anyone who is looking to attend.
I have loved being part of the Wolfpack. Everyday you are challenged to be your best and academically encouragd. beyond that there are so many places on campus where you can find your home
I am an NDS Student at NCSU and I go here every summer for classes not available to me at my regular college. This helps me a lot and I really like the speed of the summer sessions. Although they seem fast they always help you catch up or get ahead in your major or minor. Though beware taking to many summer classes the speed and the intensity of the courses could cause you to get behind or not fully understand the materials all the way.
I enjoyed the easy application process. The orientation was also really informative. I would Like to see the campus being easier to navigate.
Welcoming environment, lots of assistance when have questions, great facilities, great area, lots of ways to get involved, modest price (in-state), so many opportunities.
Its a good school. I have been there a year. It has a lot of options for clubs and social events. It is very diverse. It has cool food places. It has a lot of places around the campus for students to hang out and to study. It has tons of cool looking chairs. The school tries to do a lot for the students by providing events and things for students to do.
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The environment and location of NC State is phenomenal. Raleigh is a welcoming and beautiful city. The classes are challenging and the professors are great.
Super friendly and diverse. So many things to do on campus. I love the academics and the athletics. I would not choose to go to any other school.
Campus overall is a wonderful place. It's a bit spread out but that's on purpose as there's one area devoted to Engineering while there are others focused on Bio&Ag, Design, and Veterinary schools throughout the school. Their physics and chemistry department can be a bit frightening initially, but after a while, it's nothing an average student can't do on their own. Highly recommend it to any one who is interested in becoming an Engineering, Veterinary, or want to be in the Bio&Ag program!
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