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I love NC State, it's the right place for me! I also believe it can be the right place for you, it's a great school with great people! It makes sure every student feels comfortable and well prepared. If you struggle, NC State is there to make sure you have a tutor and a game plan to succeed. I would highly suggest going to NC State! It's completely worth it!
PARKING IS HORRIBLE! It is extremely expensive and you can’t ever find a good spot. You can’t drive between campuses even if you have a permit. The jerks in the transportation office write tickets as a revenue-raising past time activity. NOT TO MENTION the nice $100 late registration fee NC State loves to slap onto your bill without warning. Here, you are a way for them to make money.
North Carolina State University is an amazing place to study. There are so many events that happen around the Raleigh area and many college events. I have loved all of my professors and the campus is beautiful. The location is perfect for city-lovers and the dorms on campus are well-designed and you have many options for which dorm you'd like to live in. I always feel safe as there are many lights and safety systems set in place.
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I love being a student at NC State University. I feel like I am truly a part of a community and that I am challenged by my classes.
There are a lot of ways to get involved. Anything from clubs to sports and different health classes that are incredibly fun.
I love North Carolina State University. The classes are difficult, but I feel like I'm being prepared for my intended major.
At NC State you are definitely a part of the Pack. I work with my classmates to solve real world problems. Engineers are consistently encouraged to work in teams and use their resources. I do, however, wish that there was more diversity in my department. Even though the Chemical Engineering department is about half male and half female, the majority race is definitely white. I would also like to see more programs targeted at assisting women in engineering in their struggle to thrive in such an environment.
North Carolina State is a lovely campus with dedicated staff all-around. They would love to see student success and strive for comfort around campus. There are several accommodations that are not offered to many first year students, such as on campus restaurants, hotel style dorms, and Wolfpack Welcome Week.
NC State was one of the best choices of my life. The academics are challenging, yet interesting and doable and its easy to have a good time at athletic events or anywhere on campus. Go Pack!
One thing that I love about North Carolina State University is the amount of diversity and school pride here on campus. The people here at State are so welcoming and friendly towards one another that it is easy to find someone to study with, party with, or just become friends with overall. I think NCSU has one of the best engineering and communication programs here on campus and they also have a lot of resources at our libraries and everywhere else on campus. Their database is incredible and the library has so much information for you to refer to when doing research or completing an essay. This University has a strong reputation of academic success as well competitive students, which is makes our school very exciting. Each student is engaged and passionate about something and NC State encourages that each student pursue those goals. I highly recommend NC State as a college to consider in your future!
NC State is a great school overall. The campus is big and very beautiful. Sports and school spirit are a big part of student life, but academics are by far the most important. Professors really care to see students succeed.
I love NCSU. Everyone is nice, and it's so easy to find a place or people that you can connect with. There are many opportunities to find internships, build relationships, and get lost. It's it's own town!
Getting excepted by NCSU was a dream of mine since I was a small child. The layout of the campus and campus living is wonderful and I never walk more than five to ten minutes to class. My professors are all very interesting and understanding as well even in larger clase settings. The food at the university is next to none as well, and can be found within about a one minute walk of just about anywhere on campus. The only thing I can possibly thing of wanting to change about state is that you are often surrounded by buildings and walk ways all made of brick, which can get old. However, I realize that this is not something that can change and the reason for this is from the generous donations from an alumni who owns triangle brick, which is a local brick factor.
NC State offers great academics with some great ice cream. One thing that could be improved on would be the chemistry department, particularly, the CH101 professors that teach the course.
I have just transferred here, but so far all of my teachers have been amazing. Other staff members such as the staff in financial aid and registration and records have been incredibly helpful. The food here is AMAZING compared to my past schools. There's a lot more healthy options!
I loved the location and the overall family-oriented environment. It never felt elitist or like I needed to act like someone I wasn't.
North Carolina State University has various services that they offer to students, which was beneficial for me to transition from high school to college. There are also many events that NCSU has to offer for students to gather and meet new people.
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The North Carolina State campus was beautiful. It had a nice layout, and it was easy to locate each building. I do admit that some of their buildings could use some updating, as some of them aren't much different than they were in the 1950's.
I transferred to NC State from Appalachian State because I had grown up in the surrounding area of Raleigh and had always wanted to go to NC State. As a Sophomore in his first year at NC State I have no complaints about anything. I think the campus is beautiful and the faculty and staff are very helpful and engaging. The classes are difficult, but I like the challenging courses. I have loved attending football and basketball games so far and the student body makes attending these events even more fun. I think the on campus facilities such as a Carmichael gym and Hill library are top notch.
NCSU is full of great teachers. There are a variety of clubs and great student involvement. There are many classes to choose from.
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