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NCSU is my home away from home! I love it here! There are so many opportunities to get involved, find friends, find new activities, get a job right out of college, internships. Best place to be!
Student life at NC State is great. When you attend school here you automatically feel as though you are part of the Wolfpack family. School spirit is always high and proud.
NC State is honestly my dream school. There is just an NC State culture that is so welcoming and you feel very included in the campus community.
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NC State is a great university, despite of my short time here I already think of it as my home. Everyone is so nice, and even though we are not in a big city night life is pretty good. The only thing that could really improve are our athletics.
I like the diversity and variety of student organizations. I love how the housing is grouped based of ethnicity, major, etc. North Carolina State is known for the based in Aerospace and Civil Engineering and civil engineering is the area of study I want to pursue. I also want to pursue Anthropology and I like how there is a program that combines those two majors together. The minors are great as well. Another pro of this college is the location. North Carolina State is twenty-seven minutes away from my house. I'll be able to stay close to home and also be away from home. It's also close to my church so I'll be able to still participate in church activities.
There is lots going on at NCSU, but sometimes events are poorly advertised, so if you have interests, you need to seek them out since you won't be approached by all the opportunities available. The academics are great and most classes aren't too bad.
Of the schools I applied to, I feel that NCSU was the right choice to make, as I have connected on campus, and feel that I am learning things and enjoying myself in ways I might not have at other universities.
I loved NC State, it was a great tour. there are many opportunities for students who wants to succeed in life and pursue a career in almost most anything. I would defiantly apply to NC State!
Employees and professors are great. Variety of majors and classes. Good location. They offer free bus transportations for everyone every 10 min! They're Gym is really good and if you love sports you'll be happy here! so many different teams and fields you can choose from. Their online platform is very good too. Offer TA programs.
I love NCSU greats school, I wish people still respected the agriculture majors and it was a bigger agriculture school but the academics are good but hard and I have learned a lot and made good connections being at State.
Took only a few days to review my graduate app and reject it with no explanation as to why. Letter sent seemed to be a canned form letter after they quickly and greedily took my $75.00 app fee. I have reached out to the dean who sent said letter and without any further explanation referred me to the head of the department. I am waiting for their response which I hope is more informative than the latter. Save your money and apply somewhere where they will actually give you a fair review and at least a detailed response for your trouble.
Great atmosphere and there is always something fun and different going on. Convienently located and lots to do around campus.
NC State is a great university with a beautiful campus. I love how I felt at home as soon as I stepped on campus. I wish there was more diversity and better professors, but overall the school is great.
NCSU is a great school and will help people have a start in their career. I will be at NCSU within a year and i'm ready to begin my future as a NCSU graduate. I want to learn what its like to be in a North Carolina school and NCSU feels like somewhere i need to be.
I love the flexibility of the schedule and the people here. They are all very nice and easy to talk to.
Wonderful place. Quiet and peaceful. Has one of the best libraries in the world the 'Hunt Library.' Also has a fantastic computer science department with a 91% internship placement.
GReat experience overall, very smart professors. Great time finding job prospects. Great job getting ready or the real world.
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My experience at NCSU is one that I wouldn't trade for anything else. As a person, I've always felt outcasted from society. However, at NCSU I always felt like I was accepted in some way shape/form.
I love North Carolina State University because of the friendly community. No matter where you go on campus, the people make you feel welcome and a part of something greater.
North Carolina State University is an excellent school with many different resources that helps students in any way necessary to graduate.
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