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I really enjoyed being on campus. I love that there is always something to be doing. The bus system is really helpful and it definitely helps students get around. However, the food on campus is not great. Some of the dorms could get an upgrade or be remodeled. Also, NC State is not as diverse as it claims--the amount of multicultural students is very small compared to the large amount of students attending.
If you are an adult learner deciding to pursue an education, NCSU is not for you. They are extremely inflexible in class availability as every aspect from advising to the curriculum is designed for 18 year olds. I have had good instructors but the experience was ruined by all the difficulties and hoops I've had to jump through just to get the classes I need. Prepare to beg your boss for time off and use vacation days regularly to take tests, meet advisors, go to required orientations, etc. Online classes are few and far between and require in person testing at a center not open late enough past 5pm for a normal worker to not have to leave early. You are required to take 2 fitness classes feat. on site testing... a complete waste of money and time. With so many adults going back to school, I was shocked that NCSU is so behind the times and not adult friendly. I can't even explain how much I regret taking this path. If you are like most adults with a career and set schedule, reconsider.
What I like about the Univerisity are the resources. Unbelievable resources they have for students. I highly recommend students should take advantage of using them and try to volunteer and join many clubs for future reputation look.
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i love the campus and how it is very updated and modern. anytime I have been on campus I have been greeted with nothing but kindness.
NCSU is one of the best colleges around. The professors and staff really care about your future at NCSU.
I love NC State. I’m a minority’s here and I thought that I would feel uncomfortable. However, my time at the Multicultural Student Affairs office has made my time here worthwhile.
Ncsu is great! It's a difficult school but the professors are awesome and there are a lot of programs available to get you to where you want to be.
NCSU is a lively school that places as much emphasis on community and student involvement as it does on academics. With such a large and diverse campus, it isn't difficult to find activities to do with fellow students. The engineering curriculum is rigorous, but help is readily provided, as all the professors genuinely wish to see their students succeed.
This is a very good college. It has many great resources and a very nice campus. The academics are very difficult, but you will learn a lot. There are many career fairs, opportunities, clubs, sports, and extra resources available to all students. The faculty is very engaging and helpful to students, and the tutoring and extra help options are plentiful.
State is a very good school. The environment is welcoming. There are many opportunities- clubs, sport, organizations...
Fantastic campus. Very easy application process and current students were so friendly on my campus tour. I fell in love with this university right away and it was my #1 choice.
I absolutely love NC State! The student body is exciting and diverse, the professors and faculty are friendly and helpful, and there's always something exciting to do!
Excellent teachers and staff. Always very encouraging and helpful. Great campus diversity and food options. Very fun athletics and student life on and off campus.
Amazing campus and people who are always willing to help. The Centennial Campus is also great and has many resources
Love the administrative staff and the campus is gorgeous! I am so excited to attend this university.
My time at NC State University has been productive and useful for the most part so far. The Africana Studies library is and the African American cultural center are extremely useful and necessary resources at a PWI like NC State where Black students can easily feel isolated. The LGBTQ Center on campus is similarly an amazing resource staffed by individuals committed to social justice and welcoming minority LGBTQ students. The Art and Design program is an incredible opportunity and gateway to resources, skill development, and career readiness- but is extremely lacking in diversity and does little to make itself accessible to low-income students, non-traditional students, and students of color such as myself. While scholarships are available for tuition, supplies for art and design classes are incredibly costly and inaccessible.
I am currently a senior at Green Hope High School. NC State University is my top choice for school. I have recently been admitted into NC State and I had gone for an admitted students session. The campus was very beautiful and with lots of great things. There are a numerous amount of clubs that I can participate in and there is always something to do. I wish to go here for the Fall 2018 semester as a freshman.
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I visited North Carolina State University recently. I am a Junior in high school and I was highly impressed. Their tour was incredible and they showed all the important aspects of the college. The library (just as one of the incredible buildings) was outstanding and has so many resources that it seems virtually impossible to fail!
I enjoy how small the university seems. When you look up the statistics behind NCSU (how many overall students and staff there are), the total numbers can be overwhelming. However, adds are that you will end up being very close with the people in your major or college.
North Carolina State University is a great school. It is very easy to get involved in clubs, programs, and sports. The professors are very helpful and they are willing to take the time to create meaningful and lasting relationships with their students. That is very helpful especially since class sizes can be somewhat large.
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