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My experience with NCCU was great. I went on a tour there about a year and the tour guides were very friendly and informative. Also, the students who were not tour guides made me feel like I already went there.
NCCU is a great place to get to learn more about yourself. My experience has been fairly good. I’ve made life long relationships already in the first year here.
I love this school it is an HBCU but the only bad part it is in the hood part of our neighborhood so if something happens across the street the school has to go on lock down.
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NCCU is an HBCU, which is great and is a okay school over all. They aren't always the most concerned with you financially, most professors are rude and aren't really open to helping with academics unless it's on their own time, maybe it's just me and they're really enforcing an on your own persona. Many things that are scheduled to happen at Central are cancelled because of accusations, that probably never even happened. If you like the HBCU vibe then Central is the school for you, but just know it's very different from a PWI.
There are many great opportunities here for serious students particularly in research, however the administration and local environment can be very frustrating to deal with. There are many great professors and colleagues who can help you make your time at central rewarding, but there are caveats including the aforementioned issues along with many disinterested students. If you're especially looking for a good HBCU central may be a strong choice.
An important point is the community service requirement. I believe there should be more opportunities for students to gain community service hours combined with their classes and possible jobs. Not everyone has the time to gain the necessary hours each semester to reach the graduation goal or more. Majority of the opportunities listed under the NCCU site are for off-campus and adding more on-campus opportunities, even at a lesser hour rate, would be highly beneficial.

Another issue are the money-grabbing set ups. For instance, the bookstore has a great rent program for getting books at a lesser cost (such as on Amazon, etc.). However, instead of just spending the rent amount, the difference in the prices is also put onto a bookstore card that can only be used at the bookstore. Students already have to pay to keep the school running as part of our overall tuition, so there should be some give somewhere in terms of how much we have to pay.
North Carolina Central University has given me more than I needed for resources. I will be a very good Social Worker.
I love the atmosphere at Central. Its a great place for African American students to to grow and learn about their history and culture. All the resources on campus ensure that you are successful in the future. Only thing i would change is providing more dorms to avoid over crowding.
I really love the environment. I love that there is still little diversity at this college, even though it is a Historically Black College University. I am really hoping that I can graduate! I am needing a scholarship because I am in need of a car for transportation. The car I did have just died on me. It was my dad's car. My father always buys used products and cars and think that it is always the safe thing to do. He gave me the car at 300K miles (with a new motor).
The verdant greens and sloping hills of the illustrious North Carolina Central University has been a wonderful experience. First and foremost, the opportunity to even join a university such as this one was a great honor. There is so many people from different walks of life and people here for majors A-Z. I enjoy how free you are and how your individualism really defines you as a person. Being in class with different professors and really getting to dissect their teaching methods; helps you ascertain your learning style. Overall, being at NCCU is a breath of fresh air to be around people just like you. On the other hand, there are some things that I would like to see change; campus safety and cafeteria food. Safety for me is very important because of our large population and our open campus. I believe campus police and security should be heightened just to ensure the safety of the students and staff. The food is okay, but I believe there should be variation in our menu.
I love my school! The atmosphere is amazing, although I am a freshman I have met so many amazing people. Being apart of the marching band at Central is a plus because you get to do what you love and be apart of a great organization with amazing people. The teachers challenge you with the work you do, and your advisers push you to do well in your classes and they help you remember the reason you went to college in the first place.
I have enjoyed my college experience at Central University. I think for everyone transitioning into college is always a difficult process, but the staff at Central have been very patience and helpful with me and all my questions. They've always gone out of their way to making sure I'm on the right path to graduating.
I've only experienced this campus as an early college student, so I can't review this school on every level but from the classes I've taken I see that the professors care and give work that reflects the lesson their teaching.
I love my advisor and the professors because they are very straight forward and supportive. The only thing is that I don't like the big partying atmosphere. Meeting new peers is another thing I like here at NCCU and the history behind it. The chancellor is beyond amazing.
People talk to much and are judgmental for the most part. If you come here, stay to yourself and flourish!
When I went to visit North Carolina Central University the campus was so beautiful. The sloping hills to the green scenery of the fresh grass. The class buildings looked very nice and put together adding to that the dorms were very modern and clean. The professors on campus looked very educated and they were great at explaining what they lecture in class. The campus food in the cafe was good, they also had a good choice of different mini restaurants in their buildings. The students were nice and very helpful and everyone seemed to show pride in their school. North Carolina Central University was a great choice for me, I am glad I applied.
College is a lot different than high school. You may decide to commute from your home to a local campus. Your freshman experience will definitely make an impression on you. Without doubt, though, the most dramatic freshman year is for those living away from home. What can you expect as you head off into the wonderful world of higher education?

The first thing you’ll notice is the workload. It will be heavier and more intense than you ever experienced before. The major challenges of college work are the large volume of reading, the short deadlines, and the writing, writing, writing. A related effect that can be brought on by the workload is doubt, frustration, and possibly loneliness. You’ll be away from the comforts and friendships your home provided for you over the previous years.
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My experience at North Carolina central so far has been life changing. Not only has It made me grow as a person but the experience has been able to help me connect with people in a whole different way.
I'm a read it student who has enjoyed my experience at NCCU. The professors are available whenever you need help.
Overall great school! Amazing people and professors. Just a few minor cosmetic changes needed. Campus life is great, students are well rounded.
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