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I love this school. I am currently a junior and a nontraditional student. Over time I have become a part of a loving family.
North Carolina Central University is the current school I am attending and I really enjoy the school. The campus life is great and all the events are fun.
Be sure to stay involved and active in all activities towards your interest. Don't hide in your room twenty-four-seven. Parties aren't a priority, it's alright to stay in to study or be able to wake up for an a.m. class. Stay focused, set your goals and achieve them.
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North Carolina Central University (NCCU) has a dynamic atmosphere alongside a very diverse group of people. The time that I have spent at NCCU has been rearing and filled with memories. The variety of food I would change, but with more budget coming in the near future, I am sure that is in the works.
I went here post graduation and did enjoy the HBCU atmosphere. Class sizes were not too large and professors seemed really invested in student success. You do however have to stay on top of student financial aid as there seems to be a small issue with competence. There is a great sense of pride among students here.
Nccu feels like home to me . Mostly everybody who works here is welcoming . Even most of the students . You would really like it here . It's like a big family . It's diverse but not diverse enough . But we welcome everybody here .
I love that my university upholds truth and service and also educational excellence. My experience here has had its ups and downs, that's with any school, however I have always had access to resources to help me through my day to day!
While I am currently a student at NCCU, I honestly wish I had chosen another college. They were very inexpensive and the saying goes "you get what you pay for" and I do. I get no assistance with registering for classes, no assistance with financial aid matters, and no other help when needed by an advisor or other staff member. I finally received help from one person in the department for my major and then s he transfers to different department. To day I was upset would be an understatement. The website is complicated and not at all user friendly. All the instructors can set up blackboard differently and that gets rather confusing as you look for new assignments and due dates.
As an upcoming freshman and class of 2021 I have much more to learn, and experience about NCCU. So far I love the campus and the students seem friendly and willing to help freshmen settle in. I love how the campus is close to Raleigh which is a very cool place to hang out and meet new people.
Not the greatest of areas but its a great school. A lot of school activities, and events. Many concerts and volunteer opportunities to do.
North Carolina Central University has many organizations/clubs to join. Getting involved is not hard because they always have some event going on around campus. I just love NCCU.
I love that NCCU is a family environment and that everybody that attends this school feels welcomed. Student life is amazing and so are our athletics. The only thing I would change about NCCU is housing on campus. The living conditions in the dorms are good, but I think we need more housing available for students. I really love my HBCU.
Amazing programs! They have an amazing facility, very diverse even though it's a HBCU it is an wonderful school for all different types of majors.
My experience here at North Carolina Central University has been great. I have met so many new people. North Carolina Central University is the school of truth and service.
Attending North Carolina Central University I have really enjoyed my time there. The campus as a whole is good to me. The dorm I stay in is one of the oldest on campus but it is a good dorm. The Professors are going to work and are always working to assure that all students are getting a top quality education. The athletic teams are top contenders in our conference every year. I don't really wish to see anything change major. Only think I can think of is the food in the Cafeteria.
My experience at North Carolina Central University has been good overall even though there has been a lot of challenges. I like the atmosphere of the campus and how I can be greeted by many people. I also like the athletics because our football and basketball team are the MEAC champions and I love how we can support each other as a whole. We have a lot of support from certain staff members and advisors to help us be successful. I would like to see a change in the food in the cafeteria because there has been a lot of complaints about what we are being served.
I love the liveliness and because they want the best college experience coming to an HBCU, they have a purpose and a goal of their own to fulfill as a student and citizen, and last they want to network and get a job after school with the right education for their future job.
Review North Carolina Central University
My experience with North Carolina Central University has been great so far since last year. I enjoy the weather here even though it be switching up on us sometimes. On campus they have useful sources you can use to help you be successful in college. They have a writing center for the students who aren't strong with their writing skills. You also get to enjoy 10:40 break on Tuesday's and Thursday, to consist of party, refreshments for a certain event, a famous person might come down to the school to talk/ get autographs. They also have a great Criminal Justice program here.
Great school, teachers can be trying, but the atmosphere is great. Everyone is welcoming and people answer questions if you stop them on the street.
On January 30, 2017 I took a tour of North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. When I arrived I was automatically struck my the appearance of the campus. My tour guide was extremely kind and useful. The campus is not too big and not too small, it is the right size. I was impressed that the main class buildings were all in the same vicinity which will make it easier to find classes for the new coming students such as myself. North Carolina Central University is a very diverse campus and anyone who decides to further their education their will be highly satisfied.
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