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Great school, just need a little tweaking as far as professionalism. Experience is really fun and they offer a lot of things for you to do on campus.
I like the classes I take at NCCU and the instructors I had and have. What I don’t like and needs to be changed is the administration like housing and higher position people need more training and communication.
It is a relatively smaller university, and for that the student : professor ratio is fairly small, making the academic environment very conducive to one on one learning. The only con would be inconsistent communicative correspondences with administrative.
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I went to orientation in Early July to get a feel of what campus would be like my first year. I loved it because the people are friendly, there are a lot of other people that look like me, they are like family. The dorms are okay, they are average size. I like my classes for this year, and I get to be home again, in North Carolina, so I love the thought of being home. But one thing I really do love is the view from the dorm, because I'm on the eighth floor, so it's beautiful.
Hello, I am in dire need of this scholarship so I will be able to help cover my costs. I have no financial assistance.
I absolutely love central! It’s the school to be! From the student life to the academics it’s all around great. When I first began college I didn’t know what to expect but Central allowed me to feel right at home and guided me every step of the way. The students on campus are friendly and helpful I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
This is a great school specifically for people seeking out to be lawyers and the doctors on campus care about the students even though there are tons of us and the campus is in a bad part of Durham so a lot of crime goes on near campus but the security is not 100% on it
I love everything about the my University. I feel at home, the atmosphere is lovely, and I feel loved and cherished. I feel like I belong and like I'm wanted, needed. However, I would love to see more unity in getting updated buildings.
My first year at NCCU was okay, but I had constant problems with my dorm room that were slowly resolved. The education is great,
As far year at North Carolina Central, I had a great first year there. The parties, classes, sports, Greek-life, teachers were great there in Durham, The only negative to this school is I wish the rooms looked a little better and that the café food gets better options on the menu.
I never liked attending Central. I felt that in my experience at the university the teachers never cared about learning enough which is why i have made a decision to attend a religious private school instead.
Being at this institution made me feel like home, this was literally a learning experience for me and I’m grateful for getting this. It’s taught me a lot of things about myself, the good and the bad.
North Carolina Central is not the best university, however, I am very happy I chose here. I've learned a lot in my first year of college here that I don't think I would have learned anywhere else. The academics and the professors are the most important to me. The professors are genuine for the most part and are willing to teach you. I also appreciate the "chain of command" so to speak. If I ever have a problem with a professor I may go and speak to the next in charge. The area isn't too safe and the food isn't great. But as long as you don't go to parties often or walk alone in the night, you're not going to have a problem with that.
I have had an exceptional two years. NCCU helps students transition from high school to the college sector. I specifically appreciate the programs for freshman's that aid in a smooth transition.
I love the school completely, its so amazing. it has a beautiful campus. the band is amazing and the dorms are to die for.
My experience with NCCU was great. I went on a tour there about a year and the tour guides were very friendly and informative. Also, the students who were not tour guides made me feel like I already went there.
NCCU is a great place to get to learn more about yourself. My experience has been fairly good. I’ve made life long relationships already in the first year here.
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I love this school it is an HBCU but the only bad part it is in the hood part of our neighborhood so if something happens across the street the school has to go on lock down.
NCCU is an HBCU, which is great and is a okay school over all. They aren't always the most concerned with you financially, most professors are rude and aren't really open to helping with academics unless it's on their own time, maybe it's just me and they're really enforcing an on your own persona. Many things that are scheduled to happen at Central are cancelled because of accusations, that probably never even happened. If you like the HBCU vibe then Central is the school for you, but just know it's very different from a PWI.
There are many great opportunities here for serious students particularly in research, however the administration and local environment can be very frustrating to deal with. There are many great professors and colleagues who can help you make your time at central rewarding, but there are caveats including the aforementioned issues along with many disinterested students. If you're especially looking for a good HBCU central may be a strong choice.
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