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A&T is a pretty good school with a nice campus and the people here are nice too. This school lacks a lot of things though. There aren't that many events that allow students to fellowship with each other, so it makes it harder to make friends. The locals around A&T make the school unsafe as they only come to campus to cause trouble. The food is alright but could be better. The teachers go out of their way to help you if they see you having problems, and some of them try their best to help you. This school is pretty expensive but not as expensive as other schools. Overall I give it a 3 star.
Great experience great instructors a good area the academics and sports are top notch. The experience will last a lifetime .
I had a wonderful time at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. I was a little concerned about the safety but campus police invest a lot of time in keeping the students safe. Overall the professors are really good at how they teach and their planning.
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North Carolina A&T State University is a wonderful and friendly institution. I have only been here a semester and it has been the best semester ever. I am glad I chose North Carolina A&T State University
North Carolina A&T university is a wonderful school. This college is very diverse, and big. I believe at this school you can meet a lot of new and interesting people
I highly recommend North Carolina A & T State University to anyone considering attending an out of state school. The school is becoming more diverse and offers an excellent environment for learning.
I am a returning student trying to finish up my degree in Elementary Education. I am have been so pleased with this college. The advisers, professors, and staff all make me feel welcome and right at home. I highly recommend this school because of the history and the tuition is not so bad. I am pleased with the courses that I am currently enrolled in and would like to give my honest word (if you choose this school you will be satisfied).
A&T is a wonderful institution and I would like to see more student based activities. I would like better food to eat since we pay for it and better appliances for us to use.
North Carolina A&T is a large community of individuals that have the drive to succeed and over achieve, here we lead to always push the boundariesand never set limitations for ones self.
I enjoy North Carolina A&T State University because of the "home" feeling and the generosity of the people here. One thing that I would like to see changed is the campus food and dorms/housing.
I like that NC A&T has a lot of opportunities for everyone. I also like the amount of pride that students have in the school. A&T is also rich in history and it shows throughout the school.
I wish they talked and had more mental illness awareness centers for student like me who developed diseases late in life. They didn't even give me accommodations for this semester. They were not helpful at all with the start of this journey.
I like the diversity of NCAT's students. I would like campus life to change. Campus life is an essential part of enjoying one's college experience- whether it's parties, get togethers, activity hours, etc- it helps a student branch out and mingle. It also allows them to get a sense of the school feeling like home.
Well what can I say about A&T? If you're looking for acceptance and a family environment, then this is the right school. We have a variety of career choice students love. Despite the fact that the school is an hbcu, there is still much diversity and everybody is treated as an equal and will feel at home and welcomed right away. Academic awards as well as artistic talents are broadcasted as well. Many of the events in campus include talent shows and prizes are rewarded. We are so supportive and always show great Aggie pride! A major part of growing on campus is networking, and there are so many people that would be willing to help. All you have to do is ask. Personally I speak with counselors and veterans and disabilities to accompany all my needs. So if you need accommodations or special services there's no need to worry! We're all here to help. I would recommend A&T state with 5 stars overall because I have fallen inlove with this school.
I love my school so much! It honestly feels like one big happy family. I was nervous to go to college because I come from a very small family, and I had never been away from home before. But as soon as I got there for orientation I was welcomed right away and my nervousness slowly disappeared. I wish there were more opportunities I knew about for people who enjoyed arts as much as I do. I do poetry and film and I am constantly looking for more opportunities to broadcast talents. I work with wisdom Wednesday, which is a small group to keep students informed and discuss what's going on the community as well as the world. I know my hbcu will continue to grow and I hope that we can become closer and all work together to become successful to our fullest potential!
I've been at NC A&T State University for a semester and I absolutely know I'm going to return to receive my bachelors. This is a public HBCU and there's always something to get involved in and also, there are plenty resources to utilize for academics, internships, and our huge job fair held on campus for students. If you like a scene where there are a lot of beautiful people that have similar goals this could definitely be a choice.
My experience at NCA&T as a Architectural Engineering major has been phenomenal. They are the only HBCU and one of few to offer my major. The job opportunities are definitely available. I am a senior and I was able to secure a job after school in my fall semester. I have no regrets. Because they are a HBCU it is predominately black but I enjoyed being able to interact with professors and college students who look like me.
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Expericing events such as meeting famous actors, the president, Jesse Jackson, and even Hillary Clinton. These events blow your mind because I never would of thought that I would meet this many amazing people in just one month while attending this amazing university The North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.
I personal like how when I wanted to leave this college certain people told me to look for ways to make this college better. And I did. It was hard at first, but over time I realize that A & T made me realize how to consistent, active, motivated, and confident in what I'm here for. realize that I can help people and theirs someone in this world that need my help.
I had a wonderful experience at this particular school. The environment and the faculty was wonderful, if you are looking for that HBCU experience A&T does a wonderful job of providing that.
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