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Due to its size the school is able to provide its student with excellent career fairs, internship opportunities, and on-campus jobs. However, the staff (especially the front office) is not very organized; this places pressure on students to make sure that loans and classes are appropriately denoted.
I liked the chemical engineering program, it offers great potentials for my career, I would highly recommend the programs to others, and I would change the cafeteria food. I feel that we need a different variety of foods and there should be sinks in all of the bathrooms.
The illustrious North Carolina A&T State University is the greatest HBCU in the world. Here at North Carolina A&T the environment is very wonderful and the students here are very beautiful people with great personalities and characters. So far this college has opened my eyes to new experiences and I can’t wait for more throughout my years here at North Carolina A&T State University!
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The students are very hands on and care about the success of their fellow students as well as the instructors.
North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University is a school with true pride, Aggie Pride, I felt this my freshman year and knew immediately that I made the right decision coming to 'A&T'. Just like any other college it's not perfect but I feel is the best for me. As a number 1 public 'HBCU' (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) in the nation it has pushed me to be at my best academically and outside the classroom. The only changes I would make towards 'A&T' is that there needs to be changes to certain dorms/housing on campus, better staff within the financial aid office, and better food on or around campus.
I love this school and almost everything about it. The faculty and staff here support you and really want to see you succeed. However, I'm still irritated that they took out the vegan line, and anyone could tell you there are several buildings in need of renovation as well as that this school seems to be pretty unorganized. Besides that, the experience here is great!
I Love my HBCU. I was 17 when I started college scared and not knowing what to expect. As I was learning my way around and getting adjusted to the college life I had to learn quickly that it was nothing like high school. The professors work at a fast past which took some getting use to. They all were very helpful, but you had to go to them for help and not sit back and wait on them to come to you asking if you needed help. I love the classes, the campus and the students.
North Carolina A&T is a great place to further your education. As a whole, it feels as if you never left home. Around every corner there is someone willing to help you regardless of what your classification is. The professors are more than willing to help and make sure that you get the grade that you deserve in their class. North Carolina is nothing if not one big family.
I love NCAT. Not too far and not too close to the DMV. The professors are welling to help you as long as you are putting forth the effort. Academics is everyone's first priority. The majority of my friends take studying seriously, homework and studying always comes first. With that being said NCAT is a university that studies hard and parties hard, the Greatest Homecoming Ever (GHOE) is the best!!! As a sophomore I had to learn to balance my academic life with my social life. The wonderful thing about that balance at NCAT is you were not doing it by yourself.
North Carolina A&T State University is a wonderful school to attend if you like partying and social events. Where you get to express yourself on the dance floor, on stage or in someone’s apartment. The party is where you make it, but also never forget to be prepared to do some critical thinking in your studies while you study here at A&T. We all want to enjoy ourselves, but we are here for a reason and that’s to further our education and improve our skills and abilities. So give it your all because AGGIES DO. CAN I GET A AGGIE PRIDE?!!
I started college at 17 and I really didn't know what to expect being away from home and being on my own. Once I learned where my classes were with the help of students and faculty I was in it to win it. I love my school and I have learned a lot. The professor's are there to help in any way that they can. I love that there are different nationalities and I've made a lot of new friends. The classes are very challenging, but it will be worth it in the end.
I love my college experience here at NCA&STSU. Everyone is nice and the professors really take their time out to help their students.
So far my experience at North Carolina A&T has been great. The classes that O have taken have been good and I managed to pull out 4.0 GPA, for my very first semester. The professors that I have had so far seem to care a lot about the students success in the classroom, which becomes very reassuring. The actual campus life and student experience is nice. You get to meet a lot of ambitious and creative people every day. There is normally some event going on at least a couple times a week whether it is a fair, meeting, sporting event and student led activity. There is something here for everyone, you just have to find it what you are looking for. The housing here is pretty good. For me, my dorm is one of the nicer and newer dorms on the campus. It provides a good amount of extra space, so I do not have to feel claustrophobic, since I have a roommate. The food here is mostly pretty good, but it can be hit or miss at times, it just depends on what you get.
It is a beautiful campus with a lively atmosphere. Great for those who seek an enriching school environment.
My experience at North Carolina A&T State University has been amazing so far. I've never met so many people who are just like me, if not similar. The relationships that you build can last a lifetime. Everyone is so friendly and kind, always willing to help you. Everyone wants the best for you, they want to see you success and that's the best part of college.
The reason I like North Carolina A&T State University is because the staff is really friendly and helpful. The campus is in great condition. You can easily make friends at school and most of all you get a great education. Lastly, you learn more about yourself and you also grow into a successful adult.
I love North Carolina A&T State University atmosphere, it is one big family. It is very easy to get involved on campus, everyone is willing to help one another. Everybody wants to see one another succeed and become somebody. There is one thing that I will change about this University and that is the cafeteria.
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My experience at North Carolina A&T has been the best college experience. A&T has opened so many opportunities for me from internships to on campus organizations. The atmosphere is very family oriented and all of my professors have been a great help in molding me for the working world and graduation.
When I first started at NC A&T I have never been away from my mother not home but attending this school I felt like it was a little of home. Everyone there looks out for you. I love the diversity if the campus and the like mines that everyone wants to succeed. The instructors are very accessible. The campus over all is fantastic, and the outcome is even greater. I'm happy I made this my choice to get my Electrical engineering degree here.
A&T is a great school, the professors are you typically college professors. Overall it’s great people here, just get out your dorm and meet people.
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