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North Carolina A&T was not my first choice, but I am delighted I chose this school. I have networked with so many individuals and made a lot of life-long friendships. I didn't, however, feel challenged until my junior year of college which is unfortunate, but that may be different with some people. Some teachers really took interests in helping students while others didn't. With academics and professors, I feel could be better along with the food options as well. However, all around NCAT is a good school and it was a great choice!
North Carolina A&T is a great university. The atmosphere is loving and unified. I feel like everyone has a purpose for being there. My only complaint is the food in the cafe and our parking is limited.
A&T is a great school! Very beautiful campus, and they're adding to it! Campus involvement will better everyone's experience here :)
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So far the application process has been easy with the instructions given and the checklist I received with my acceptance letter.
I've visited North Carolina A&T State University about 3 times now, and I can honestly say that every time so far has been a complete thrill. The 1st time I went, i took a simple college tour. I was still in my undecided phase, so I wasn't sure if this college was going to be the school I would be attending yet. The 2 time I visited, I was invited to their annual scholars day and that was even more exciting. This experience gave me a feel of what A&T was all about and I made my decision to finally confirm my enrollment. Even though I've been accepted into Clemson Univ., Florida A&M Univ., and Hampton Univ., North Carolina A&T State University tops them all, by far in my eyes. The last time, I stepped upon the campus had really set my views off. I attended the Blue and Gold Band Blowout and I had a blast. So I personally recommend to choose this school because A&T is where it's at. So become apart of the Aggie family like I did. The school should stay as it is.
North Carolina A&T State University has always been my dream school. Being accepted into this wonderful college was such a dream come true. I am now a sophomore/upcoming junior in the fall and I must say my past two years here has been a great experience. I learned a lot about myself when coming to college. I’ve met great professors, life long friends, etc. The educators here are great and they are aiming to see you succeed. This HBCU is like one big family ,The events are extradionary, when the campus comes together it is a very great feeling. Good times along with life long memories have been created here so far. I seem to love everything about the school, I wish the cafeteria food would change. The cafeteria is not something I find myself looking forward to eating every day, I am pretty sure other students could agree. Although, the workers/staff employed in the cafeteria are very loving and welcoming, the food is OK. This school is a great choice.
Being a student at North Carolina A&T University has provided me with the space I need to become a successful black woman. I am still learning, how to be independent. I have stepped out of my comfort zone a lot and I am truly grateful.
North Carolina A&T is a very welcoming school, and their all about helping their students be sucessful.
My experience at NCAT has been a rememberable one so far. i am currently a freshman here at A&T, and it really is a good school, Before people even come here they already assume its just a party school, but in all actuality the school really does strive for black excellence. Which is why i would recommend any student to attend.
My experience at North Carolina A&T has been great so far I really appreciate the HBCU culture. I feel so at home here at this University, the staff, faculty and students treat me as family. The classrooms here are mostly 25 students to 1 professor, so the professors have more patience and focus on each student at a time. A&T also offers great career goals opportunities.
North Carolina A&T University is full of limitless learning possibilities. They offer many majors for students to choose from to work towards a career that every student desires. North Carolina A&T University is a great place to learn, network, and to be actively involved in school and in community events. Professors and staff are always helpful when assisting students with educational direction. A student's voice will be heard at NC A&T University. Professors and staff understand the needs of the students and do their best to accommodate a students. My experience at NC A&T University has been awesome. I feel like I belong and am confident that I will get everything I need from this university to be successful.
Very Great Atmosphere and close to downtown Greensboro! The school is all about the experience and having their students feeling comfortable about what major they choose.
My experience was great from A&T. Being an out of state student. Greensboro is the great area to to work on your independence. My major being apart of the STEM program opens many doors for at this school!
When I visited two open houses I received great things such as very respectful people and I felt comfortable and I feel that I belong at North Carolina A&T State University.
North Carolina A&T SU is such an excellent university to grow and learn. The professors are invested in your college trajectory and in your success. As with any college, especially an HBCU, financial aid can be a hassle. For those who plan on attending please ensure that you are informed on the inner workings of federal aid, grants and the schools financial aid allocation system. Beyond that, NCA&T SU will set any student who attends, up with a plan for success. North Carolina A&T State University is a college where those who come, leave with the proper foundations centered on personal and professional growth, academic knowledge and societal awareness. A place where leaders are made and success is bred, North Carolina A&T State University is a college full of opportunity and access. Aggie Pride.
I would like them to have more interest in the school and students. I would like for the school food to be bette. The advisors to be more interest in the group of students that they may have. I would also like them to give everyone a chance to get scholarships and not just a select set of people
Hello, I am currently enrolled as a freshman student. I am a Biology student from Charlotte, North Carolina. I plan to become an Oral Surgeon and open my own Dentistry. My experience here at NCA&T has been amazing. The food by far is the worst. I have time to myself and I also have time to hang out, I am not particularly forced to do anything I don't want to do. The Chancellor’s has Town Hall events where down to earth celebrities come and speak to us. There are many clubs on campus you can join and bond with other people. I am currently apart of 'Queen City Aggies; Ladies of Excellence; and Speech & Debate. I plan to start my own club while here. There is also a lot of transportation provided to students i.e. selected locations on campus; off campus for off campus students; and to a school near for dual enrolled students.
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I attend this institution currently and I am a junior Child Development and Family Studies student. I have really did enjoyed my experience at this university. I have joined organizations and made connections with professionals that can help me in the future.
I like the support system of my university. They provide ample services to help the student succeed. They are currently updating our student center which I feel many students are looking forward to. Campus life is very lively. Organizations are very involved and act on campus. Its has its hiccups as all universities do, but with funding being freed up with the completion on the new building, those should be easy fixes. NCAT class of 2021 was the largest the university ever had. I feel as if there should be a large turnout for NCAT class of 2022 as well.
North Carolina A&T can be a great fit for engineers of any kind. There is a group or organization out there for everyone. The Chemistry and Physics department needs some work. I wish that the cafe food was better.
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