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What i love about A&T is that is exemplifies the life of a college student and to really prepare you for the adult life ahead.
What's I like about North Carolina A&T is the atmosphere that the university provides for the students that attends the school. It is a well diverse campus with many different personalities that make it a beautiful aside from the structure of the campus itself. The staff is amazing and the community is great. The surrounding communities supports the university with a bunch of support and that's exactly what the students need.
I fell in love with this school after my first tour. The history behind the campus, the area that it's in, and the campus itself are beautiful. Just after completing New Student Orientation (NSO), I really got a feel for how the school runs. We had student leaders basically running the orientation, which was fun. They had lots of fun activities planned for us; parties, skits, learning all the chants and cheers to show off our AGGIE PRIDE!
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My experience with North Carolina A&T State University has been good. I am an incoming freshman, I start school in August and I am looking forward to my first year at the university. Everything has been fairly easy from the enrolling process to the registration for classes. The school is very close nit and makes you feel apart of like this family. Everyone's really caring and helpful to each other. Everyone wants to see each other succeed.
North Carolina A&T State University is an overall good school to attend. Majority of the academics offered by the school is challenging yet rewarding. Most importantly, the professors are very patient and understanding; continuously motivating students to reach their full potential and their future success. The campus is very beautiful with the exception of some on campus construction and a lot of the newer dorms are equipped with clean and updated facilities to accommodate students. I would recommend A&T to any student who has the passion to learn and is willing to work hard for their degree.
North Carolina A&T State University is a wonderful school and has really shown me what it is lime to be apart of a student body who really cares. Teachers and students alike are sure to make you feel welcome and you would be sure to find you have niche
North Carolina A&T is a great school! i love everything about it, the environment, the students , even the professors.
My experience was overall a good experience. Loved the campus, register ing for classes was good, not mind boggling, food choices good. Campus transportation days, night & weekends was very helpful. Especially trips to area shopping and near by other college campuses. Diverse group of people. Professors were available when needed. Loved being able to connect with them by email as well as office visit. Security around campus and in the dorm was good. Campus life (student activities, football games, Greek life) great. Enjoyed!
North Carolina A&T is one of the best HBCU's to attend. You get to met people from everywhere even people from across the country. The people that go there are so friendly and joyful.
As a rising sophomore of North Carolina A&T State University, I can say that it is an excellent school to attend especially if your into engineering. There are dozens of opportunities there to expand your knowledge on whatever career you want to pursue.
The university is great and the students who attend are all very nice and welcoming. The place is warm and a great place to develop for the next four years. Generally the professors are willing to work with you if you need extra help as long as you go to their office hours and let them know you're having issues in their class. Even if the professor is not willing to help the university makes sure there are plenty of opportunities and resources around the university where one can get assistance.
North Carolina A&T State University is a great University for students looking to experience a true HBCU education. You will leave this university well prepared for the real world, and it is easy to make tons of connections along the way. Only negatives about this university is the food served in the cafe and the limited amount of parking available on campus.
I've had a great experience at A&T. It is a great and prestigious school! The teachers work with you to get the best education you deserve.
I recently took a college tour here and it was nice. They have students as their guide for the tours which is very helpful. You get to see what really goes on from the students themselves. I enjoyed how they have but old and new buildings. It shows how much they have grown!
It's a great school, students and faculty are very nice. Academics and extracurriculars are great as well.
North Carolina A&T is ranked as the number 2 HBCU in the nation. My overall experience here as a incoming freshman has been great. The campus is always full of activities and the professors really take their time to help you in any way that they can.
A&T is a great university to work on academics at. There's so many opportunities to advance in your education. The professors are very well on their teaching. Students are great. The party scene is very much alive.
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North Carolina A&T State University is a great experience for any young black male or female. It feels like home away from home and you adjust quickly. There is so much stuff to do and organizations/clubs to join that you never have a moment of boredom.
The faculty are accessible and willing to help with questions. The resources center is extremely helpful with resumes writing and intership interview preparation. There are a lot of interesting things to do on campus.
A&T is a pretty good school with a nice campus and the people here are nice too. This school lacks a lot of things though. There aren't that many events that allow students to fellowship with each other, so it makes it harder to make friends. The locals around A&T make the school unsafe as they only come to campus to cause trouble. The food is alright but could be better. The teachers go out of their way to help you if they see you having problems, and some of them try their best to help you. This school is pretty expensive but not as expensive as other schools. Overall I give it a 3 star.
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