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North Carolina A&T State University Reviews

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I love the student experience at NCAT. They have many sources available on campus to help you in any area that you may need help with. They also have academic counselors that will help you create a nice schedule, and they have staff that will help you build your resume and interviewing skills. One of my favorite things about NCAT is the career fair where many companies come to our campus looking to hire Aggies specifically.
This school is mostly about looks they don't actually do any work to keep you there. Better than most other HBCU's but it's still falling apart. The chemistry department needs to be fired, as well as the math department.
Some departments have an older way of doing things and are not updated to the pace of the current world. For example, the JOMC program doesn't include any courses or lessons about social media, building a website, gaining a following, etc.
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I love my school bery much. There is so much pride from students and alumni. At A&T we are one huge family. The only changes I would like to see is certain professors being replaced and the quality of the cafe food.
My experience with North Carolina A&T was more than I ever thought it could be. Here I felt like I was surrounded by family and I was never alone in a situation.
I overall really enjoy this college. I just wish I was one of the luckier students to receive more grants and scholarships.
I love my university because it’s very hands on when dealing with your intended major as a freshman environmental studies student last year I got experience many hands on activities as well meet with people who are in my field.
I LOVE NCAT, this school makes me fall in love with it more and more every day that I am there. The campus life is beautiful. I wish the food was better considering it is an HBCU, and the freshman dorms on the south side of campus were renovated. The 9/10 of the professors that I have had were beyond amazing and helpful.
This is a very great HBCU to attend. If you stay connected with your professors, they will definitely help you the best way they can. Everyone want to see you succeed.
North Carolina A&T State University is an amazing school! It is very diverse although it is considered an HBCU. The everyone on campus is so friendly & an we are all honestly like a big family even though we don’t all know one another. Our school has so much pride and creativity. There is always something going on on campus for our entertainment. The teachers are amazing and actually care about the students! We also have many helpful resources such as free tutoring. There are so many more positive things I could say about this school. I’m glad I chose this university!
as a freshman so far i've had a wonderful experience. The campus life is great. everyone is so nice. And I can tell the professors have the students best interest at heart.
This university is like family to me. The professors, if you show some effort, they will help you out and more. NC A&T does a lot for your career path especially if you are a minority because of the strong ties that it has with its alumni in well-known businesses in “Corporate America”.
Currently, I am thoroughly enjoying my time as a student at North Carolina A&T State University. A few of the many things I enjoy are the opportunities to have a semi-formal relationship with my professors due to smaller class sizes, the ability to learn amongst a diverse student body, and finally the friendliness of the school staff and faculty. One thing I would change would be the food options available on campus. While the food is quite tasty, we are in need of additional healthy food options!
Becoming a student at North Carolina A&T has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life. On campus, it’s like a family. The professors are great. The parties are amazing. There are also many events and organizations. However I would like to see a change in housing and the cafeteria food.
The campus is beautiful, the alumni is very supportive and giving and the academics and athletics is out of this world.
My experience at A&T has been an excellent one. I have met new people that have made my experience great. The school made feel like home which was a big factor for me. I felt like since I was going to be away from home, that I needed a school that will give me that home feel.
I always wanted to try something different with my life so my first step was going to an Hbcu and I chose North Carolina A&T. Before I came I was a shy girl I didn’t want to do anything but I can honestly say the people there are really welcoming and will make you feel like you belong and they really help me branch out and I’m hoping to branch out a little further next year as a sophomore. The only bad thing about the school is the housing and sometimes the food. Other than that it is a really good school!
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I am a rising senior at A&T. One of the reasons I love this school is because of the pride the people who attend and who have attended have. We have the Greatest Homecoming on Earth (GHOE) because of the pride felt from the alumni and current students like me. Another reason I love my school is for its family atmosphere. My professors have been dynamic in ensuring I nor my colleagues get left behind. From actions like sending reminder emails or asking what is going on in my life when I seem down, my professors have showed that they care. If I had to say anything I would change, it would have to be to increase the availability of parking. A&T is a steadily growing school and the number of parking spaces are not growing with the number of students who attend here. Besides this downfall, A&T is a wonderful school and I am proud to call myself an Aggie.
Overall A&T is a great campus, but some times I feel as though the school cares more about the money than the students.
I really liked the environment. The feeling of being at home there was good. I always have a great time visiting with my friends and family there.
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