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I think that it is a great school and i am very exiticed to go there for college. I think that people would love this school because you can meet new and great people. and its just a different type of world.
The campus is being increasingly diverse in terms of ethnicity and race. Students are friendly and are extremely diligent in helping fellow students look for extracurricular activities for future careers. Professors care about their students education as well as the Dean's and Chairpersons in each major.
The Engineering program is great. The university used to have a habit of admitting a small amount of thugs and students not concerned at all about education. Gossip can run rampant. I hope that has changed. The university as a whole and the professors provide a great atmosphere for learning and a sense of community.
Cost is affordable.
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A&T is a great university with great professors. The transportation is fairly simple and reliable so no one misses class.
North Carolina A&T has always been my dream college to attend. Their academics are amazing and they also have a welcoming campus and their environment just brings such a loving feeling.
Attending this university allows one to find their true self. The work may be challenging at times however, trial and error are always a good way to learn from mistakes. I will say one downside is there are a lot of students so housing is scarce at the moment.
So far I'm enjoying the atmosphere A&T provides as a whole. Nobody is counted out of the extracurricular activities that occur on campus...Its like one big happy diverse family.
At the illustrious North Carolina A&T state University there is nothing but a loving Aggie family waiting for you. From the students to the professors everyone just wants to see success all around. At this university it is beyond academics there is a lot of activities on campus that the great student government association puts together for the school. there is plenty of opportunities to mingle and meet new students and staff everyday.
I was a transfer and was immediately accepted. It feels like a family. I don't know why I waited so long to attend.
Having a great time so far this year. I am enjoying the company of my fellow students and my proffesors are interesting.
Excellent experience thus far. At NCA&TSU there is an enormous amount of support and resources. If you attend with a mind to succeed the opportunities are endless!
There are many programs and opportunities at this university especially for engineering students. Also, the school spirit here is great. Being an Aggie makes people want to automatically want to help you out and support you.
The school is well organized with a good learning and academic environment. From the very first day I stepped onto the campus I felt loved and as if i was already at my home away from home.
North Carolina A&T is a very good academic school; especially for engineering and IT. The student life is amazing there is always something to do
It was an very great experience the drumline the band especially when I went to my fist time to see this amazing college.
North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University is an underrated school. It has a beautiful campus. The engineering program is challenging, but rewarding experience. However, there are some things that could be better, such as the staff could be more friendly and more willing to help and renovations could be more efficient. However, this university offers a great experience for the price.
I like the environment on A&T. Although I've only been on campus for less than a week, I feel very comfortable here. Also the students and faculty helpful with getting to know the campus when I am in need of assistance. I feel like we are very proud of where we are and it's a family feel. The only thing that I would change about A&T are the schedules, some events overlap others and many students aren't able to attend both because of that.
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North Carolina A & T State University is an excellent choice for pursuing higher education. It offers a rigorous and competitive curriculum while creating a cooperative and collaborative learning environment. The university's campus is beautiful and picturesque, and is welcoming to all who enter its gates. I believe I made the best decision in attending this illustrious institution of higher education.
I love it here at A&T its a great school there are lots of people to meet lots to do you can be anything you want and its ok we are one big happy family and ill be right here until i graduate in 2021 AGGIE PRIDEEEE!!!!!
I love that NC A&T SU makes the students feel at home and making everyone feel like we're one big family.
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