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My experience at North Carolina A&T State University has been pretty good. Any time I have an issue with grades, my professors are always there trying to get to the bottom of it. One thing I would want to change is the people in charge of financial aid because they can seem to come off as rude and uninterested to help. I believe that’s not how it should be with something as important as a students tuition.
I never heard of North Carolina A&T until it was time for me to apply for school. I never thought I would attend an HBCU, everybody thought the school wasn't a good fit for me and I could go anywhere else. I can honestly say that I made the best decisions. The school is really great and the people there make you feel like family. Most of the professor will sit down and work with you and the workers are really nice and sweet. Only thing I would change about the school if they had more things for the students to do besides the off campus parties.
What I like about NC A&T University is the diversity of the school because A&T is an HBCU University but there's lots of different cultures who attend A&T also. Another reason why I like NC A&T are the professors and faculty that want to make sure everyone will graduate, everyone will pass, everyone has what they need for each semester and that's very motivating for me as a student because lots of faculty believe that everyone will do great on there jouney at NC A&T and once you believe in yourself that you can succeed then you will succeed. And there's nothing that I want to change about A&T University, it's a great school.
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The school overall is amazing from what I've seen and that was just a tour of the facilities and campus. The atmosphere is very welcoming and very lively. Most people who I talk to that live on campus say that their college life is full of energy.
North Carolina A&T is what I consider my “home away from home”. No matter where you are on campus there is always someone willing to help and that is one of the things that made my college transition easier. There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity for anyone to get involved on campus whether you join a club, go to an event, or even just doing community service.
The culture is both interesting and welcoming. People are caring and professors go the extra mile to help their students. Also, there are lots of resources for the students.
The teachers are very hands on and they work for the students to be successful. The dorms are very nice and the staff is very helpful. There are always activities going on at the school and in the near by community.
Even though I have not started my year at NCAT, already without being on campus I feel at home. They have been so helpful to me during the process.
So far my experience has been great. The school involvement and pride is unmatched. It really makes me forget that I am an out of state student. It’s always someone there to help you and it’s plenty of resources there as well. The campus is beautiful and so are the people.
I'm only a transfer here at North Carolina A&T State University but so far I like the campus and the atmosphere.
There is an abundance of qualities that North Carolina A&T State University has that makes me fall in love with the institution everyday. The absolute first thing that made me love A&T was the family-like environment. The student body is extremely friendly so there has never been a day that I felt alone.
Another amazing characteristic about this university is that it is always striving to become greater. This is evident in every aspect from athletics to academics. Even the appeal of our campus is constantly improving.
This institution always reminds me that to get ahead I need to always try to get better.
A&T has a beautiful campus! I was definitely nervous about coming to college since this was my first year but all of the ASL’s welcomed us freshman with open arms and they are very good mentors as well. College is definitely how it was described in high school. The professors at A&T are great. I feel like I’m growing a different connection with each of my professors in a unique way which is great.
Since Fall 2016, I have had nothing, but pleasant experiences at A&T. The only thing I would change is how bad the Chemistry department is.
Proud to be an alumni of the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Great academics, student associations, safe campus, helpful advisors, and overall faculty/staff support to help in any situation a college student can possibly go through. I fell in love with my alma mater the first day I stepped foot on it for freshmen orientation.
To this day, almost 10 years out of college, I would not have gone to another institution. I loved my alma mater then and I still do to this day. I love the legacy the Aggies before be built. I love seeing the youth now striving to achieve academic excellence and enjoying simply living their lives.
Experience is really good, everyone is nice. People help in time of need, alot of students are very friendly
I really liked the warm environment and The friendly staff.Campus life seemed really fun and filled with a lot of things to do.I visited while there was construction so i did not get to see the whole campus.Our School interacted with the math department, So we got to get a glimpse of what an average class day looks like. We also had a couple of students come in and give us tips about college.Overall it was a great experience.The dining hall did not have a lot of options, but a lot of the students says that the food is really great there.
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Beautiful campus and we have a diverse faculty and students. Local Greensboro people walk on campus and may be some harm to the students on campus.
I take classes online. The teaching staff is knowledgeable and care about helping students succeed . The financial aid department and treasures office could stand to increase communication between themselves as well as students.
My overall experiences here at the T, has been great. I can here on a limb, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to come to an HBCU. But I can say it’s one of the best decisions I've ever made. A&T makes you feel at home, the students and staff are always so warm and the Aggie pride is a beautiful thing. One thing I love about being an undergrad at the T is the people, the experience of being a black student at an HBCU. there’s nothing like our homecoming, or our spring fest events, our football games! Alumni from all over come back to celebrate that Aggie pride that’s so widely known.
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