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They have a very clear expectation and schedule. We are in class every day from 8-3.
They seem to be great, but I haven't had to use them just yet.
So far working with the school has been pretty great.
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Putting together the required paperwork and portfolio was a bit time consuming, but not unexpected. The biggest challenge was waiting to hear whether or not I had been one of the few selected for this competitive program.
I love woodworking, so working are in an actual workshop environment is exhilarating for me.
I feel that with their very long history of teaching, they have found a truly effective method to not only convey skills and knowledge, but also prepare students for real world applications. In the cabinet and furniture program they start with a foundation of design before ever touching a project. I find this akin to working with a client, first one must be able to design a piece that a client wants built before spending time and money on something they may not enjoy.
The students at NBSS are average people who are pursuing a career as Craftsman.
The cost of tuition includes the mechanical tools that will be needed to work on pianos.
The student services department at the school has responded to my calls in ample time.
I have spoken with the Director of Admissions on several occasions and I have been very pleased with the information I got. I have also spoken with the Director of Financial Aid.
each class has its own specific hours, mainly using the average high-school hours so its an easy schedule to get used to, you will always know when you should be at school and the schedule never changes or confuses anyone.
They have a large list of all places that have asked the school for students looking for a job, to help give the student options. The chances of getting a job in your field after graduating are around 90%. The career service is dedicated to helping a graduate find a job so long as the student is doing their own part and wants a job.
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