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They threw out my dorm belongings even though I was paying because Tatiana ASSUMED via rumors that I moved out. They didn't bother contacting me and are trying to charge me 1500 for trashing my stuff. Also never received my refund checks I know I had! My guy friend also had this problem! Was stuck in an elevator for 2 hours and no one could contact anyone at this school to get me out! Thankfully a kind security gaurd did eventually. The advisors are poor english speakers and don't give any good advice regarding classes to take. Don't bother coming here it's as bad as Harmony Public Schools. Also heard they gave the wrong advice to another student and he got questioned by ICE and everything. When my stuff was thrown away the only person available to talk to was a security gaurd who didn't know what to do. I want my refund checks and I'm not paying for a dorm when you threw away the only memories I had of my DEAD GRANDMA in my closet! I never signed the moving out slips!
ALL THE 5 STAR REVIEWS ARE FAKE! They give extra credit for giving the school good reviews! If you are not Turkish or speak Turkish DO NOT COME HERE. They will charge you for ridiculous things. They won't help you and they don't follow their own handbook! The makeup rules to suit their needs! They will blame students even though it's the professor or administration fault they will stop answering your calls and ignore you completely! Your classes won't transfer to other Universities!All the teachers are biased and if the student is aggressive enough they can pressure the teacher into giving them good grades. And if you still want to go even though reading this review please do not stay at the dorms they will give you the hardest time. They don't follow their own handbook, they'll throw you out for any reason. There's so much stealing in the dorms because the doors don't even locker right and it's ran by other students that have the master key that they let their friends use!
North American University is a very small but diverse school located in Stafford Texas. I've been attending this school since my freshman year and its biggest strong points are the small focused classes where students have more access to their instructors in a class of 25-40 max. Its second strongest strength is the high caliber of professors that work for the institution. Other than that I must admit its not a very memorable school as athletics is almost non-existent and events that the campus holds are usually lackluster and most of the student body and staff don't attend. If you want a school that will keep you focused with a classroom setting and your seeking degrees in education, computer science, and business administration then I recommend you come.
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We have a really good professors. If you're looking for Academic Researches about Math, Computer Science or Business, you can directly contact with professors who are looking for students to do some projects..
You can walk to all your classes in 10 min or less, because of the location of the dorms.. You'll find a very friendly, and free environment..
Very Diverse University, a lot of student from all over the worls. nice professors and a really good place to get your bachelor or master degree
My experience as a student at North American College NAC, has been amazing and exciting to attend to NAC great teachers. Something I will like to change about the college is having more space in the dorms.
The professors at the school are more attentive to assist you in your studies, and because the classes are small they get to know you on a more personal level. I would only change the location of the school.
It's really good overall. There have been no safety threats or concerns in the past two years I have attended this university. There have been no cases of sexual assault, as far as I know, because the campus is small and almost everyone knows each other.
The prospects after graduation are good. All of the people I know who have graduated have found well-paying jobs that they enjoy in their fields.
It's a good university, although there is much room for improvement. Since it is a fairly new university there is still many things that could be improved and I hope and believe that it will improve in experience once the school expands more. Courses are usually fairly easy in regards to their relationship to your major, not so much so if you are taking a course as an elective. Professors tend to be very helpful although since most are foreigners there is a small language barrier, although it can be crossed once you get to know the accents and whatnot. Class sizes are small, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on personal preferences. Class styles are traditional in terms of lectures and such.
It's a good university. There is a lot of diversity in regards to cultures and ethnicity in students. Since class sizes are not too large it is possible for students to get to know their professors and take a more personal, yet still professional, approach with teachers. Also the work load varies by professor, as it does in all academic settings, but overall it is not overwhelming.
Our school is encredibly safe and students will health and safety concerns are treated with kindness and care.
The career department works very hard to ensure that all students get internships and job opportunities.
I like my school, its good for those professional minded students looking to jumpstart their careers in college.
I'm not too active in sports or athetics but there isnt much for me to work with.
My University is incredibly career oriented and I apprechiate it, however I would apprechiate more extra leisure classes to help supplement my education.
I wouldnt change my school for the world. My school North American University is a diverse school that everyone has an opportunity.
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The security staff in our school is amazing
The one thing I love most about my school is is diversity
People interact well dress pretty casual pretty laid back
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