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Honestly, I personally don't like class being conducted over zoom because i'm a hands-on learning. I prefer tangible learning resources. However, with classes being completely online, it's still manageable for students.
It's a very comfortable and familiar environment at Normandale. I feel more peaceful when I am conducting research for assignments or executing Lab Exams when I'm at more Normandale. Occasionally stroll through the exuberant Japanese garden they have set up. AND it's not as expensive as other institutions for the same degree.
Online learning at Normandale takes some time to get used to but Normandale did a great job with accommodating to student's needs by offering student services and free laptops during this time.
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My experience at NCC was pretty good besides the fact that some professors are there to only get a check and not actually check if their students are learning. Besides that, NCC do what they can to make sure their students are safe and getting the education they deserve. They don't let incomes get in the way of your learning. I was offered a free computer with just a recommendation from an instructor.
The professors here really try to help you and understand your situation and try to find a solution as soon as possible.
I thought the online choice would be terrible but it wasn't that bad considering I had As and Bs. The best advice I can give is reach out before it's too late.
Everything about Normandale I absolutely love. During the pandemic I was worried about my education being less than ideal, but that's far from the case. All of the the Normandale financial aid advisors, and counselors have been very accommodating to emails and Zoom calls to have an overall sense of connection.
This was something that I was overall concerned about and I feel like regardless of the less than ideal circumstances, it's been an overall great experience.
I haven't taken any online courses yet. The orientation process and registering for classes has been an exciting and relatively simple process.
I'm starting school at Normandale Community College in a little over a week. My experience so far has been very pleasant, except for being told that the school has never heard of a student receiving credit for a high score on their GED test, despite this being a standard portion of the GED score scale.
M experienced at Normandale community college is that I have worked in the tutoring center to help out my peers. Normandale community college is a very diverse college. If I can change something about Normandale community college, it would be to have more sports available for students.
I have taken most of my classes online because of the pandemic. My professors had zoom office hour meeting, so they could help students out. My instructors recorded lecture videos for students, so they could learn the material.
Overall the environment at Normandale is laid back. The instructors there are always willing to help.
This semesters has been easy. All the instructors were always quick to get back to me in a timely manner. The work load was not very stressful in my life.
The classes online are pretty great. I think most of the teachers were prepared to have their classes be online.
It’s a pretty average and nice school. Like all community colleges they don’t have much of a party scene which is fine for me. With COVID I haven’t even step a foot inside the school and didn’t have the chance to explore clubs and student life. The school is great and if you want to save money for the first 2 years this is it.
My online experience has been a struggle. I have a hard time keeping up with my 40+ hour a week job, but I look forward to logging in every night. I feel a sense of pride knowing I’m still learning.
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I really enjoy the classe, the people, the professors, the content and the pace. When I login and see how many people are discussing content and are excited to learn, it makes me want to learn.
My online experience with Normandale has been very difficult. With everything being online, it makes it hard to focus and stay determined to finish school work. It's also hard to get ahold of teachers for any questions you might have on the topic right away that need to be answered. Being online also makes it hard to really connect to other students. Being on campus and learning in person brings students together and helps builds relationships. Having everything online you lose some of the advantages of learning in person.
This rating for Normandale, I would say is unfair to the school. With everything that's been going on, I believe its hard for schools to give 100 precent to their students. This year is hard because everything is online, making it hard to give students the help they need with easy access. Lectures, instructions and contacting, is a lot more difficult online. Although these problems seem to be the cases with most schools this year.
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