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I have so far had a great experience with Norfolk State University. They are all so inviting and friendly and the people have been so helpful. I would definitely advise people to attend Norfolk State University. If you have not found a college yet and are in this area, this would be a great college to attend. It is only about 4 hours from my home town and not that far from a family member of mine so this happened to work out great in my favor.
I went to Norfolk on a college tour and they were in the process of rebuilding. It seemed like they were making the campus updated. I enjoyed how everyone was very personable and it seemed life thy were very interested in getting to know everyone. They also showed us were the Divine 9 was stationed. I really enjoyed this campus.
Academically the school is great. Sometimes there is a need for the student to take charge of their education and make sure everything is in order. Socially there could a improvement on student involvement. SGA need to do a better job as well.
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NSU is a great place . From the financial aid office to advisors everyone is there to help you , and I feel like everyone wants to see you do well ! Thank you NSU !
It’s a great HBCU, there is diverse system for learning and social events. The faculty and staff play a major part in why I am successful and continue to be successful throughout my undergraduate studies.
Norfolk State is great school to get a culture experience with a HBCU. Both of my parent graduated from Norfolk state and are successful. NSU is a great starting place to obtain a bachelors degree.
I have been having a wonderful experience with this University. I love this HBCU And the people in it. The professors are caring and awesome.
Everyone at Norfolk State treats you like family, it's very warm and loving there. You gain a second family from this university.
Norfolk State University is one of the best HBCU's in Virginia and I fell in love with their big, spacious campus as soon as I stepped foot on it.
The campus is very nice ,and the student body is a little diverse.The cafe food is sometimes good depending in the day you go get food .But ,some food places on campus are better than others.The work load isn't too bad and the classes are a base number of like 15-30 students depending on the certain class you take.
This school is a great HBCU. The professor and staff really care about you and try to help you as much as possible.
I liked getting introduced to the athletics and the athletes and they pretty much walked me in and treated me like family. The diversity is average but the education quality balances it out in the long run.
Norfolk state is a great place. It brings so many cultural diverse people to one place in my city. Its also placed very well in the city, it offers students a lot to do outside of school.
Beautiful campus, engaging people. Sports teams are not too bad. Great employment opportunities before graduating.
I am a transfer student coming into Norfolk State. I believe that Norfolk State is a great institution for students earning a great education. The southern hospitality is amazing and it feels like it is home.
Norfolk state University was not my first choice but I am happy that it was one of my choices because I adore my school! I have grown to be an adult while attending this illustrious university of the green and gold. I have obtained life long partnerships with faculty as well as students that will carry on and support me for the rest of my life and I am truly thankful for the opportunity to be apart of the spartan legacy.
The atmosphere is fun and inviting--like you're apart of a family of students and faculty. The professors are excellent (most), and they take the time to work with you as much a possible. The location is centralized and just minutes from downtown Norfolk and Virginia Beach, so it's always something to do. The administration could be better. Most are low on patience and they have complexes. All-in-all, great school!
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When I arrived at Norfolk state university, I automatically felt the love and support from the upperclassman and mentors. Breathing in the air, walking the campus, going from class to class, and most importantly getting to know everyone made me love my HBCU even more. I am excited to return for my second year and hope for the best to come.
My experience has been the change that I wanted to make. I live in Richmond but wanted to get away to meet new people and develop a new unreachable levels of focus. However, I would change the diversity of students at Norfolk State. We welcome all races and treat them like family. More should attend give it a chance, but we should do a better job of inviting them in
The main thing that I like about Norfolk State is the people. When I went to orientation the group leaders were so nice and understanding. They also made sure that any questions you had were answered before you left the campus! There is nothing that I would change about this school, great college overall!
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