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All in all i absolutely love my school. all the students i have come across were actually pleasant to be around. campus for the most part is relatively clean except for all of the geese and the mess they make. i have two complaints, one being the teachers. out of my seven classes only two teachers were actually able to teach, the others slapped the info on the board, gave home work and expected you to learn all of the material. For me personally i cant learn that way, i need you to actually teach and go over the material. Another thing is the fraternities. I've never been a big fan of them and i think its a little overrated to step and blow the whistle to every song they hear.
I appreciate the fact that this campus offers me what most other universities would not. As a black woman attending an HBCU, I feel automatically included in campus life and politics. And it feels rewarding. As far as campus life, it’s great. I don’t live on campus (thank goodness), so I can’t say much about that, but campus life as a whole is appreciated.
I love the environment of the school and how everyone seems like family so quickly once you get there. I also love to activities they have planned out for us students so we can also enjoy our college experience. I do love how the advisers and some of the professors actually care about their students and our futures for when we get out of college. I would change the cafe size because they made it even smaller so it gets very packed during the day and when everyone is done with classes especially on the days they have certain foods that everyone is looking forward to. I would also change the way they plan activities because some students do have classes during those times so they can not enjoy them like the other students do.
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My experience at NSU overall was a good one. I’ve learned that there are people that come from all different places but here, you wouldn’t even think so because of how welcoming the school is. For the most part, everyone is treated fairly and with care. Norfolk State is a school that will accept you for the person you are. The only things I would change about the school is better professors. Other than that, Norfolk Staye University is the place to be.
Before I got to Norfolk State I thought I wouldn't like it or the people. But from the first day I stepped on campus I loved every piece of it. The people was fun and nice to get along with. The staff was friendly and helpful. I cant wait to go back Fall 2018.
Nice campus, but needs work on dormitories and Activity planning. The professor are caring and patient for the most part. The food that they provide is average for an HBCU, and the greeks are interesting.
I enjoy the services NSU provides me, especially as an athlete . They care for overall health mentally and physically too . I am able to focus on my track career yet maintain being on the Deans list from the study services provided .
It's been very nice so far! It can be a bit difficult to get in touch with my nursing advisers sometimes, but aside from that it's been a good experience so far.
Norfolk State University is an hbcu (historically black college university) so there is not much diversity. It is a medium sized college, it is not in the best neighborhood but what makes it so good in my opinion is how connected you feel. You get a sense of unity and family life there. Norfolk Stare tries to have a variety of activities for their students there.
The experience with the school and the staff itself is unpleasant. I feel as though the business that the school tries to run is very unprofessional, the communication is broken and the way they conduct an train there workers is poor. There's no reason I should have to go to multiple places on campus to get one simple task done. Its as if the people in position to assist students with their complications don't ever have an answer to simple questions or they simply can't tell students any information regarding issues. I feel as though all employees of the school should be trained in multiple positions so that students don't go on wild goose chases to get one task done. You start at Financial aid just to go through 3 or 4 different offices just for them to tell you to go to student accounts and then back to financial aid.
I love NSU, they are really versatile in this school.I made a lot of connections and good friends here.We have our own dance call the spartan slide. We have a lot of unique people here.
Norfolk State is one of the best HBCU’s in the United States. Not only is it family oriented but i have learned a lot about many things while attending Nsu.
The college experience is great, however, the food, housing, and parking is not the best. Nonetheless, this HBCU makes everyone feel welcomed and is one big family. The activities that are provided for the students and alumni are amazing, and the faculty are well educated and world renowned. Once graduated, you will be prepared to make a difference in the world. COLLEGE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!
Norfolk State is a very good school recommend it to anyone looking for a inexpensive HBCU. The one thing I feel needs work is financial aid.
My senior year was the highlight of my career. All around I believe I had a memorable experience that has shaped me into the person I am today.
Norfolk State University has changed my life immensely. I've learned a lot just for me attending for 2 years. The staff works hard to prepare you for post-graduation opportunities, and makes it a great environment on-campus.
Overall experience at Norfolk State is ok. The highlight of every week is Soul food Thursday’s. The food is worth waiting for by the end of the week. The chicken is good.
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Norfolk State University was one of the most outstanding experiences I've ever The Faculty of understanding and very friendly management is pretty decent not to mention to the school is always very Lively and always energetic with on campus events and activities
The college experience is great, however, the food is horrible and the housing is not the best. This HBCU makes everyone feel welcomed and is one big family. The activities that are provided for the students and alumni are amazing but the parking, food, and housing is not the best.
I’m a freshman coming into the university. I’m hoping to gain a lot of experience and knowledge as well as life advice.
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