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You get told nothing but lies from day one! They are so helpful in the beginning and then it turns into a joke with scheduling with clinicals and labs! GO elsewhere
The online flexibility has been great! As a working mom and wife, I need a nursing program that I can do from home after work and after dinner.
I have really enjoyed my experience so far at Nightingale College but I do wish that the school was a little more organized. There has been multiple incidences where there has been a lack of communication on the school administration's part which makes it harder for the students. I am really impressed by how the instructors are very involved and are very willing to help in the learning process.
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So far my experience with Nightingale has been great. I am due to start in April of 2018. Everyone has been extremely helpful in my transition of transferring colleges.
I love the people I get to interact with. They are so helpful and want to see me succeed. I also love that it doesn't take as long to go through the rn program with Nightingale.
I initially was thrilled about joining this college. Enrollment and first semester were going perfectly. I was working full time and school in my free time. Second semester everything changed. They were no longer accommodating to my work schedule and the classes grading changed completely. By fourth semester I was in hell. I had to quit my job because they wouldn't work with my working schedule at all. I missed one clinical because the professor told me to go home which was uncalled for. Then a few days before graduation they told me I "failed" and couldn't graduate and had to retake a course. After speaking with them and threatening legal action I was able to graduate (they were threatening to fail me because of a 77% I received on one research essay). Then before graduation they fired one of the most amazing professors employed there. I have bled, sweat and cried more in the 16 months at Nightingale then throughout my life.
Very easy and no problems. The ADN admissions team was amazing to work with and always kept me on track
They were good classes. I got a lot out of them and studied hard to be a great nurse.
Very helpful in letting em know what is requried
Love the professors. They care for each student, even thou some where just cry babies. They always pushed me to be my besst self and kept me motivated.
Like I said before, I loved Nightingale College and I'm coming back to do my BSN here. The faculty are amazing and I'm proud I attended this school over others that gave me offers.
They had some organizational issues when I was there but they corrected them quickly when we brought them up. I feel like my education was amazing and I'm glad I selected Nightingale.
I just graduated with my ADN degree. I'm preparing to take the NCLEX now and I feel very ready for the exam. I have a job offer at an IHC hospital in Ogden and will start once I finish my RN license. I plan on returning to Nightingale College and attend their RN to BSN Program. I loved my time at Nightingale and if it wasn't for some of the professors I would not be as devoted to this profession as I am.
They have really been a big help with everything
My classes online are awesome
If you can't make the class you can see on the internet
This will help me with an job at the place where I'm at now
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This will help me in the long run
Everyone that has gone to this school is happy
It was really good all my questions was answer in a timely matter
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