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Nicolet Area Technical College Reviews

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Nicolet offered convenient scheduling, which allowed good work life balance. The program was exceptional and I was able to land a job right out of graduation.
I am currently attending Nicolet College. So far, I absolutely love the instructors and other staff. They are so supportive and helpful, they really do want their students to succeed. I can tell my instructors really care about what they teach and care about their students. The campus is also beautiful. One of my favorite things is the study rooms they have, which are so nice when you want to study alone and somewhere quiet. There are no dorms on campus but there is student housing right in town which is also super nice.
I love how friendly the teachers are. They are very helpful. You get access to lots of resources. Tutoring is always available as well. Financial aid was always will to help me when needed. My experience so far is excellent! Love my school.
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Nicolet has a great community feel to it. The class sizes are small so you have more one on one conversation with your professor which really helps.
Most of the teachers are very friendly and willing to help any student at any time. The campus is beautiful with a wonderful location on the shore of Lake Julia.
I really enjoy Nicolet, they have a really nice campus and caring professors. There are a lot of clubs you can get involved in but they don't really have too many sports. All the staff members are real friendly. I would recommend this college to anyone and it definitely saves you a ton of money!
I am an upcoming freshman and so far the experience has been great! It's a small campus so you get to know your teachers well. There's always someone around to help you out.
I was in an accounting course and switched to graphic design..all at the same school
Grea f school to attend
I like the school only had one teacher I could do without
Great school and great teachers..did have a bad experience with one teacher with not grading on time but can't say that should be a bad for the whole school.
Even being a small school, I've met so many new friends and met a lot of new people. The professors are all great and know you personally and are interested in your success.
I really enjoy the small facility and the helpful and friendly staff.
Friendly atmosphere and a safe environment
I have always felt welcome to ask questions of any of the staff, and the staff goes above and beyond to be sure one can meet their goals.
I prefer online courses to classroom...even though more intense, I am learning exactly what needs to be learned without all the busy work to fill the semester.
The tuition rates were very is much wiser to attain an AS-Liberal Arts from a technical college and then transfer to attain your Bachelors Degree.
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I am having some difficulty obtaining employment, but I have a unique degree which will probably suit me better with a Bachelors Degree. However, many/most of the degrees at NATC lead to employment immediately following graduation.
I enjoy online learning....although more intense, you are working on the topic! You do not have to do all the busy work to fill the semester!
Have never had issues with anyone...friendly and safe atmosphere.
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