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I really enjoy that Nicholls is a smaller University. This allows professors to get to know the students in their classrooms, which is important for the learning process. One thing I would change would be advising, who performs it and how to make it more effective for students.
I love Nicholls! It is a very unique college and not too small or too big. We have lots of majors and activities and with having such small classes it makes learning easier
It’s great go there. Great food great people great teachers. Football is life there. The housing in great come take a visit....
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I like almost everything. Nice and more caring teachers would be nice. The Housing office is horrible. They do not care about your needs and wait last minute for everything. Also, a lot of people just want to get you out of their office as soon as possible. But, there are a few wonderful teachers who are helpful. It just depends on the day and the issue.
When I first got to Nicholls, I had no idea what I was doing since I was the first in my family to go to college. Several of my professors and new friends taught me how to develop study skills and find out what I actually wanted to do in life.
Nicholls has many opportunities for everyone to branch out and find their place. Overall, the classes are easy to find and for the majority of the time they are close together. Student activities are everywhere and always available throughout the day. One of the best places to go is the rec center to participate in so many activities from individual workout sessions or an exercise class. I would like to me more events in the cafe.
Great university which I highly recommend! The campus is quite big and the dorms are awesome too. The most important thing is that the environment is friendly and you will get support from many fellow students as well as avpersonal attention from professors. The staff and faculty is great! You won't regret being at that area either. The Cajun people are very friendly and kind.
Small campus, student-focused. Not a big party school except on Thursday. Affordable. Does have scholarships. Sodexo is the only food companies on campus but tastes good sometimes if you ask me. Some people complain about it all but cant satisfied everybody.
I absolutely love Nicholls. It is a small campus so the classes are small which is good for me. My mom graduated from Nicholls, so I was basically raised going to the campus. I also attended summer camps and soccer camps every year. Everyone there is super nice. I have always had great experiences at Nicholls. I don't have anything that I would change about it.
This is my first year at Nicholls as a freshmen. I live in a dorm with four roommates, we all have been friends for awhile so that was pretty cool that I was able to choose my roommates. I am studying premed and the classes are a little hard. I have never had so much homework before. lol I have made new friends as well. I have only been here for a short time so I really think the best is yet to come and I will make the most out of it. I'm always in class when there is certain events going on around campus that I would like to see change so I would be able to check out. But beside that overall I like it here.
I've never attended to the school but I've heard good things. I cant give information that I dont have.
Attending Nicholls State was a great way for me to finally experience life. I made lots of friends through out my first semester.
Nicholls is an amazing college. Highly recommend to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and add on the their education. They make anyone feel welcomed and everyone is appreciated.
Active community with heavy sports influence. Cajon culture and cuisine also influence this college. Dorms vary in price range and quality.
I just started at Nicholls last semester. I love that when I try to contact anyone, they are always helpful and actually respond to me.
Overall, I like Nicholls State University. The professors for the most part are caring and want to see students succeed, the courses are informational and a good load for the college level. The dorm I stayed in (Ellender) was terrible. The floor I was on was loud and people were still coming up the elevator at three a.m. and the RAs picked and chose what to enforce. The campus overall was absolutely gorgeous. As far as the party scene goes, I personally wasn't all that involved in any groups or anything so for me there wasn't much of one, but that doesn't mean it's nonexistent, you just have to know people. The local area is small and there's not much to do, but it's cute. The campus food can be a little bland sometimes, but it's surprisingly good. My biggest problem is with the attendance policy in place. I feel that since we're adults paying for our education at this point, there shouldn't be an attendance policy, we should be responsible for ourselves.
Nicholls State University is a great university and great in education. It is also known as Harvard on the bayou. Besides the academics, there are many different activities that are available for us to enjoy ourselves, especially during the homecoming. There is a big bonfire with great music and food and so many other things. Most people at this school takes it very seriously and you are always seeing people going to the library to work as well as teachers helping the students with whatever they need help in. I loved it there my first year and I am very excited to go back for my second year. The first two semesters seemed hard because I was not used to college but as it went on it got better and I'm ready to have a better experience at this school and do many activities.
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Nicholls State University has several opportunities as far as academics and student life. I found myself learning more and more about things on campus over the years. I enjoy the campus life and I wish there were more organizations such as, sororities for African American females. I hardly ever see a African American female involved with the many activities involved with being apart of a sorority. I enjoy participating in activities on campus and everyone is friendly and willing to meet new people.
I love my Nicholls! They have a wide variety of majors and they treat all students like family! Nicholls is our Harvard on the Bayou!
Nicholls State University is the perfect college for you if you are looking for a small university that you can connect 1 on 1 with professors and students. The bayous of Thibodaux is the perfect cajun atmosphere and coming to Nicholls is truly an experience.
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