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Niagara University has great professors that care and always looking out for your best interest.The food is okay but it is a great place to make friends that you will have forever.
NU is supposedly a Private Catholic Institution yet, they embrace aggressive anti-Catholic movements & inherently incompatible politics (LGBTQ+ , Islam, Racial narratives). They have professors & speakers who not only teach far left ideology (SJW extremism), but also poke fun and slander Catholic and Christian beliefs as a whole. I'm all for the teaching of different viewpoints, but when the radical left is embraced while the moderate and conservative right is silenced, it's a major systematic problem. This is an issue no matter the major, the ideas are very captivating and it's very hard to not embrace this victim culture. Constant talk of "white" and "male" privilege and the promotion of the victim hierarchy.

It isn't unique to NU, this is a College and University problem. The big issue is that NU prides itself on being "Catholic", but is tolerate of gravely sinful and destructive behavior.
Attending NU was the best decision I've made. Since it's a smaller school, the sense of community is extremely prevalent and important. The teachers are all top notch and will do anything to help their students. We offer many opportunities within all of our colleges, especially the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management where I am enrolled as a senior now. We offer numerous opportunities to go abroad, whether it's to study or work. I would recommend NU to anyone.
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Small campus with a friendly atmosphere. The professors are there to help you and class size are not big. Lots of activities always going on around campus, and campus is located between Niagara Falls, NY and Lewiston, NY wiht plenty of stuff to do. Bonus: The campus is beautiful, it's only a few minutes drive from Canada, a half hour drive from Buffalo, NY, and walking distance from trails that led to places such as Devil's hole, and Niagara Falls.
I went to Niagara University 8 years ago, and ended up dropping out in my last semester for personal reasons. I recently got in contact with my old professor, who not only remembered who I was but immediately began seeing what he could do to help me finish my bachelor's degree. Everyone at the university has been incredibly helpful throughout the entire processes.
i have never met more loving and motivated professors . they make sure you are as ready as you can be after every class and before every test or exam
My experience at Niagara University was one of a kind and would love to do it all over AGAIN! The staff is amazingly nice and cares about the students, whether they are your professor or not, anyone will help you with any issue or concern and even question. The campus is always clean, easy to travel and usually safe.
Niagara University has a very diverse student body and staff. The local area may be a little difficult to adjust to because the school is in session when the tourist season is over.
I love it there, feels just like a second home and I’m so excited that I had the ability to attend. All of the different programs that are offered are so individualized and creative compared to other universities. Having it be a smaller campus, it is extremely easy to make friends and find fun things to do. The surrounding area has a bunch of restaurants and shopping places as well as being so close to Buffalo and Canada which is awesome! I love this school and would recommend it to anyone looking for a close knit school.
My experience with Niagara University has been very good. I make this judgement on the fact that someone is always available to answer my questions and also because they have aided me in several ways during my admission process so that it would be successful.
Niagara University is a wonderful school! I never realized how much people can inspire you until I came here. The teachers are so attentive to each student, and they truly do care about your future and what you have to offer the world. They bring out the best in each of their students, care deeply about good morals and community, and are very well-educated individuals. The programs here are also challenging but fun! Each program is very unique and is presented in such a way that all types of learners are able to thrive. There is never a dull day, even in the general education courses! Even better, you are always surrounded by great people with profound ideas that will influence the world someday. Believe me when I say that you can be ANYTHING after coming here!
Niagara University is a diverse experience. It's such a lively place. When I first stepped foot on campus, i knew it was home. Everyone is so caring and kind. It's astonishing. I love all my professors as well. They are all so lenient.
I love it at NU. It is a great school. I love the faculty and staff. My only issue is that there isn't much parking for commuters and what is available is the farthest away from everything.
Niagara offers a great variety of courses; the location is sort of secluded but the campus is beautiful. Dorms are basic college dorms. The academics will be challenging for the average student but if you're a bright student and want to be challenged and in a diverse environment this isn't the place for you. They do offer great financial assistance and genuinely want you to succeed if you want it as well.
I love Niagara University for it's 12:1 student to faculty ratio. It really provides the professor's to get to know the students names and character. The professor's are really good, and most excel at what they teach. The only issues I may have is the technology issues, and the dining could improve. Parking may improve as well, but overall is good. There are many great opportunities to reach out and do many activities at NU. I truly love it.
Pros: close proximity to my hometown, had my desired major, offered opportunities to conduct research and volunteer in the community, is a relatively diverse campus, small campus size allows for quality relationships with professors, offered decent scholarships/aid

Cons: smaller campus size makes it feel slightly like high school, not much to do on campus, area surrounding school is not that exciting, kind of a poorer neighborhood

Because I weight academics, price, and proximity as major factors in choosing a college it's an overal great experience
I love going to school here! Professors are extremely knowledgeable in their field and are there for you. They want you to succeed and care about your future.
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The faculty are amazing and very helpful. It is a school where you are not just a number, but a name and a face and an actual person. Amazing school with an amazing education.
I love Niagara University. It has provided me with the opportunity to succeed. The staff is wonderful and the atmosphere and academics are great. I am very happy with my decision to attend Niagara University.
Everything about Niagara University is amazing. The atmosphere is very homey and it everyone you meet makes you feel welcomed! The classroom are an amazing size so you have a better chances to have a one on one learning experience with the professor.
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