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I am an international student from Viet Nam. I just started to study in NU from spring 2017 and I had great experiences here. The professors here are very great, friendly and take care students really well, because of small-size classes.
althoug small campus, there are so my activities on campus and It is not boring anymore.
I love Niagara University. The programs are nationally and internationally accredited and there is an endless amount of ways of getting involved on campus. Everyone is really accommodating and will help you in any way.
I have been at Niagara University for 2 years now, and overall the school is very nice. I really enjoy the small campus where you feel like you know everyone and are friends with everyone. The things I don't really like are the professors aren't very helpful and the food is very bad.
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What I love about Niagara University is the campus and the professors. The professors are very understanding and supportive and they are willing to work with you because they see the potential. The buildings on campus look like castles personally. The campus is in the perfect place at sunset and it is the perfect place to take phenomenal pictures. I know I made the right chose in coming to Niagara University.
I love the small, familial feel of Niagara. Their strong focus on Vincentian values is also a huge plus-however the living situations here are somewhat difficult.
I am an African american female attending Niagara University and I can honestly say it was a great decision to attend this college. As any senior in high school, I was afraid of choosing where I would spend my life for the next 4 years as an actual adult but the second I walked on campus the energy was extremely welcoming! I thought I wouldn't fit in much with the color of my skin and the lack of ethic people attending but they treat everyone with the exact same dignity and respect. There are also Black Student Union programs as well which is cool too! If you aren't considering Niagara University as one of your college choices, please reconsider because I guarantee you won't regret coming here.
Thus far, the students have had a strong impact in the changes that have been implemented since my freshman year, beginning in the Fall of 2014. Niagara University is a family friendly, and community involving University with a strong Vincentian heritage. The dining hall has been recently renovated and will be completed next month. The food quality and variety has improved tremendously. I am a Community Advisor (CA) which is similar to an RA at most schools. Being a CA has positively impacted my experience here. Housing at Niagara University is very highly priced especially for the limited housing options. Yes, there are several housing options as far as buildings, but the most recent addition has been the apartments across campus, but that is also the only housing offered that is constantly full. Our housing occupancy has been down, and that has forced us to finally consider allocating money towards updating our residence halls.
Small school so you can connect with your professors compared to larger state schools. Programs every Friday that include free food and fun entertainment like escape rooms, hypnotists, comedians, laser tag etc. Campus is surrounded by nature, 5 min walk from the gorge, 20 min walk to the whirlpool and if you have a car you can visit the falls or go to Canada. I would like to see more diversity with the staff and faculty members. And I would like to see more programs about different cultures including Spanish heritage, African culture, Middle Easern Culture and Asiatic Heritage.
The campus and atmosphere is great but the academics were very disappointing. I was not being challenged into the courses I was placed into, I was not able to chose my classes. My classes were often canceled, leaving me feeling that my money was being wasted by not being taught to the full extent which I should have been.
This school has great academics but the rest of college life is extremely mediocre, there are times i like being here and times i hate it but i've realized I never love being here. The Academics are great because the classes are small and you have the opportunity to create a strong relationship with teacher but on the other hand the life on campus is pretty bland. The food is decent with a good variety of choices. Since it is a smaller school you start to recognize most people which obviously has its ups and downs. Also the party scene is painfully repetitive. As a freshman you find yourself at the same houses that the cops tend to shut down and the club Karma (18 and up) on Thursdays and Tap (21 and up bar) on Saturdays, you know what to expect at the bars and have a decent experience every time. Overall this school has it ups and downs and you just need to find a group of friends with similar motives and interests to get through it with.
It is a great and comfortable environment on campus. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and the food is pretty good too. Also, you're right near the border to Canada so it's a pretty area. The downside is that some parts around the campus are bad areas too, and students need to be aware of where they're going when they go off campus.
I have loved all of my professors. They really care about not only how you're doing in the class, but also your well being. Also, theres a huge variety of class options to make for very interesting elective choices.
My father went here and he's been working in the same industry that he got his degree in for 20 years which I think is extremely successful. Also, NU has an amazing reputation which helps with getting internships and other job opportunities because employers know the credibility of this institution.
I always feel very safe on campus. Honestly, it's so small that it's hard to feel like something bad is going to happen to you. This is especially true at night when campus safety does rounds through the dorms.
Our dorms are very old and you can clearly tell when you walk into them. However, they are very clean at the same time. I live in O'Shea and I would definitely say that the bathrooms need work but the rooms are a good size.
We only have two sororities and one fraternity on campus. The sororities definitely do more for the community whereas the fraternity is more influential in the social life of the school rather than the community.
We have a lot of school spirit at NU, therefore sports, the basketball games in particular, are filled with purple pride!
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I absolutely love NU. I've met some of the best people and professors here. It's so small that you do recognize most faces on campus and everyone is just so friendly. Its definitely my home away from home and if I had the chance to choose it again, I would do it in a heartbeat.
The gym/rec center is well maintained and has good hours and availability. There is a tremendous amount of school spirit. It's been said that we "bleed purple"
I moved from FL to attend Niagara. I have been very pleased with my experience so far. The professors really care and genuinely want you to do well. They will go out of their way to help you achieve your goals.
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