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NHTI - Concord's Community College Reviews

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Great location for the community college and it has great dorms for the college life feel, unlike other community colleges.
I really enjoy NHTI a lot. The teachers are amazing and always willing to go the extra mile to help. There are many resources to go to for extra help as well in the library. I really love NHTI a lot.
The thing I really appreciate about NHTI is the classes are small and the teachers seek to improve their students by pushing them to fulfill their potential. NHTI also has a variety of clubs to allow students to get involved in the community, an essential factor for a community college.
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I think my professors know wha they are talking about and the class sizes are small which allows for more one on one attention if necessary. The people who lead some of the departments are incredibly rude, refusing to believe that I need night classes because I work in the mornign and telling me that if I am just going to sleep in that I shouldn't be in this dificult program. This was after I had told them that I work from 8am to noon. For the most part, beside that one encounter, I enjoy the school and what it has to offer.
great overall. currently only an online student and love the freedom it gives me. also has great resources if help is needed.
I love the all online courses, allows me to take classes around my schedule, without having to travel.
I'd like to see more financial assistance for people who can only take one or two classes a year, due to cost..
I love the professors at NHTI, they are not only knowledgeable in their field of study but they are also very helpful with the campus and online information.
I am still attending NHTI, what I like most about the school is the professors and the smaller classroom sizes.
Everyone had an equal opportunity to get leadership positions, despite their background. People were very friendly. This school is very good with the LGBT community as well. Campus events were fun, especially casino night. I liked living on campus, but it was dull on the weekends because many people go home.
The staff is extremely helpful at NHTI, whenever I have a question I email and hear back within a day. I used to go to UNH where all the staff was rude and not helpful so it’s really nice going to a school where they actually care about you and you’re not just a number. The professors are also amazing they learn your name it’s not a class of 300 like at unh where you’re just a number. I’ve bonded with many of my professors at NHTI they are the most caring people.
The NHTI campus is one of the best things about Concord and is super easy to navigate. Everything is conveniently placed together and right where you need it.
Everything about NHTi is just so amazing, the people are friendly, the professor really help students with any questions that the students might have and the campus its self its outstanding
I love attending NHTI! I feel more motivated being on campus because everyone here wants to learn and is willing to help you. The faculty and students are friendly and I haven't had any problems here as a student.
I commute to NHTI and have found it to be very beneficial to me. As I went to school full-time, I also continued to work in order to leave my first two years of school debt free. Although I did not partake in many extra curricular activities, there were many opportunities and outlets, along with shorter distanced studying abroad chances. I have enjoyed my two years at NHTI and I look forward to graduating this spring; it has given me a chance to find out what I wanted to major in without spending too much to figure it out.
The reason why I like attending NHTI is because the professors all have practical life experience in their fields. Bringing to the classroom valuable experience that elevates their instruction. All of the staff at NHTI from the advisers to the financial aid department are all incredibly helpful and make all of the paper work that goes with college go smoothly.
I'm a freshman this year at NHTI. Choosing to attend NHTI as my college has been one of the best choices I've made. Not only does the school strongly express affordability (as it is very affordable) but also how great the people on campus are. I've met the best set of teachers and students I could have asked for. The academic aspect of this community college is excellent in which work is challenging but interesting at the same time. The social aspect of NHTI has made be appreciate how I can get to meet more people similar to me. NHTI is truly a deal for your value!
Nhti has a great campus. I'm the early childhood field and they have a wonderful childcare center on site for observations and a place for parents to have their child(ren) if they are taking classes.
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I am in the Radiology Program. The teachers a the best teachers I have ever had. This program gives you hands on experience at the hospital. Everyone wants you to succeed and helps in every way they can. The teachers are very accommodating to life situations occurring and working around them with you. They are affordable and make learning fun.
i liked the food at this school as well as the teachers. they go out of their way to see you succede and they do an excellent work. the sports are great as well, the coaches know shcool is first and prepare you well for higher level sports
Very good school for a fraction of the cost. You save so much money and in the log run get a decent education for about half the cost if going to just a 4 year school. Would recommend to anyone who is looking to get a decent cheap education. Professor's and students and friendly and overall vibe is the campus is very welcoming
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