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My classes at NHTI have been very hit or miss. Some professors have cancelled half of classes, are unorganized, unaware of online course materials they have assigned and are unavailable if you have questions. Some teachers have been wonderful and are really invested in you and helping you to succeed if you're willing to put the work in.
I loved being a student at NHTI. The people are amazing, and the education is just as good as any four-year university. I transferred to Plymouth State this past fall, and NHTI absolutely prepared me for the rigours of junior year.
It is a great place to start college. I came here not knowing if I was ready to go to a 4-year university, but after the time that I spent here I know that I'm now ready to move forward with my education.
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I wasted allot of time at this school; didn't graduate in 2 years. (not that its the school's fault). Long story short, I didn't know what I wanted to do, and in the end, just majored in General Studies. My advisor wasn't very helpful and I ended up taking classes that were basically a complete waste of time and money. The best I can hope for is that those credit hours translate as electives at my current school.
This school is a good place to start, but transfer out as fast as possible. Don't waste time; take as many classes as possible (most teachers are not hard). Don't dorm. The doubles are very, very small (my single room at my current school is twice as large as my double there). For a community college this is a good school to start out at but not to finish at if you aren't doing a trade.
The atmosphere is welcoming and the staff is always willing to help you with whatever you may need. If you're having trouble with a class teachers are willing to meet with you anytime, there are tutors, and there are extra study centers in the library.
If you want to do sports many of the teachers are easy to schedule with. As long as you keep up with the material, teachers don't mind if you miss class for a game.
NHTI is a two year university with the heart of a four year university. The curricula are carefully crafted to provide challenging learning opportunities, and the professors work hard to see the students succeed.
its is a really bad experience. great people, made great friends but the teachers are not motivated to teach and slack off a lot. felt a lot like highschool.
I just don't like going here. The professors are mediocre. Students aren't interested in making friends unless both of you live on campus. Food is good at Little Hall though.
I love how small the campus and the class rooms are, you really get the one on one with the professors, pretty much all of them are really nice and although they may seem mean and here to make you fail they're not they want you to succeed. Also the people here are all very welcoming.
Love this school! Just haven't had a great roommate experience yet. The food is great and so are the activities. It's in the middle of concord with lots of things to do. If you don't have a car there's a local area bus that will run all through downtown concord.
I love NHTI. It was the best way to start my college career. Great teachers and programs. Its so personalized, since the classes are small you really get to connect with your teachers. they care about whether or not you pass and try to help you as much as possible. I am going to be sad to leave this place when I graduate next semester.
Very nice school with a great criminal justice program at an affordable rate. I would highly recommend this college to anyone.
I really like my school, every professor and stuff are really friendly. In my suggestion for other student "highly recommended".I am not ready to transfer my credit but I heard that it will easy to transfer credit for other school. .
I didn't know that there is available online classes during my first semester. I had college algebra class on online, it was hard and difficult but slowly I found that it was easy and helpful. I really like the practice part, I mean when I hard to find a solution for question I was able to practice for same question and then I can able to other part easily.
During my first semester I was interested to do work study but it was difficult find a job for my future resume. Mean while, I keep searching for a job that related to my major. After few month one of a friend recommended to work in student life and I started to work from second semester.
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In my views every professor are perfect for students. They are always willing to help and make perfect for future class. I almost finish half of the classes for my major in associate degree. And I found that every professor I met they are really helpful.
After I got my bachelor degree in Accounting I use those skill to open a small grocery store which I learned from accounting major. Currently I am doing work study in student life at college, I think that can be my good resume.
  • 7 months ago
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I was interested in information technology when I was in high school and also in business field but I choose business field because I like to become a business man and make money to help poor people. Especially I have two dream in my life, one is become a business man and help those people who are not able to eat and go to school.
I have been working at student life in my school, it was great experience and it will be my good resume in future. I love to work at school with great stuff. I think work study at school makes good resume for every beginners.
I found online courses are ok but the teachers need to respond quicker to emails.
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